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High Protein Diet. Best Option?

High protein Diet!

high protein diet

High protein diet!

high protein diet

Seen At 11: Is Your High Protein Diet Hurting Or Helping Your

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Eating healthy sources of protein can help make you feel fuller, longer, research has shown, but now food companies are adding protein to foods that don’t normally contain it.

A high protein diet is not only crucial to good health…

A high protein diet is fundamental to a long, healthy life.  Without protein foods we can’t exist.  The manufactured food industry has a self-serving agenda.  They want to depict  carbohydrates. As the food that provides us with energy.  That is simply false.  The carbohydrates that enter our system are processed by our body and turned into glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  it is the fuel our body uses when we have some energy to spend.  But only proteins, can give us the energy we need. To burn the glucose.  If we do not burn it. Our body converts it to fat.

high protein diet.

High protein diet!

That’s because our body cannot store glucose.  It is forced to convert it to body fat.  In other words:  The more excess carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get.  That is not the message the food industry wants us to receive!  They don’t want us to know.  That  a high protein diet, was normal just four decades ago.  At that time, the processed food industry was nothing like we see it today.  Canned foods took up the biggest share of products.  But they were a much smaller group of products than today.

high protein diet.

High protein diet.!

As to packaged foods, they were mainly confined to a few cereal products and basic grains.  There was no great demand for processed foods. Because people were not yet addicted to them.  But something happened that changed everything.  We had an unexpected scare campaign about cholesterol.  Seems just about everyone tested. Had a high cholesterol reading.  There was only one cure we were told.  A new modern diet.  Today a new diet is an everyday event.  But here we were talking about the first ever diet.  That did not consist of of natural food.

A high protein diet was all we knew for many centuries.

It was our traditional natural foods. And our main diet for countless centuries.  It had evolved with us.  And till forty years ago.  It was still the standard diet in the average home.  I should mention also: That till then, the vast majority of people were slim and healthy.  They did not need to diet to stay that way.  With the change of diet, the food industry were quick to recognize a potential bonanza.

high protein diet.

high protein diet.!

More and more people were getting fat and unhealthy.  They were loving all the packaged convenience food.  The more they ate, the more they wanted to eat.   Hunger and cravings became the norm for ever more people.  Binge eating was a new trend.   The more we ate the more prosperous grew the food industry.  At what point did we finally realize that this was not a fad.  This was an addiction.  A food addiction that we were unknowingly passing on to our own children.   Sadly, most people still do not realize that, even to this day.

That’s not hard to understand.  There is a multi-national conglomerate of processed foods industries.  They are churning out fake foods.  Along with fake science.  To pacify anyone who fears something is not right. They wonder if perhaps this is the right time. To reduce their carbohydrates.  And learn about the right types of food for the body.  It’s time to learn and understand what is a high protein diet?

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