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Healthy foods Do Not Require a Diet!

Healthy Foods

healthy foods

Healthy foods have nothing to do with dieting!

what is a healthy lifestyle
healthy foods

Healthy foods!

Healthy foods are often a code for dieting and eating healthy.  By any definition, dieting does not contribute to a healthy lifestyle.   They alarm our internal body.  It has not evolved to understand self-inflicted starvation.  It responds to famine.  Famines are part of nature’s age old programming.  It tells our body how to respond when we reduce our food.  Our body slows our metabolism and prepares to store body fat.  When the famine is over, it will immediately begin to restore the weight we lost.  It will make sure every ounce of fat is recovered.  The more often we diet, the fatter we get.

What are the right food habits?

We have been led to believe that diets are about losing weight and getting healthy.  Instead diets are about business and revenue.  All diets are based on processed foods.  They are the lifeblood of umpteen professions and a massive food industry.  To build their corporations, the food industry caters to YOUR food cravings.  That’s how they grow your food addiction and make sure you pass it along to your kids. There is no better product than one that can feed the food obsession of an entire population. Clearly that’s what the food industry hopes to do.

healthy foods

Healthy foods!

The reason protein foods are being shunned by the industry, is that there’s no money in it.  Protein foods are not suited to processing.  The only exception has been Beef Jerky and Pork Rinds.  Carb foods on the other hand, have unlimited possibilities.  They are the foundation of dozens of multi-national corporations around the world.  High protein foods are feared and ignored because they are the most crucial food for the human body.  That makes them a threat to the food industry who rely on carb foods.   Like the tobacco industry.  The food industry relies on an addiction for their very existence. But what’s even worse?  Both industries are completely legal.  Latest obesity statistics  claim 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  We are eating the wrong types of food and it is slowly killing us.

We are not eating the right healthy foods!

not so healthy

Not so healthy!

Diets are not designed to bring down obesity statistics.  Or to help you get a genuine weight loss.   They are a means to an end.  They promote the reputations of diet experts.  And they make the wheels of industry turn.   They don’t pay a price for that – we do and so do our children.   For the benefit of industry, we get Obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  And that’s just the deadly diseases.  What does the food industry get?They get power, privilege and profits! We can be absolutely sure about one thing: Diets don’t work, and the people who promote them, if they know anything, they know that.   Our body is not designed to diet.  It was created with all the tools necessary to keep us in good shape and in good health without the need to diet. All we had to do was eat the food our body was designed to process.  Not a lot to ask – was it?

So how do we learn to eat the right healthy foods?

what is the right food

What is the right food?

We begin to learn how the body works and eat the healthy foods our body evolved to process.  When you diet, your brain sends a message to your internal body.  It says ‘we have a famine’. Your body slows down and instead of producing glucose for energy, it gets ready to store fat.  Nobody can diet forever.  So when the famine is over –  your body begins to recover all the fat you have lost.  It’s already programmed to do that– that’s nature.   After each diet your body adds a little extra weight to protect you against the next famine. That’s why our weight problems get worse after each diet.  Food addicts continue to multiply.  They say they have a sweet tooth. Or can’t resist pasta.  Or find garlic bread irresistible.  Addictions always have reasons. Just listen to the reason’s brought up by drug users, alcoholics and smokers.

How important are the right healthy foods for our body

what is food addiction

What is food addiction!

They are crucial!  The truth is, forty years ago, the majority of people were lean and healthy. Those who were not, usually suffered diseases like diabetes or an under-active thyroid. People began to gain weight when they were persuaded to abandon our traditional food.  They were encouraged to experiment with new types of food.  It gave the green light to new manufactured food industries.   Soon more cereals, snack food and diet food products found their way into our pantries.  Gradually they became our stable food.   Instead of bacon and eggs for breakfast.  We began to feed our kids with cereals that would not sustain the life of a chicken.  You only need to take a peak into any school yard to witness what a lack of protein foods do to children.

We are much too quick to advocate the latest diet trends and healthy foods.  We assume that the people who can ‘diet talk’ with authority necessarily know what they are talking about.  Bad ideas and bad information get the same scrutiny as good ideas and good information – and by sheer volume, bad information tends to win.  What is left  is very little that is genuinely useful.   The one thing we all seem to have learned really well is how to ignore our own common sense. We tend to move with the rest of the herd to avoid being proved wrong. The fact is, when people began to diet, they also began to get fat.  Diabetes type 2 soon appeared.  it is now approaching epidemic proportions.

Healthy foods do not include sweet foods!

healthy food

Healthy food!

Obesity statistics are terrifying.  Most people have a sugar addiction.  Like any addiction there are many symptoms and none of those symptoms will go away until the addiction is cured. Telling someone to cut down on carb foods is like telling a smoker to switch to a low tar brand. It doesn’t work because it doesn’t reduce the symptoms.  It’s the symptoms that drive the alcoholic to more drink.  And the sugar addict to more sweets.  When you cure an addiction you eliminate the symptoms. Until you learn about the right healthy foods, nothing will change for very long.  Click here to learn about the membership!


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