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A Healthy Diet – A Hoax?

a healthy diet!

a healthy diet

A healthy diet!


A healthy diet

A healthy diet, as we know it today, is not working for sixty percent of our population.  They have become overweight and suffer from food addiction.  This makes it clear that following a healthy diet today,  is not healthy.  Sugar is the most insidious and damaging in a long list of carb foods.  This has exposed a dilemma for the food industry. They have spent decades promoting a  healthy diet,  based on processed foods.  It’s a diet that creates a high demand for processed carbohydrates such as sugar.  It’s a diet that causes food addiction.   The food industry’s products have created the addiction.  They need it to continue to grow their business.

The folly of a balanced diet

The folly of a balanced diet

For forty years, we have been bedazzled by a healthy diet that includes sugar addiction 

the danger of a sweet tooth

Why are all manufactured foods based on carb foods?  Anti-fat foods are also manufactured and marketed.  But protein foods are not suitable for manufacture.  Protein does not easily convert into something edible that can be stored in a box or a package.   Perhaps Beef Jerky, and pork rinds.  But they have limited appeal.  They are also not addictive.

Obesity statistics are alarming.  The food industry has taken desperate measures to avoid a revelation that sugar addiction is as toxic and dangerous as a drug addiction.  Theynow link  carb foods to protein foods on some of their packaging.  They even go so far as to promote some cereals  as  high protein foods.   It is a stunningly, false statement that only the food industry could get away with.

What about the diet industry as a whole?    Apart from the usual collection of carb based diets,  we are now offered a variety of diets called low carb.  This of course ignores the real problem. The food addiction.  Those words have been carefully sanitized in the diet talk vocabulary.

A healthy diet v sugar addiction

A healthy diet v sugar addiction!

The fact is, as long as people are kept in the dark about their  sugar addiction, they are not likely to seek a cure.  It is normal for an addict to deny their addiction for as long as possible.  They are more than happy to support the industry on their claim that there is no addiction.  No addict will relish the thought of a cure.   Attempts are now made to further muddy the water with the notion that all you need to do for a healthy diet is to cut down on carb foods.  That’s like telling a smoker to switch to a low tar band.

a healthy diet

A healthy diet?

There is nothing healthy about a healthy diet!

It is irresponsible, it’s dangerous and it is based on self interest.   Cast your mind back a few years, to the tobacco industry expose’.   Till they were unmasked, they continued to insist that it was safe to smoke a packet a day.  Today they still claim their product as safe.  They have almost recovered all their lost ground.

Imagine the liquor industry telling alcoholics to limit themselves to a drink a day.  The whole point of being an addict is that you’ve got no control.  You are governed by you addiction.  That’s why somebody has to intercede with some common sense.  We need to recognize that the food choices we refer to as normal, processed foods, are wrong and they are not normal.

A healthy diet

A healthy diet?

Maybe they are not wrong to our taste buds, but they are killing our body.  Unfortunately these preying industries turn their victims into co-conspirators.  They take care of their addicts with their “healthy” manufactured pretend food.  In turn,  the addicts accept it as a safe, cheap, convenient alternative.  Real food takes real time to prepare.  It is designed to be eaten.  Not to have a shelf life.

It’s time to realize that we are eating the wrong food.  The right food has been maligned and turned into a non- trendy category. People in their millions are facing a life of obesity and they are bringing along their kids.  The odds are high that they will face eventual morbid obesity and diabetes type 2.  It’s every bit as serious as tobacco, alcohol and even a heavy drug addiction and just as deadly.  This is urgent because right now most households follow what they believe is a healthy diet.  In reality, they keep the food industry in business. They pass a lifetime of addiction on to their children, just as the industry expects them to do.



Surely the right healthy diet should be defined by the design and needs of our metabolism and digestive system.

Nobody wants to face their own addiction. But when it stares us in the face our response should not be to search for ways to limit it, we should seek to cure it.  Until we do that , how can we assume to live a healthy lifestyle worthy to pass on to our children?

Most households include children.  When parents are addicted, so are the children.  They share a common diet,  just as they share the consequences of that diet.   If the addiction is not cured those children will carry their addicted lifestyle into adulthood. That’s where they will share it with the next generation.

a healthy diet

A healthy diet!

This has already happened with at least two previous generations.  It all began with a complete reversal of our traditional diet some forty years ago.  Since then, each generation has passed the addiction on to the next. According to obesity statistics, they will climb from the present 60% of the population to 86% by 2030, – These are sobering statistics.  particularly when you consider that it won’t stop there.

It begs the question:  Did we ever, at any time in the past, see little kids begin their 1st day at school  – obese. We are not facing a small, isolated problem.  This is an epidemic that threatens us all. It leads to new deadly diseases like morbid obesity and diabetes type 2.  it is proved responsible for a big increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  What we call a healthy diet today, is a train wreck heading for disaster.


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