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Good Diet Must Be Based On Proteins!

A Good Diet!

a good diet

 A good diet must always be based on proteins!

good diet

Good diet!

A good diet has to include a high volume of protein foods.  They were the foundation of what was once our traditional diet.   Without protein foods we wouldn’t be here today.  Our body must have protein.  One big problem we have about food is that anyone can devise a diet and call it a good diet for a healthy lifestyle.  There is no law against it.  There is also no protection against bad, even dangerous advice.  It’s a case of; “Eater Beware”.  When you get fat and addicted, who are you gonna call?

a good diet

A good diet!

Diet experts never take credit for their failures. Most don’t know how the body works anymore than you do. And they are not qualified to discuss it anyway.  The best they can do is give you yet another good diet, based on processed foods.  Within a year, the fat is back, with an even bigger weight problem than when you began.  If your body does not understand the food you eat.  Why would you want to eat it?  How can that be a good diet?

But we have a more serious problem.  What is normal food?   The bulk of the foods we eat today are not genuine.  They are  manufactured in processing plants and canneries.  They are are not related to our traditional diet.  They are made from carbohydrates but bear no resemblance to any natural carbohydrate.  These fake foods are highly addictive.  They are unhealthy to our body.  The best they can do is  make you fat. – Age you faster and maybe give you Alzheimer’s disease.

a good diet

A good diet!

 Every diet expert will offer their own version of a good diet.

They get their information from ‘research labs’ set up by cereal, snack food and diet food corporations.  They are simply copying what the tobacco industry once did.  So here is a novel suggestion:  Why not listen to Mother Nature?  She is a lot more qualified.  She got us through our first 60-70,000 years in pretty good shape.  During her reign, nobody got fat unless they had a medical condition, like diabetes.

It is a fact that each time we try to adapt nature to suit ourselves we live to regret it.  And  No! This is not a suggestion that we should return to hunting and gathering our own food. – It is simply a suggestion that we briefly pause our obsession with our external appearance.  And learn a bit about our internal body.  Find out what it needs before it can give us a lean healthy body.  After all, isn’t that what we all want?

a good diet

A good diet!

We need to return to a healthy lifestyle  our own body can maintain!

Till the late seventies, protein foods and natural carb foods, dominated our food choices.   It was food our body could understand and process. Then out of the blue, some people instigated a crises about cholesterol.  They had designed a diet to cure high cholesterol.  They called it the food pyramid.  The name was telling in that it was in fact an exact reversal of our traditional food.  But the really weird thing was that almost everybody who got tested and that was most people, proved to have high cholesterol.

It’s not clear who discovered cholesterol.  Nor does it matter.  It was brought to our attention by people who were not qualified to do so.  But they were keen to set up a niche on the fringe of medicine.  They needed a hook to make up for their lack of credentials, expertise and a degree.   They created alarm about the need to be tested.  It quickly became clear that almost everybody had high cholesterol.

high cholesterol

High cholesterol!

The media were alerted. It was a story that made people read newspapers and watch TV.  Frankly, it scared most people, who rushed to get tested.  People assumed science was behind the diet so nobody thought to ask how humanity had managed to survive till the nineteen seventies without the food pyramid.  It took around 30 years to get the truth.  The cholesterol results were all wrong.  Instead of measuring the hdl ldl ratio laboratories around the world simply added the numbers together.

It was an unbelievable gaffe.  We will probably never know how many people were affected by it.   But present obesity statistics are a good indication.  They estimate that 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  Nobody has ever consulted our body to find out what damage, if any, was caused when we reversed our traditional diet virtually overnight.  But it does not take a Sherlock Holmes to notice the evidence. –  Food addiction is everywhere.  Everybody is getting fat. We have a raging obesity epidemic.  And diabetes type 2 is an epidemic waiting to happen.

 There are other clues: Our pharmacies are stocked with dozen’s of gastric and intestinal medications.  Most people have at least one of those in their bathroom cabinet.  60% of us are obese.  Our children are getting fat.  Some are becoming morbidly obese while others already suffer diabetes type 2.  Then there is our hospitals.  Colonoscopies and similar procedures are performed many times every day.  Nobody had heard of that just twenty years ago. Last, but not least, there is sugar addiction and other food addictions.  Sugar addiction is every bit a dangerous and damaging as drugs, tobacco and alcohol.  In fact there are more food addicts than all those other 3 combined.

Diet experts still rabbit on about low carbs, low fat and caution us about protein foods.  Till forty years ago, very few people went on a diet without a medical reason. Few people today can say that they haven’t tried at least one diet.  In just 40 years, diets have become so ingrained in our culture that vested interests are able to declare that a diet is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.  So here is another fact you should know.  Till around forty years ago it was normal to be slim and healthy without dieting.  In contrast, today most people diet and they are fat and unhealthy.

good diet for a food industry

Good diet for a food industry!

So there you have the true story of how we went from eating mostly protein foods. To eating mostly carb foods.  The outcome?  A food addiction that props up our food industry.  Sky-rocketing obesity statistics.  A growing obesity epidemic.  A looming diabetes type 2 epidemic.  A marked increase in in heart disease, colon and bowel cancers.  And those are just the deadly consequences.

It begs the question: How did modern human beings manage to survive and thrive for 70,000 years, without a diet.  They Existed on protein foods, and natural carbs. They had no processed foods whatsoever.  Don’t listen to ‘diet experts.  Ignore the diet talk.  Learn how to listen to your body.  It  knows exactly what kind of food it needs and for your own sake, it’s time you find out what that is.  There is only one place from which you should get advice on a healthy lifestyle and that’s your own body.  it will soon tell you when you are on a good diet.

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