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Healthy Eating Habits on Vacation!


Healthy Eating Habits 

healthy eating habits

Going on vacation is no excuse to lose sight of healthy eating habits!

healthy eating habits on vacation

 Keeping healthy eating habits and good health, is made easier with planning. Part of the thrill of going on vacation.  Is eating new varieties of foods in strange locations.  The excitement does not have to be dampened.  Just because we are health conscious.  Those who travel for work often have to ea job related meals.  This present opportunities for us to sabotage our diet.  We need to plan ahead.  To recognize places and situations that expose us to temptation.  It is the first steps for a plan to succeed. Here are a few strategies and tips to stay on the right track.  They are useful for business or leisure travel.  Whether we travel by car or by plane.

Even the most world-weary traveler, will occasionally succumb to unhealthy eating habits.   Especially during layovers and unexpected airline delays.  Airports are filled with eateries and snack shops.  They add to the food temptations.  A good remedy is to pack healthy alternatives before you fly.  Things like fresh or dried fruit and vegetables.  Gone are the days when we would receive a pack of complimentary peanuts.   But nuts remain a convenient and nutritious snack during flights.

eating habits on vacation

Maintaining healthy Eating habits during Car Trips

If you travel by car, You’ll get many opportunities to eat fast food and junk food.  Prepared ahead, with some tasty alternatives.  You are far better able to resist temptation, if you have food handy.  Pack a cooler.  Fill it with fresh fruit, vegetables, boiled eggs, and yogurt.  This  is a satisfying, healthy way to arrive at your destination.   Do some Research, on the location of farmer’s markets along your route.  This is a very tasty way to resupply your cooler. 

Picking The Right Hotel To Accommodate Your Lifestyle

keeping healthy

Keeping healthy!

Before you even book the trip.  Research the hotel’s accommodation and amenities.  Learn how health-friendly it is. Many hotel web sites will list their menu options.  Even if they don’t, a phone call will get it.  You should be able to determine if the hotel suits your healthy eating habits.  Before you make a decision.  Scope out the hotel’s area online.  You can see what’s nearby. This information is otherwise difficult to get.  Especially since hotel’s frequently provide misleading information.  It’s a way to draw in more business. I have turned to consumer reviews by other travelers.  This gives me a more factual understanding.  I like to use Gogobot.  They offer reviews on a number of different aspects. On a recent trip to Miami.  I was able to sift through a list of hotel reviews that listed the amenities.  I learned of the restaurants nearby.  It showed me interesting things I could do. I could even see a street view of the surrounding area. Needless to say, resources like these are lifesavers when planning a trip.


Make Your Restaurant Meal Choices in Line with your Healthy Eating Habits!

healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits!

Travelers want a balance between taste, health and nutrition.  We start by mixing healthy restaurant meal choices.   With the room service menu.   There are also healthy foods we can buy and prepare in our hotel room. When restaurants are the main source of your meals.  It’s prudent to decide early.  The types of meals to order.  Should include green leafy vegetables to make the meal more filling. It leaves less room for unhealthy alternatives.  Travelers should pay attention to entrée titles.  Avoid items named “battered”, “country style”, and “creamy”.  They are not usually a choice for those who value healthy eating habits.

 When It’s The Right Time To Eat In!

healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits!

To combat the culinary boredom we experienced, when we order the same healthy entrée repeatedly.  Some travelers prepare their own meals in their suites.  This can include organic fruits and vegetables.  They can be obtained from local grocery stores may be the best options.

It is not always easy to stay committed to healthy eating habits.  Especially while traveling.  But it is certainly an attainable goal.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a daily routine.  The time we spend planning ahead. Will always prove a great investment in our healthy eating habits.

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