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Best protein Foods That Work!


Best Protein Foods?

best protein foods

Best protein foods!

Knowing the best protein foods  is crucial to good health, even to our very survival.  I think most people today realize. We are eating the wrong food.  Let me draw you a picture: Forty years ago most people were slim and healthy.   We thought diets were for sick people.  We didn’t follow meal plans, we ate by instinct, just as our grandma taught us.  A healthy lifestyle was not only an easy choice.  it was the only choice.

What are the best protein foods today as opposed to forty years ago?

best protein foods

Best protein foods!

Protein foods never change.  We had the same range of protein foods as we do today.  The same healthy options.  And the same fresh fruit and vegetables we have today.  But our meat wasn’t emaciated and tasteless.  Our fish and seafood didn’t endanger us with high levels of mercury.  Our fruit and vegetables weren’t genetically modified.  And our breakfast food wasn’t a box of shredded cardboard toasted in sugar.  We didn’t count calories and we didn’t get fat.

Most important of all; we didn’t eat fake food,  produced in a factory and rolled off an assembly line.  We simply ate the natural types of food our body had evolved to process.   There was no need to diet.  Probably because we hadn’t yet ruined our metabolism, or damaged our digestive system.

protein foods

Protein foods!

Despite what today may  seem like a very frivolous way to eat.  The vast majority of people back then, were slim and healthy.  Today most people are fat and unhealthy.  This is not about finding the right diet, it’s about curing our food addiction.  You don’t think that’s a real addiction?  Here are some of the symptoms. I hope they convince you otherwise:  Sugar cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, headaches and other pains.

What are the best protein foods for our kids?

Kid are eating very little protein today.  Look into any playground.  You will quickly see the evidence of a lack of protein.  Best protein foods for kids would be a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Unlimited in size. A chicken salad for lunch.  And a big piece of meat or fish with two green veg’s on the side for dinner.  This is just an example to demonstrate that feeding kids the protein foods they need.  Is not rocket science.

Take a look in any school yard and you’ll see little kids already obese.  Don’t be surprised to learn, some already suffer diabetes type 2.   Do you honestly think that’s normal? Take a look around in the mall.   Out of every 10 people, 6 or more are heading for obesity.  This is not mother nature at work.  This is just another human intervention.  Into matters that are beyond our control.  We are part of nature.  We evolve – we do not adapt.  Our food has already been designed by nature.  And you won’t find those types of food in a package.  On a shelf!

best protein foods, are not found in a package

Best protein foods,are not found in a package!

Vested interests, like those who profit from our addiction.  Frequently hold back on facts and muddy the waters with misleading, feel good information.   This is easily done even in the face of common sense.  That’s because although we hate to admit it, we love to listen to diet talk.  We want our body to be a complicated piece of machinery.  Not a wretched body with a metabolism that doesn’t work. Or a digestive system that needs daily medicine to get through the day. 

Healthy protein foods!

The best protein foods can determine 3 important factors.

1.  How the body works.

2. The condition the body is in.

3. The right energy food our body requires for optimum health.

Here is a breakdown!

best protein foods

Best protein foods!

1.      How the body works.  Fifty years ago most people had a ready answer to that.  They knew their protein foods.  They could explain the metabolism and digestive system.  They understood what a healthy  lifestyle meant.– Grandma taught them. They were tuned in to their body. They could choose their food by instinct.  And they had a strong connection to their body.  They knew it needed at least as much attention.  As a new hair style or a manicure.

In those days, people knew the rules about protein foods, carbohydrates and fat.  Their instincts told them. They understood exactly the meaning of a healthy lifestyle.  Today the subject has become a mystery to most of us.  That’s by design, not by accident.  Today we need ‘experts’ to tell us what to eat.  How to eat it and when to eat it.

There are prevailing ideas about energy food and high protein foods.  They are guarded by a vast industry of quasi professionals.  Various businesses and several industries.  And all the major multi-national food corporations.   As far as they are concerned, your body is their business.  If they could pattern it they would.  They don’t want you to get in touch with your body’s needs.  They want it to remain a mystery to you.  They want you to accept.  That only they can understand a healthy lifestyle.  And only they can correctly guide to the right food.  They want to control what you eat.  And what your children eat.  Being healthy is about business. It is not about you. But worst of all; it’s not even about your health!

healthy protein foods

Healthy protein foods!

2.     The condition the body is in.  Today we pay enormous attention to exercise and fitness.  We take care of every muscle and exercise every bulge.   It is ironic, and more than a little unhealthy.  That all our attention is lavished on our external body.  All in the pursuit of a  healthy lifestyle.  Yet, in reality. A healthy lifestle is not affected by our appearance.  It is dependent on what goes on inside the body.

3.      The right energy food for optimum health.  That’s an important subject for discussion.  But apparently it’s deemed of little interest to the human body.  And the people who live in it.  Because nobody has taken the time out.  To learn what the body wants.  We give our body the food that pleases our taste buds.  As long as it has the approval of food experts.  We don’t care if they are the right types of food for our body. We assume what we like our body also likes.  Surely it’s in our interest. To learn what our body needs?  We live in it.  And it’s where all the important stuff goes on!

best protein foods

Best protein foods!

Common sense demands evidence, and the evidence is everywhere.  Every day, more and more people get fat.  Obesity Statistics claim by 2030, 86% of the population will be obese.  Many will also be exposed to diabetes type 2 .    Common sense dictates that when evidence proves something is not working, then it needs to be fixed or replaced. – Not by the people who have caused the problem, – the experts.  But by the person who is forced to live in the problem.  – You!

Most people spend endless hours worrying about their appearance.  Hardly anybody worries about their own internal body.  Yet,that’s where everything is decided.  It is what dictates how we will look in the outside.   How we will feel on the inside.  How healthy we will be.  And how long we will live!  What we put inside our body.  Determines what our chances are for a long life.  With good health and a healthy lifestyle.

The best protein foods are the basis for a long life and a healthy lifestyle!

Best protein foods for life!

Are you truly prepared to leave your food choices to others?  Agree to diets that have never been scientifically tested?  Or accept unqualified advice. By people who don’t know simple anatomy and physiology?  People who do not know how the body works.  How it processes your food.  And where the food goes once it has been processed?  Are you ready to leave the welfare of your body and health.  In the hands of unqualified people.  And mindless corporations? – think about it. Shouldn’t it be for you to know the best protein foods?  And if you don’t know.  Isn’t it time to find out?  Discover the membership:


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