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Weight Loss Foods – What Are They?

Weight loss foods!

weight loss foods

Weight loss foods!

Weight loss foods are the types of food our body understands!

weight loss foods

Weight loss foods!

We reversed our diet forty years ago and virtually stopped eating weight loss foods.  We may change our appearance and image in different ways.  But inside, where our body rules, we are all the same.  We all need the same types of food in the same ratios.  Contrary to popular myth.  We do not adapt to our food.  Our food is adapted to us in a process we call evolution.  The evolution of life is a very slow process.

In the course of many eons, our body has adapted to protein foods.  It was high protein foods that brought us through millenniums of harsh winters, deadly famines and yes, even an ice age.  Carb foods were a supplement  whenever they were available.  But unlike protein foods, our lives didn’t depend on it.  The hunt was the key to our survival.  The gathering was the support.

Our views on what is a healthy diet changed frequently.  But the ability of our body to adjust to those changes was and still is,- inflexible.  Our body cannot adapt. It evolves.  Forty years ago  we had a phony health emergency, backed up with a big media scare campaign.  It scared most of us into reversing our  traditional healthy foods.

We abandoned our old diet of natural weight loss foods. for a new diet of fake processed foods.

Nature's weight loss foods

Soon we noticed a gradual, undesirable transformation.  Everybody began to get fat.   Before the change of diet, dieting was NOT normal.  Obesity was NOT normal. Food cravings and binges were NOT normal.  And diabetes type 2 did not exist.  The vast majority of people were lean and healthy – Naturally! – As we should be!

Till we abandoned our weight loss foods, a healthy lifestyle was a given.

weight loss foods

Weight loss foods!

After that we soon forgot what a healthy lifestyle meant.  Our diet had always been dominated by protein foods.  They were our weight loss foods.  They kept us lean and healthy for generations.  But we were scared, tricked and persuaded to abandon nature’s food and replace it with a diet based on unnatural, processed carb foods.  This, we were promised, would guarantee a healthy lifestyle.   But even better, It would cure an epidemic of cholesterol problems that had sprung up and scared everybody.

Nature is never in a hurry.  Evolution is too slow to witness even in a 100 lifespans.  Nature will not evolve our metabolism and digestive system to help us process and digest foods it did not create for us.  We have caused our body severe stress.  We see plenty of evidence of that.  Pharmacies are stocked to the rafters with preparations and medicines to ease and assist our digestive and intestinal processes.

weight loss foodThe thing to remember is that our bodies use protein foods to build and maintain our skin, organs, muscles, bones and tissue. They are called the building blocks of life for a good reason.  Carb foods, no matter where they originate, are converted into glucose. That’s the fuel that runs your energy. Your body can only burn the exact amount of energy you spend. Whatever is left is stored as normal body fat.  The more excess carb foods you eat, the fatter you get.

Our body is designed for nature’s weight loss foods!

weight loss food through evolution

Weight loss food through evolution!

When our body was designed, nature provided the protein foods needed to make us grow strong and healthy.  Carb foods is not alone in producing glucose.  Protein and fat is equally useful to the body when required.  Our body makes sure there’s always enough fuel to supply the necessary energy. Our ancestors were nomads and their lifestyle required plenty of psychical exercise and strength.  The limited supply of carbohydrates that nomadic people could gather were simply a bonus.

If human beings depended on carb foods for survival, we would not be here today.  Look at it this way:  People in the past lived on what they could hunt, like meat, poultry, eggs and fish.  They supplemented this with roots, leaves, berries and other carb foods they could scrounge from nature.  Yet they had the energy and strength to hunt and to stand up against large predators.

Who do we blame for a our food addiction?

from weight loss foods to sugar addiction

From weight loss foods to sugar addiction!

Why do people today need masses of factory produced carbohydrates, just to live what is basically a sedentary lifestyle. We drive cars. We run computers. We socialize on Iphones and we watch TV shows and movies in comfort?  The answer of course is:  We don’t need it, we are addicted to it.  We can’t stop eating it because we are ruled by our addiction.

Here is a fact that every child should learn at school:  The fat on your body has nothing to do with the fat you eat.  It comes from excess carbohydrates, that your body can’t use.  It’s converted to glucose.  But when it can’t be used, it’s changed to fat cells and stored on your body.

So why doesn’t everyone simply cut down on carbohydrates and eat only what the body can use?  That would be ideal  But the answer is simple. The vast majority of people who are overweight today, have either a sugar addiction, or some other form of addiction to carb foods.  An addiction means you have lost control.  No one can cure an addiction to smoking, drinking, coke sniffing or eating, by simply cutting down.  To eliminate it, it must be cured. To learn what and how to eat the right weight loss foods  to cure your addiction and lose the weight.  Just click here:

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