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Healthy Kids! How To Grow them?

Healthy Kids!

healthy kids

Healthy Kids


Healthy Kids Feast on Unhealthy Foods in Vintage Back-to-School

http://www.adweek.comMon, 26 Aug 2013 18:54:26 GMT In the spirit of back to school, let’s fatten up our kids and send them into anaphylactic shock! Seems that wasn’t much of an issue in the ’50s, when fall advertising aimed at lunch-packing moms revolved around peanut butter, 

healthy kids

Healthy kids!

Are we growing healthy kids?   Certainly not if we follow prevailing advice from today’s ‘experts’.  They advocate that a healthy diet. Particularly for kids. Must include processed foods. Like snack bars, and cereals.  In schools today, protein is rarely mentioned.  Instead.  Our Kids are given a mandatory school lunches. Made up, almost exclusively. Of dangerous manufactured carb foods.  Foods that should not be given to kids. Under any circumstances.  We need to be very aware that the food industry are grooming future food addicts. If parents are already addicted. What chance are we giving our kids?  The fact is, the most important food for kids is protein foods.  Kids should be made to know that. And they should know why.  Proteins were once known as the building blocks of life. Why?  They are the only types of food. That can grow our kid’s skin, bones, muscles, tissue and vital organs.  Common sense tells us:  They should be the most prominent food in our children’s diet.  Instead, experts advocate processed carbohydrates. For example: Cereal for breakfast.  Which is a processed food. With no health qualities whatsoever.  Cereal manufacturers claim they provide energy.  That is a manipulative, false interpretation.  It is protein foods that provide the energy. Carb foods can only provide the fuel.  If we have no energy to spend. The carb foods will be stored on our body as fat.  That’s why: The more excess carb foods we eat. The fatter we get.  Does that sound like something we should give our kids-  To start another day a learning?

unhealthy kids

Unhealthy kids!

What do carbohydrates do?  The body converts them to glucose. Glucose is liquid sugar.  it is our body’s preferred fuel.  But by no means the only source of fuel.  When we have the energy to burn, we use our glucose.  But how much energy we have to burn. Depend entirely on how much protein we eat. If our kids don’t eat much protein, they will not have much energy.  Chances are, they will end the day with left over fuel.  That means they’ll begin to get fat.  The body cannot store glucose. It is forced to convert it to body fat.  Think about that for a moment:  Because that means. If we eat a lot of carbohydrates. Like cereals, snack foods and other processed foods. And we don’t eat enough protein to get the energy. How do we burn all those carb foods? We don’t. We just end up with a lot of body fat. That’s how we grow fat kids. But that’s not all.  Artificial, processed foods.  Which is any ‘food’ that rolls off an assembly line.  Is food our body does not understand.  It hasn’t learned to process fake food.  That’s because the body does not adapt, it evolves. Evolution takes eons, not a few decades.  Processed foods are highly addictive to our body.  The more we eat them, the better they taste. And the more we want them.  They are causing food addiction. Which leads to cravings and binge eating. They are making us, and our children fat.   We are talking about an addiction.  And just like cigarettes. Processed foods, particularly sugars, are beginning to kill us.

Healthy kids cannot grow without protein foods!

growing healthy kids

Growing healthy kids!

Healthy eating for kids. Means giving them the foods their body understands. Foods that make them strong and healthy.  And prepares their brains for learning.  To grow healthy children into healthy adults.  We need to get all those processed foods out of the pantry.  We need to teach our kids how to get healthy habits. We need to teach them a healthy diet. The link below will tell you much more about how to grow healthy kids.     Healthy Lifestyle News



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