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Healthy Eating Plan For A Healthy Life!

Healthy Eating Plan

healthy eating plan

Healthy eating plan!

 A Healthy eating plan can be a life changing benefit or a lifetime of weight problems.

healthy eating plan

Healthy eating plan!

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to reflect on a healthy eating plan.    A healthy lifestyle is about a better future.  But it is also about better food choices.  Like an emphasis on high protein foods.   Making the right food choices is crucial.  It depends entirely on what is deemed a healthy eating plan and who recommends it. The benefits of healthy eating start with protein foods.  But if your diet is about carb foods and in particular, about processed carbohydrates, run as fast as you can. In the past, not that long ago, people made the right food choices by instinct.  Nobody needed a diet expert.  When in need of advice, we could rely on our grandma.  Today, most people make the wrong food choices.  We tend to fall into line behind the loudest most persuasive voice.  That’s how majorities are formed.  The diet and food industries have a very loud, influential voice.  Mark Twain once said; If you find yourself in a majority, take a moment and question yourself!

 Few people have the time or the interest to study a healthy eating plan that promises a healthy lifestyle.

healthy eating plan

Healthy eating plan!

So let’s make it a bit easier.  The quickest way to lose weight is not about a diet.  It’s about learning to understand your own body.  How to make friends with it.  And how to become a lean healthy person without having to diet.   Impossible?  Being lean and healthy used to be normal.  People used to eat the types of food their body had evolved to process.  Today they eat the types of food only ‘diet experts’ and cereal manufacturers can understand. ’Truth’ is a very flexible word.  There are people who think the word itself is validation.  But the only truth that matters is one that comes with irrefutable evidence.

healthy eating plan

Healthy eating plan!

We began to diet forty years ago.  Since then, there have been literately hundreds of diets all said to be the best healthy option with a guaranteed weight loss.  When we remember that most people didn’t diet at all till around forty years.  Yet they were lean and healthy.  It begs the question.  What changed?  The answer is simple.  our diet changed. The fact is; diets don’t work.  Look around you, everybody is getting fat.   If even one single diet had proved to cause a permanent weight loss, it would have been the last diet ever.  We are trained to wait and respond to  a broad consensus.  We measure right and wrong accordingly.  Yet evidence throughout history proves that following a leader usually benefits only the leader.

Information and advice about a healthy eating plan is governed, like most things, by self interest.

healthy eating Plan

Healthy eating Plan!


Diet talk and diet advice is good only for those who promote it.   Most of us develop our opinions of what is a healthy food, by what others say and do.  We don’t want to risk being  left out in the cold with a lone opinion that’s opposed to everyone else’s.  So we take the safe course.  We wait for consensus. We figure the more people who subscribe to an idea, the more validity it must have.

The majority of people are pragmatic.  They follow the loudest most popular voices. It gives us confidence to be in the group that appears to have the strength.  It gives false comfort to the assumption that others have studied all the healthy options and facts,  about protein foods, carb foods and fats,  so we don’t have to.  If we later discover they were wrong – It no longer matters. We  have already moved on. The food choices we make today are ruled by self interested powers, like diet experts, a multinational food industry, money and politics. They draw the crowd because they have the loudest voice both through media and reputation.

good carbs, bad carbs

Good carbs, bad carbs!

These are highly motivated people who, when it all boils down, make their profits on the back of sugar addiction, pasta addiction and other carb food addictions.   They don’t just expect you to accept their addictive products.  They expect you to pass your addiction on to your children. Once we realize the enormity of the misinformation that prevails, we can begin to see a whole different outcome.  It becomes clear that the majority is not necessarily right.  Today we are perched on a cliff hanger.  If the powers that rule a healthy lifestyle have their way, little will change. That means we will all become addicted to food.  We will continue to get fatter. More of us will gradually become obese and many will end up with diabetes type 2.  The latest obesity statistics claim that by the year 2030, eighty six percent of us will be classified obese.

healthy eating plan

Healthy eating plan!

If we do nothing, we will have capitulated to the purveyors of food addiction, unhealthy diets, homemade science and false information.  It’s time to see the return of lean, healthy in the mall and on the streets.  It’s time to learn how our body works.  What types of food it needs and understands.  And what healthy eating plan can make us lean and healthy for good.   Click to learn more:

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