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What is a Balanced Diet?

What is a Balanced Diet!

what is a balanced diet

What is a balanced diet? – In Neverland

When I hear the question: What is a balanced diet.  I want to bang my head against the wall.  Why you ask? What’s so terrible about a balanced diet?  Sometimes everything! Most of us are lazy with language.  We are drawn to slogans and catchphrases. They roll off the tongue. Because they sound simple and, we think, logical.  That’s especially true for words that shut down a debate. Such as; what is a balanced diet.

So, What is a balanced diet?

what is a balanced diet

A balanced diet is the diet YOU think is balanced.  In other words: No 2 balanced diets are the same. So what is a balanced diet? It is words that leave no room for debate. It’s a ‘feel good’ phrase. That a presumes a fact.  So let’s clarify.  A balanced diet is a device. It’s used by the diet and processed food industry.  It’s in their interest. To shut down a debate about the right types of food. Debates tend to raise the issue of food addiction. And what exactly causes it.  To the food industry: food addiction is a secret phrase.  They are on thin ground. And they know it.  They want diet talk left to theories. Devised by self-appointed diet experts. And self-serving, research labs. At various food corporation HQ’s.  The food industry wants to control the dialogue on diets.  Particularly questions lik ;  what is a balanced diet? The are protecting their industry. Which is founded on food addiction.  They not only profit from food addiction.  they created it. The food industry have many verbal weapons in their arsenal.  Entire departments are devoted. To the the creation of misinformation.  Make no mistake. They can mislead. They can reprogram our minds. And silence us with pseudo science.  Their products can kill us. And they know it. We have allowed reason to be repressed. By our need for convenience.  And our own addiction.  It’s killing us. And it is ruining the future for our children. Our grandchildren and beyond.

What is a balanced diet to you?

We are being manipulated. Even brainwashed. By a food industry that answers to nobody.  An industry that can openly promote an addiction.  And knowingly and effectively. Promote and grow their industry. On the back of  a food addiction of their own making.   This  industry promotes or ‘pushes’ an addictive substance. As dangerous as any drug.  And just as difficult to cure. They count their future success in numbers of potential addicts.

tobacco addiction

Tobacco addiction!

If you find this hard to believe. Just think; tobacco industry;  And you will immediately see a successful template. Ready-made for the food industry.  They are still in business today. Still successfully promoting cigarettes to our kids. Yet, we know, with certainty. It cause lung cancer.  Corporations do not have, nor do they want morals or ethics.  These are soft ideals that get no oxygen in a boardroom.  So know thine enemy!  The food industry. As a purveyor  of an addictive substance. Has become the largest most influential industry in the world.  Governments don’t tell them. They tell governments.  They depend on their addicts (us), to pass the addiction on to our kids.  And we do it. Because our kids eat what we eat.  Our food choices cannot be trusted. They are guided by our addiction.

What is a balanced diet today?

what is a balanced diet

What is a balanced diet!

It is plain nonsense.  It’s another way to keep us off the track  When someone asks: What is a healthy diet.  And do we need it? Our reply should be;  “A balance of what”?  Instead, we are compelled to say things like: “Well of course”.  “Naturally!  “We all know that”. You can’t argue with that!  We fear if we answer in any other way. We will expose our ignorance. Of things we’re supposed to know.  So next time you are shut down by the ‘a balanced diet’ theory.  Simply reply:  A balance of what?  And demand an answer. Where ever we are in the world, we have three natural food groups. Protein foods, fresh carbohydrate produce, and fat.  Those healthy foods have been the basis for our normal natural diet for eons. Nobody asked; what is a balanced diet.  There were no ratios or guidelines.  There was no need for balance. Our body knew the food it wanted. And we knew how to listen to our body. We chose the right foods. By following our innate instincts. Today most people have lost those instincts.  That’s a great loss. because those instincts. Kept us in good health. And guided us safely through the centuries. All the way to the middle of the 20th century. Around forty years ago.  We were tricked, coerced. And forced to add a fourth food group.  It was manufactured processed foods.Till then, nobody had ever heard of cholesterol.  It even caught the medical fraternity by surprise.  They were quick to send their patients for cholesterol tests. What nobody could have anticipated. Well, lets hope not.  Was that almost every test showed high cholesterol.  People panicked and begged for a solution.  Like a fluke of nature. Or a miracle. A group of self-proclaimed ‘cholesterol experts’. Showed up with a ready-made modern diet. It was designed to cure cholesterol problems.  Since this was before diets and dieting. They had even prepared a poster. It depicted a food pyramid. When people returned to the doctor for their results. Most had high cholesterol. They were referred to a dietitian.  I know that because I was one of them. Like everyone else, I was sent to a dietitian. Who put me on a balanced diet.

what is a balanced diet

What is a balanced diet?

I asked, ‘What is a balanced diet?  She gave me a page of instructions.

I was told my health and my future was at stake.  Only the food pyramid could save me.  Within a decade. That became the low fat diet.  In between, there were many other diets. All claimed to be ‘The One’!  By now, you won’t be surprised to learn. It took more than thirty years to reveal. There never was a cholesterol emergency.  It was a simple error with the tests.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ratio. They lab technicians added the numbers together.  It is difficult to believe. That so many people. In so many different countries. Could be so incompetent. For so long. The answer to what is a balance diet. Has led us to obesity and diabetes type 2.A healthy diet ceases to be healthy. When it includes a fourth food group. Our body had not evolved to process. Factory produced, fake, processed carbohydrates are fake foods.  They are not genuine foods. They are alien to our body.  But we’ll adapt – right.  The human body does not adapt. it evolves. Forcing our body to accept fake foods. Has caused a food addiction.  what is a balanced diet This leads to food cravings and binge eating.  This makes us eat more food. Inevitably, we become fat. Even obese.  So we begin to diet.Our body doesn’t understand a diet. So it responds to famine.  It slows our metabolism.  When the diet is over. Our body is programmed to begin to restore the weight.  When all the weight is back. It continues to add an extra layer of fat. That’s to protect us against the next famine.  That’s nature.  The more processed food we eat the fatter we get.  We must realize that human beings.  Like all nature’s creatures.  Do not adapt, they evolve.  Evolution works in eons, not decades. It has  caused a food addiction and a big increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  The correlation of events and the change to our diet, shows a direct link between obesity and food addiction. It’s  as clear as the nose on our face.  When we want to find someone to blame for a disaster. And this truly qualifies as a disaster. Always follow the money.  Who profits? The diet, and manufactured food industries profits. Who are the victims?  Everybody else! If we really care for our own body.  Not just the outside. Where we are encouraged to focus our attention.  But to the inside, where all the really important stuff goes on.  We will realize that to have a healthy diet. Is not about balance. or about food presentation and taste buds.  It’s about what makes us healthy. And prolongs our life. Only our body can help us with that. It means eating the food our body understands.  To do that successfully. Requires we first cure our addiction.  When the addiction is gone. So are your weight problems.  And they are gone for good.  Ignore what is a balanced diet. And learn to lose weight on with the weight loss membership your body understands. Just click here to learn more:  

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