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A Healthy Weight Loss! Who Can You Trust?

Healthy Weight Loss!

healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss!

Who can we trust with a healthy weight loss?

healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss!

The best answer about a healthy weight loss should come from Mother Nature.  That’s because if we make food choices that are not in tune with our metabolism and digestive system. – A healthy weight loss cannot succeed for very long.  Most people have forgotten, or never knew, how the body works.  Schools no longer teach us that we spent 70,000 years growing strong and healthy on protein foods and natural carbohydrates.  Such knowledge has gone from a basic understanding even a child could grasp.  To something so complicated that the job of Nutritionists (People with special knowledge about food in general) and Dietitians (People with special knowledge about how to apportion the food.)  These jobs have been invented to explain it to us. Neither job has any connection to a science or medical degree.  What they don’t know, or choose not to explain, is that our body does not adapt.  It evolves and it hasn’t changed in eons.

What HAS changed is the everyday food we give it.  It does not understand those types of food and it is not designed to process them.  You see, forty years ago we imposed a complete change of food on our body.  We went from our traditional protein based diet.  With added natural carbs, when in season.  To a diet based on mainly processed carbs with little or no protein.   The diet became known as the food pyramid.  Although the human body does not adapt, we were assured our body would adapt to new food.  Finally we followed the advice of self-nominated diet experts who know no more about our body than we do.

It’s a shame so many people focus on a fast weight loss, rather than a healthy weight loss That actually lasts!

healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss!

Today there’s a lot of pseudo science about our body and what are healthy foods.  Most of it involves ‘nutritional values’ created by people who don’t seem to understand how the body works.  Their advice is in direct conflict with the way our body processes our food.  People who claim to be experts, assume a lot.  Like the belief that our body accepts and treats all food the same.  That it treats it according to the texture quality and nutritional value it contains.  They seem to believe our body is adaptable and flexible enough to process and digest anything we choose to call food.

We think our body is our servant. Well, I have some bad news, our body is not our servant.  We are completely dependent on it for our health, strength and longevity.  If our body is not happy, we are not happy.  If it is sick, we are sick.  We owe it the respect it deserves. A healthy weight loss does not happen to an unhealthy body.  A healthy lifestyle demands we provide our body with the types of food it understands.  Only then can we expect it to do the job we demand of it.

 How do we get a healthy weight loss that’s in tune with our body!

Our body wants a healthy weight loss as much as we do.  In fact, it can give us the fastest weight loss we have ever experienced.  But only if we treat it well.  Unless the food we eat is the same food our body wants, we will continue to grow fat.  It has been several decades since everybody knew how to listen to their body.  Today we need self-elected experts to interpret what goes on inside a vital part of ourselves.  – Really!  Very few people realize how far away we have moved from the types of healthy food our body needs.

The evolution of life is a very slow process.  The template for the needs of our metabolism and digestive system was created eons ago.  As a species, we have survived and thrived by following the instincts we developed over many centuries.  Yet, in less than half a century we have managed to completely forget everything we learned.  We have skewed our perception of what are healthy foods and what is a healthy lifestyle.  And we have no idea how to get a genuine, healthy weight loss that’ll last a lifetime.

healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss!

The truth is, most of us have lost the connection to our own body.  And we don’t even know it.   We have been coerced to follow a new vision – or idea- of what is a healthy lifestyle.  It comes from people who are not qualified to understand our body.  They are guided by an assumption that if foods look inviting. They taste good.  They have an interesting texture.  They contain all the so called nutrients.  Ergo, they must be healthy foods. So they promote them as a healthy lifestyle.  The one thing they don’t ask is: Is this a natural food? Or,  has it been through some kind of manufacturing process?

 When it comes to food, would we treat our animals the way we treat ourselves?

Try reversing the food you feed your animals.  You would soon see a rapid deterioration in their general health.  Ironically, your instincts would probably stop you.   The reason we don’t stop ourselves is our fascination with diet experts.  We love experts who willingly take responsibility for all the boring stuff we don’t want to do.  Modern people just like us have survived for 60 – 70,000 years.  For 99.999% of that time they favored very different types of food.  It was high protein foods and nature’s natural carb foods.  As we evolved, they evplved with us.  This took place over many centuries, as our lifestyle changed and became more diverse.

processed foods

Processed foods!

Until the mid 20th century, a healthy lifestyle was always based on high protein foods.  Today we have people who actually tell us that protein foods must be limited. They can be dangerous– even unhealthy.  They’re talking about the traditional foods that got us all the to the twentieth century.  It helped us grow countless generations of strong healthy people.  It helped us survive through an ice age, deadly famines and harsh winters.  It is what made us thrive and enabled us to populate the world.

The day we decided that human made, manufactured produce could be called ‘food’ and was suitable for our body – Is the day we began to get fat, addicted and unhealthy. Today our traditional food is considered inferior as a healthy lifestyle.   Instead we have been seduced to listen to ‘diet experts’, who make a living advising others how to eat. So let’s examine their claims more closely.  Let’s look at what sort of people we have become under the guidance and advice of these self proclaimed experts. We seem to trust them more than we trust our own common sense.

A healthy weight loss is only healthy if it lasts for good!

healthy food for healthy weight loss

Healthy food for healthy weight loss!

Weight problems, diets and dieting have been common only for a few decades.  We began as a vast majority of lean, healthy people.   In just four decades, we have become a majority of fat, unhealthy people.  Most of us have a sugar addiction, pasta addiction or some other carb food addiction.  Obesity statistics are out of control.  diabetes type 2 is an epidemic waiting to happen.  We have a serious increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  By no definition can we say we are eating the right healthy food and heading towards better health.

Latest statistics claim 86% of us will be obese by 2030. We are eating ourselves to extinction!

 Today we listen only to people who have a vested interest in our weight problems. They want us to diet. They even want us to lose weight.  They just don’t want us to lose it for good. If told, this would have been unbelievable in nineteen eighty. We are doing something terribly wrong.  Today, four out of six people are considered fat.  In most households you’ll find medications for digestive and intestinal problems.  Are these the signs of a healthy lifestyle?   Even people close to us are morphing into fat people.

not a healthy weight loss

not a healthy weight loss

If just one diet could work, for good, weight problems would vanish overnight.  But the fact is; diets don’t work.  They never will because our body won’t let them.   Diets are good only for the people who promote them and the people who benefit from our food addiction. Misinformation about diets and a healthy lifestyle will continue.  Too many big cereal and food corporations depend on our sugar addiction for their ongoing success.  We can’t expect to force a change.  But at least we can change the food in our own home. We can change to the foods that bring the kind of  healthy weight loss that lasts forever.  learn about that here:

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