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Healthy food; Learn to love it!


Healthy Food!

healthy food!

Healthy food!


Healthy food: can you train yourself to like it? | Life and style ...http://www.theguardian.comTue, 26 Feb 2013 12:03:10 GMT

The holy grail, surely, is to learn to love healthy food more than junk, thus avoiding the binge-fast vicious circle. A colleague of mine used to describe his mid-afternoon Mars bar and Diet Coke as giving himself a “wee hug on 

Healthy food. Those are two very tricky words.

healthy food

Healthy food!

What does healthy food mean?  You can get hundreds of interpretations. But to get the true answer, you need to get it from your own body.  Here is the only way to do that.  Change your lifestyle.  To learn the truth about healthy food, you need to learn to re-connect with your body.  Let your body help you cure your food addiction and guide you to the right types of food.  Recover your basic instincts, so you’ll always know the right healthy food for your body.

If you are not eating the right healthy food for your body, you are not eating the right food for you.

healthy food

Healthy food!

Look at it this way: In return for a very short time of sacrifice, you will gain a new healthy lifestyle.  Your weight will disappear. – Not till the next diet, – but for good.  All you have to do is learn to eat the types of food your body understands.  That used to be our normal healthy food till forty years ago.

You will gain a new lifestyle, with healthy food your body understands.  You will finally be able to forget about dieting, counting calories, watching the scales and watching your kids grow fat and lose their confidence.  Along the way you can follow a step-by step 6 week course that will help you make sure you get there.  When you get there, so does your family.

Till forty years ago, when we reversed the diet nature had given us.  Weight problems were rare.  Most were due to illness like diabetes type 2. And those that were not, were easy to get rid of.  That’s because food addiction did not yet exist.  We didn’t have cravings so we were not compelled to eat unless we were genuinely hungry.Your body draws on eons of genetic experience about the particular type of foods that suit it and therefore suits your health. Isn’t it time you discover exactly what those foods are. Remember, your body cannot adapt. It evolves. It’s subject to the laws of nature. Not the whims of a diet expert’, or a greedy food industry.The only healthy food that’s right for your body is the food your own body understands. Discover the reasons here:

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