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High Protein Food, What Is It?

High Protein Food?

what are high protein foods

What are high protein foods?

What is high protein food and why is it so important to our health?  Without protein food we simply can’t exist.  Our body was developed with a digestive system. It was designed for the natural foods produced by nature.  Today we abuse our body. We force it to digest human made food.  That’s not real food. And it’s alien to our body.  You have probably been told.  That fake food is not a problem for our body. Because our body will always adapt.  You need to know that that’s a lie.  The human body does not adapt. it evolves.

The big high protein food disaster!

high protein food v addiction

High protein food vaddiction

The fact is, our body wouldn’t know how to adapt, even if it wanted to.  We are all nature’s creatures.  As such we evolve.  We do not adapt.  Evolution is a very slow process.  Our internal body hasn’t changed for at least 70,000 years.  It still expects us to eat high protein food. Because that’s the food designed for our system..

This all began in the seventies. A time when everybody wanted to change something.  Particularly nature.  We thought we could do better on every level.  None of those foolish ideas involved  science.  It was all about a new, modern generation. Which was now smarted than old nature.  Today we pay dearly for that.  With climate change food addiction.  And other frivolous innovations that seemed to stick.  But the price is getting too high. And we need to come to our senses.

Why we abandoned high protein food!

Food addiction and climate change.  They are not the only disasters we have created.    Look around, we are all getting fat.  According to obesity statistics, Eighty-six % of us will be obese by 2030.  Is this the world we want our children to inherit?  Most of us feel that just like climate change.  Obesity statistics are beyond our control.

the need for high protein food

The need for high protein food!

It’s as if  we have landed on a fast train. It’s unstoppable.  We know it is heading for disaster. We never got a ticket.  We don’t know how we got on board. And we have no idea where we are heading.  It seems like nothing can stop the inevitable.  But we must stop it. And we can!

Training for good habits!

We need to understand high protein food and why it’s so important!

A big dose of common sense is overdue.  Because if we don’t get off the train now. Our chances of a healthy lifestyle for our kids.  And ourselves. Will grow increasingly dim.  We will be exposed to deadly diseases. Like heart disease, cancer and diabetes type 2.   Chances of a long, healthy future. Are fast receding beyond our reach.  To avoid, or cure obesity.  We must first cure our food addiction.  If we cure the addiction the weight will disappear!

high protein foodMother Nature did not design us to be fat.  We have an internal system. It was created for natural foods.  It was not meant for fake foods.  The manufactured, processed foods.  That we call a normal diet today.   We were all given an innate instinct.  It was to recognize the right types of food for our body. We were equipped with a metabolism and digestive system.  It processed our natural food.  It controlled and balanced our weight. It warned us when we strayed from the right food choices. This worked perfectly for centuries.  Then, forty years ago, people began to meddle with our traditional food.

high protein food

High protein food!

We gave up our high protein food.  We stopped choosing our own food.  And began to rely on diet ‘experts’.  Not long after. There was a world wide media scare campaign.  It was about cholesterol.  Tests proved we all had high cholesterol.  A diet was quickly invented.  it was to ‘cure’  cholesterol problems.  It became known as the food pyramid. It consisted  of more than 60% fake, processed carbohydrates. In time people lost their innate instinct to recognize the right foods.  In time, people could no longer recognized high protein food.  Suddenly we all needed ‘food experts’.  To tell us what to eat.  These were self-proclaimed Diet Experts.  They knew no more about the food our body needed. Or what a healthy diet really is.  They were  absorbed in pseudo science.  They welcomed the fake science. That emanated from the fast growing food industry. It helped give them credibility and authority.

high protein food

High protein food!

The food industry and ‘diet experts’. Took advantage of a market that was in fear of high cholesterol. All they had to do was come up with some new food choices and present is as a healthy diet that would cure high cholesterol.   The best way to do that was to reverse the traditional food.  That’s what we call the Food Pyramid.

the original food pyramid

The original food pyramid!

This was a travesty for two reasons. Untrained, unqualified ‘experts’ claimed they could do better than Mother Nature’s natural food.  The cholesterol epidemic. On which they based their authority. Was bogus. The cholesterol results were wrong.  Instead of producing the hdl ldl ratio.  The people responsible simply added the numbers together.  This was a virtual guarantee. That almost everyone on the planet had a high cholesterol reading.

Imagine the glee these ‘experts’ must have enjoyed.  Overnight their diet became indispensable. it was the only cure for high cholesterol. and that seemed to be almost everybody.  The media was in the forefront.  Scaring everybody to get tested.  As a result. Millions millions of people were tested.  Most ended up on the Pyramid Diet.  We will never know the true extent of the damage. That was caused by this ‘error’.

high cholesterol

High cholesterol!

The cholesterol scare campaign. Established the foundation for our present food addiction.  It forced millions to abandon our traditional diet. This gave a massive boost. To the cereal, diet and snack food industries.  The were no longer up against a public. That had always favored natural food.  They were free to produce and promote. Unlimited processed foods.  And to call it healthy food.  They quickly grew into huge conglomerates.  It was not long before they triggered a sugar addiction. And other related food addictions.  With the benefit of hindsight. We now know what happened.

Because we were force on a diet of 60% +, processed foods.  Our body couldn’t cope and we developed an addiction.  This triggered the obesity epidemic. It also created diabetes type 2. Which is the next epidemic. waiting to happen Our obesity statistics chart the story.

The Cholesterol Blunder!

The cholesterol blunder persisted for thirty years. Till it was finally and discreetly corrected.  This explains how the mystification of our own body. Could become so endemic. It allowed only ‘experts’ to understand our body and know how it worked.  Only experts knew what foods made us healthy. And which diet would suit us to lose weight.  That’s right. We were all beginning to get fat.  Nobody seemed to wonder why.  Everyone was too busy admiring the next new diet.

We need to demystify all the diet talk.  To do that. Who should we listen to?  Cereal and snack food manufacturers?  Or untrained ‘experts’with an agenda, – or should we finally listen. To the dire needs of your own body. And our own well being?

high protein food

High protein food!

The human body grew strong and healthy on high protein food!

Till forty years ago. Most people were lean and healthy.  Diets were for sick people.  And obesity was a sign of diabetes.  Today, most people are heading towards obesity. if not already there. We have serious diet related health problems.  They are beginning to kill people.  We need to stop listening to diet talk and begin to listen to our own body.  We need to cure our addiction. And return to eating the right types of food for our body.  Our body needs high protein foods.  Only when our body gets the high protein food it needs and understands. Can we expect to cure our addiction. Lose our weight problems. and remain slim and healthy for good.

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