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I Need To Lose Weight Fast!


I need To Lose Weight fast!

I need to lose weight fast

lose weight for kids

Lose weight for kids!

I need to lose weight fast! It’s a catchphrase we hear often.  Behind it is a host of misconceptions about;  how to lose weight, what is body fat? and how much fat can we eat without getting fat.  So here is the plain truth about body fat.  We don’t get fat by eating it. The fat we eat is digested along with our other food.  Edible fat is essential to good health.  It does not make us fat.  Body fat is something else.  It is made by our body.  It is the only way our body can deal with excess carbohydrates.  It converts it and stores it as body fat.  So in reality, it is not fat that makes us fat.  It is processed carb foods that our body hasn’t evolved to process.  They get left behind and converted to body fat.

Around 15-20 years ago. People began to realize that their diets. Based on processed foods. Did not help them lose weight.  In fact, more and more people were becoming obese. This was creating an obesity epidemic.  Obesity statistics were alarming and people were desperate to lose weight.   The food industry, always ready with new ideas. Wanted a product other processed carb foods.  It would take the heat off processed foods. People were beginning to suspect they were the cause of obesity. Something else was needed. To keep a well established food addiction rolling.  That’s how low fat diets were born.

I need to lose weight fast, Lets hope you are prepared for the truth about fat!

i need to lose weight fast

 The food industry needed a new option.  Protein foods were ruled out. They are not suited for manufacture.  They have been limited to beef jerkey and pork rinds.  There was only one other food left – fat.  The market was already well supplied with natural fats like butter oil cream and cheese. So that too was ruled out.  But somebody had a bright idea.  Instead of creating a few extra fat products, they could simply ‘demonize’ all fat foods and launch a whole range of low fat – fat free products.

These were products with the same additives that were used for processed carb foods, which meant they were equally addictive. So low fat and no fat products were invented.  A slogan was created to ensure the new products became popular.  “If you eat fat you’ll get fat”.  A compelling phrase, but utterly false.  But it did give the industry a big boost and a host of new products.

What to eat? I need to lose weight fast?

Diet experts were quick to respond with new, low fat diets.  Low fat became the new religion! As always, the food industry was ready to meet demand.  Hundreds of new, fat free, and low fat  products appeared.  They were supported with new, in-house ‘scientific’ theories.  The word was that “eating fat logically must make you fat and therefore unhealthy. All we had to do was cut out the fat and we’d all be slim and healthy.

This simplistic, but dangerous fantasy has survived for close to 2 decades.  It has helped create an obesity epidemic.  It has been responsible for a flood of new, addictive products.   It has ruined the quality and consistency of our meat.  And caused much harm to our animals.  It has established fake, processed foods as the mainstay of our diet.  And it has manage to eliminate hundreds of natural, healthy products we used to take for granted.

i need to lose weight fast

I need to lose weight fast!

The only benefits from all this is a bigger profit to the food industry. When you think fat, and you want the real truth about body fat, – Think carbohydrates. Fat is exactly what you’ll get with every serve of pasta. Every food containing sugar. Every bread roll or slice of bread.  With every bowl of cereal and any other processed carbohydrates you can think of.   If all the daily carb foods you ate were a few vegetables or greens with your dinner.  And a green salad for lunch. You would already have more than enough carbohydrates to provide you with the fuel you need for the day.

i need to lose weight fast

I need to lose weight fast!

We no longer eat the right food for our body. We are confused by misinformation. And it’s difficult to learn the truth about body fat.  Some people will urge you to eat something they call good carbohydrates.  Like whole grains for example.  The only good carbohydrates are those provided by nature.  To lose weight fast we need to cure our addiction to food. And eat the types of food our body understands.  The fact is, our body converts all carbohydrates to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  It is fuel for our body when we have the energy to spend.   What we don’t spend is converted to body fat.  The more carbohydrates we eat the fatter we get.  So where do we get our energy.  Our energy has always been provided by protein foods.

 Can we lose weight fast if we cure our food addiction?

lose weight

Lose weight!

Throughout our evolution, we evolved with a diet of natural food.  We developed a natural instinct for those foods.  It was a diet provided by nature.  It was perfectly suited to our digestive system.  As we evolved, so did our diet.  But till around 40 years ago,  it remained a diet of high protein foods.  That’s when we were coerced and tricked to reversing our natural protein diet. To understand the reason, you first need to know that there’s no money in protein foods. Industry has had around forty years to experiment.  All they have come up with is beef jerky and pork rinds.

In the same period, carb foods have been the basis of literally thousands of cereal, snack food and diet food products.  The food industry suggests that a diet based on carbohydrates, will make kids grow up strong and healthy.  It is a blatant lie.  It is a likely life sentence of obesity for our kids.  Human beings would not exist today, without protein foods like meat and fish and eggs etc.   But we have survived and thrived during frequent, long periods without carb foods. Protein foods give us our energy.  They are the building blocks of life. They build and repair your bones, skin, organs, muscles and tissue.   We cannot exist without protein foods.

What to do? If we want to lose weight fast?

i need to lose weight fast

I need to lose weight fast!

Processed food were not produced and marketed till the twentieth century.  So obviously we managed without them for at least 70,000 years.   If you have any doubt, ask the Eskimos.  The have lived on the traditional diet for centuries.  They are known for their strength, fitness and longevity. Throughout our evolution, whenever available, we have included natural carbohydrates in our normal diet.  But protein foods were always the main meal and carb foods the side dish.   Where we went wrong, is when we accepted manufactured, processed foods as part of our normal diet.  Mother Nature has never approve and neither has our digestive system.

I need to lose weight fast!

lose weight fast

lose weight fast

Modern medicine have done much to extend our lives.  Today we would be in serious trouble were it not for that.   The much celebrated FoodPyramid, largely based on processed carbohydrates. Was widely accepted as a healthy lifestyle for four decades.  The human body takes a lot longer than that to evolve  a new digestive system that can metabolize unnatural, processed foods. Chances are it never will. It is not the fat we eat that makes us fat.  It’s the fat that our body is forced to create from all the excess carbohydrates we eat.  Every carbohydrate is converted to glucose.  That’s the fuel that supplies our energy.  To dispose of excess carb food-  Our body must convert it body fat.   So if you don’t burn all your carb foods for energy, by working your muscles and keeping active.  It will end up, on your belly, hips and thighs.  Clogging your arteries and nestling around your vital organs.

i need to lose weight fast

I need to lose weight fast!

The big lie, is to say carbohydrates give us energy.  They merely provide the fuel.  if we don’t get some energy from protein foods, we won’t be able to burn the fuel.  That’s how we keep growing fat. To sum it up:  As far as your body is concerned, all carbohydrates, whatever they are and whatever healthy names they are given – all get the same treatment.  They are turned into glucose, (sugar) and what you don’t burn in energy on the day,  is turned into normal body fat: I need to lose weight fast – yes! its doable.  By the time you have cured your addiction, most of the weight will be gone and the rest will soon follow.  This membership will be the fastest way to get it. Just click here to learn more!

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