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What Does It Take To Get A Lean, Healthy Body –

That’ll Last A Lifetime?

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A cure for your food addiction,

followed by eating the right types of food!

Achieving a healthy lifestyle  at the very least, demands we eat the right food and take care of our body.  And I don’t mean by diets and exercise.  I mean learning to understand the needs of our internal body which is what keeps us alive. Today,we talk a lot about healthy lifestyles.  But clearly, we do not practice healthy lifestyle habits.  Two thirds of us are overweight, obese and suffering from food addiction.  Eating by instinct has long been forgotten.

We follow the healthy lifestyle whims of ‘food experts’, and eat the very foods that cause our addiction.  We suppress our common sense.  We don’t seem to realize. Our digestive system is designed for nature’s protein foods. And a healthy lifestyle requires fresh, natural growing produce.  Not human made, processed, carb foods. – Designed and produced in the twentieth century.

We may look very modern on the outside.  But inside, we still operate with the same internal system that our ancestors had.  Our body does not adapt. it evolves.  To think we can override nature shows bot arrogance and stupidity. After all, our body is our home. We depend on it for our health, our appearance and our longevity.  It determines whether or not we can even have a healthy life.

The fact is, we have no time for our own internal body.  We are way too busy with our external looks and appearance.  As to our food choices?  We have ‘experts’ for that!  Right?  We just want to be left to pander to our taste buds.  Unfortunately, that usually puts us in conflict with our own body.  At least 60% of the foods we eat are unnatural, processed foods.  These foods are a twentieth century invention.  Yet incredibly, so called ‘experts’ claim that these are foods essential to a healthy diet.

Today, 60% of us are obese.  Statistics suggest this will increase to 86% by 2030.  If we don’t begin to listen to our body, we will eat ourselves to extinction by the end of the century.  Healthy lifestyle tips begin with learning how to achieve a genuine healthy lifestyle.  How to choose the right healthy food. – and take a healthy lifestyle approach.  Not to please our palate, but to support our body.  We are being trained to eat unnatural, carb foods that are alien to our body.  We are developing an addiction for those foods.

We have lost our natural instinct for intuitive eating.  An instinct that guided us for generations.  Today few of us know we have such instincts. The benefits of a genuine healthy lifestyle have become tainted by misinformation.  Why is it so important to choose the right healthy lifestyle?  Because if a food is bad for our body. It is equally bad for us.  If we don’t listen to our body, how can we know what it needs?

Killer processed foods!

processed foods

Processed foods!

Today, the average person’s diet consists mostly of processed foods.  These are foods that did not exists till the 20th century. They are often called the right healthy foods.  But ask yourself:  Are we really living a healthy lifestyle?  Most of us are unhealthy, heading for obesity.  We choose to eat fake, packaged foods that our body has not evolved to process.  Where is the health in that?

People like to say; our body always adapts. –  Our body never adapts. It is locked into evolution.  That’s a process that takes eons. Not a few decades.  Our current ideas on how to best live a healthy lifestyle are detrimental to our health.  And they are an insult to nature. We have been grossly misled by a food industry that thrives and profits entirely from our addiction to their foods.

Our energy and good health comes from rich protein foods.  Yet we send our children off to school on breakfast cereals.  These are processed carb foods that will slow them down and inhibit learning.  The feeble attempts by cereal manufacturers to suggest, on their packaging, that they contains a high protein cereal is so ridicules – even desperate, as to be laughable.

For forty years we have been encouraged to pass our addiction to the next generation – our children.  We do it because we don’t know the  facts.  We are bombarded with misinformation, aimed to assure us that processed foods are safe, healthy and nourishing.   Nothing could be further from the truth.  But to the food industry, our food addiction is their bread and butter.  We are their addicts, there to be used and exploited.

It’s hard to accept that we have been tricked into a food addiction. But it is harder still to remain victims of a brutal industry that actively and knowingly, turns us  into food addicts.  And assume we’ll pass our addiction along to our kids.  This is an industry that is right now – strong arming our supermarkets and grocery stores to push all the natural, healthy food out the door.  They stand ready with a fake food replacement.

The industry is protecting their market by making sure we will soon have nowhere to turn for food except to fake, processed, pretend foods.  The most frightening fact is that to date, not a single regulator has demanded scientific proof that fake, processed carb foods are suited to our digestive system.  We are left to accept ‘research’ conducted by the food industry.  We have no reason to trust that fake manufactured ‘food’ is fit for a healthy lifestyle.

This is an important consideration because the human body has not changed since we walked out of Africa 70,000 years ago.  Our digestive system was designed for natural protein rich foods.  It has not, and will not change, to adapt to foods that were invented in the twentieth century. Our body treats processed foods as alien.  Processed food is already recognized as the likely cause of food addiction.  So how did it all begin?

eating healthy

Eating healthy!

Forty years ago, we abandoned our traditional diet.

It included a diet based on natural protein rich foods.  The reason?  The biggest media scare campaign ever seen.  it was about the dangers of high cholesterol.  Almost everyone who got tested had high cholesterol.  A new diet was quickly invented.  it was the only known solution.  Naturally, it was assumed science stood behind the diet.  But it was in fact nothing but an expedient reversal of our traditional foods.  In time it became known as the food pyramid.

Instead of nature’s fresh healthy produce.  We were given a diet based on new, factory produced processed foods. Hard to believe?  Not when you consider the tobacco industry.  They have been profiting from a deadly addiction for a century.  To add insult to injury, it took thirty years to reveal to the public why almost every person tested for cholesterol had a high result:  The tests had all been wrong. Instead of gauging the hdl ldl ratio, they added the numbers together.

If you believe that living a healthy lifestyle is your right.  And that healthy living does not include an addiction.  Then you need to act now.  Don’t listen to diet talk. The only people who benefit from diets are those who promote and sell them.   If you are overweight or obese, chances are you’re addicted.  The only healthy lifestyle choice you can make is to :  Cure your addiction. When you do that,  You stop the hunger pains, the cravings and the binge eating.  You lose all the weight and you eliminate the need for diets. It  will be a weight loss that will last a lifetime.

fast food

Fast food!

Do you think it sounds all too simple and easy?  Of course it does.  Our body is not rocket science.  People complicate things.  Nature simplifies them.  Our internal body hasn’t changed.  Not for eons before our ancestors emerged from the last ice age.  If they could survive that, – our body can’t be that complicated – right?  That’s why the diet and food industry work so hard to make it seem that way.  They make simple things like how to live a healthy lifestyle, impossible without a diet expert.  When you want to sell an idea or a product.  You give it some authority and credibility.  You make it sound a little technical and complicated.  Just enough to impress, without scaring off the customers. But the food industry takes it a step further.

They have the advantage of already profiting from a full blown food addiction. They know once they get you addicted, you’ll be theirs for life.  They will not only have you, they’ll get your kids and your grand kids as well.  A healthy lifestyle is not a given! Why does nobody stop the food industry?  Nobody can stop them.  Governments don’t tell THEM.  THEY tell governments.  They are the most powerful, industry in the world.  Recently they managed to ensure our kids will get an even earlier chance to get addicted.   They took control of the new, school Food Plate.  Now it’s just like the original Food Pyramid, just square and a little bit worse.

But you, – yes you,  have the power to stop them.  At least at your own front door.  You decide on the type of food you bring into your home.  You decide whether you fill your fridge and pantry with processed foods or with high protein foods.  You are the boss, within the walls of your own home.  It’s for you to choose if you are a family of food addicts or a family ready to slim down and start living a genuinely healthy lifestyle.  You have the opportunity to make your family Lean, healthy and happy. Without diets, food plans, or counting calories.

When your body enjoys a healthy lifestyle, so do you.

kids deserve a healthy lifestyle

Kids deserve a healthy lifestyle!

Learn what you can do to lose your weight for good.  Your cravings and binge eating will quickly disappear. That’s because your body will get the food it is programmed to process.   The cure is easy because you will have the right support:

Discover The Diet Terminator

*It Cures your addiction.

*Eliminates the hunger, cravings and binge eating.

*You will have the support you need to succeed.

*You will learn why you never need to diet again as long as you remain friends with your own body.

Imagine! Only forty years ago, it was still normal to have a lean healthy body!

And guess what?  Dieting was not a normal thing to do!  

he public. They also have the grain growers to consider. The only place you, as an individual, have any power and influence, is with your own family in your own home.  Isn’t it time you learn exactly what your own body wants you to eat?  How to live a healthy lifestyle.  How to eliminate hunger pains, cravings and binges? And how weight problems can finally disappear for good, at least in your own family? Food addiction is not only your problem. it will become your children’s problem and that just isn’t fair! Not when all you have to do is make some healthy lifestyle changes.  Simple changes that will cure your food addiction and give you and your whole family a healthy lifestyle.

You can learn all the details about the membership on the link below:

The Diet Terminator

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