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High Protein Foods, v Lower Cholesterol!

High Protein Foods V

Lower Cholesterol!

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High protein foods are one of our 3 main food groups. They  include Protein, Carbohydrate and fat.  Till forty years ago our traditional, natural food was dominated by high protein low carb foods, plus somewhat more animal fat than we eat today.

Most people were naturally lean and healthy.

Then a drummed up, world-wide media scare campaign, about the urgent need to lower cholesterol, got most people to change to a new “modern diet”, designed (they said) specifically to lower cholesterol.  The new diet just happened to coincide with the alarming cholesterol warnings.

On close scrutiny, the new modern diet proved to be an exact reversal of our traditional, natural diet.  They must have stayed up all night to come up with that one.   But the greatest insult to the millions of people who were compelled to use it,  has been something truly disgraceful.

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It took thirty years. But it was finally revealed that every single cholesterol test that had been done was completely wrong. The cholesterol ratio had been ignored.  Instead  of getting the hdl ldl ratio, they added the numbers together.  This virtually guaranteed a high reading.

This time there was no media campaign.  The revelation was low key and has remained that way since.  There was no great harm done they said.  But it has produced an obesity epidemic and a new disease called diabetes type 2.

When we changed our diet, it wasn’t long before people began to get fat. This has continued to This day.  Current statistics suggest  86% of us will be obese by 2030.  And of course, it won’t stop there. We are killing ourselves with food our body does not understand.

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This stems for the reversal of our diet, from high protein foods to at least 60% of fake, processed foods.  This has created a food addiction that is affecting more than 60% of the population.  It is possible that no one foresaw this.  But they certainly know it now.

In forty years, the processed food industry has gone from an insignificant breakfast cereal business, to the biggest, most powerful industry in the world.  This is an unprecedented growth that only an addiction has the ability to produce.

So let’s talk about carbohydrate foods.

There are 2 varieties.  Those that come from the farm and those that come from a factory.  Naturally grown carbohydrate foods have always been with us.  Our body understands them and is designed to process them.

The carbohydrate foods that come from a factory or processing mill are called processed foods. They are not only unnatural they are incompatible with our body.  But our body adjusts and adapts right?   It does not!  We may have changed our outward appearance over the past 70,000 years.  But our internal body has remained the same.

We are forcing 20th century fake food onto our ancient metabolism and digestive system. It is  not designed to adapt. It is locked into evolution. And evolution is a very slow process.   Is it any wonder we have a food addiction?

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Here is how it works:  Our recommended diet still consists of at least 60% fake processed foods.  These are very addictive foods.  Eating them has caused a food addiction.  That causes food cravings, which means we hunger for it and eat more.  The more we eat the fatter we get and the fatter we get the more we eat.

This has nothing to do with eating disorders, despite great efforts by the food industry to suggest that.   It is an addiction, and like any other addiction it can be cured in a relatively short time.  So now perhaps you get why food addiction is virtually a secret.

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