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What Is a Healthy Diet For a Long Life?

What is a healthy Diet? 

what is a healthy diet

What is a healthy diet?

Is it important to know what is a healthy diet?

what is a healthy diet

What is a healthy diet?

What is a healthy diet?  Most of us believe, if we listen to the right people and get the best expert advice.  We give our children and ourselves the best chance for good health.  Eating healthy is something we aim for.  We listen to experts and pay close attention to the right types of food.  We focus on healthy habits and we are careful with our food choices.  We are aware of slogans like:  Low fat, low carbs, because they appear everywhere.

We feel these messages carry more weight, because they come from people who claim to be experts.  They appear on TV, they contribute to columns in the newspapers and they build a strong presence on the internet.  This has created a diet food industry which is embraced and fostered by the manufactured food industry.  They support and supply the market with ever more processed products, straight from the factory, with dozens of packets, boxes and wraps all marked as ‘food’.

processed foods

Processed foods!

These fake carb foods do not show us what is a healthy diet.

It would be difficult today to find an adult who has not been on at least one diet.  In the last fifteen to twenty years we have seen a massive rise in obesity statistics.  Today it’s common to see little kids and toddlers struggle with a weight problem.   So what about today?  Are we eating the right food?  Do we live a healthy lifestyle? Are we following the right advice?  Consider this:  Forty years ago most people were lean and healthy.  Today 60% of the population is overweight and unhealthy. Statistic suggest that 86% of us will be obese by 2030.

What changed in our diet forty years ago that caused such a revolutionary change to our bodies and our health?  The answer is simple but hard to believe:  Our traditional foods were changed. In fact, they were reversed. We were tricked to abandon our traditional diet because of cholesterol.  We switched to a new miracle diet out of fear.  Because most of us proved to have high cholesterol.  The new diet became known as the food pyramid.  We were told it was the only known cure for cholesterol problems.

 How does cholesterol influence what is a healthy diet?

There was a big media scare campaign.  It was all about the dangers of cholesterol.  It was inferred that the new new diet had science behind it  It was the only way to cure high cholesterol.  It proved later that the people who had created the Food Pyramidm had simply reversed the old diet.   What better way to get something completely new and different.   The new diet consisted of around 60% of modern, processed foods.  Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  These were foods our body had not evolved to know how to process.

Just about everybody who got tested had high cholesterol.  They were forced to abandoned the types of food they and their ancestors had grown up on.  Instead, they switched to the new modern diet.   So why did almost everybody have high cholesterol?   It took thirty years, but the mystery was finally solved – quite recently.  All the cholesterol test had been wrong.

what is a healthy diet

What is a healthy diet?

Instead of comparing the hdl-ldl ratio, as is the correct way to test cholesterol, laboratories around the world simple added the two numbers together.   Obviously, this was likely to produce an excessively high reading. Unlike the cholestrol scare campaign, barely a whisper was heard in the face of this almost forty year old mistake.

What are the costs of what is a healthy diet?

So what has been the cost of this fiasco?  For forty years a lot of people made a lot of money on a phony cholesterol problem.  At the same time, millions of people adopted what they trusted was a tested, legitimate diet that would cure their cholesterol problem.  What happened next?  Everybody began to get fat.

People in droves, passed control of  their own body’s welfare, to self-elected experts, who had no medical or scientific qualifications.   They in turn advocated a ‘healthy diet’ they had falsely created.  But it was modern, and in those days, anything modern was always superior. The fact that they had simply reversed our normal food went unnoticed.

processed foods

processed foods

To this day, the food pyramid, along with the hundreds of diets that have come and gone since, have never been tested.   There is no proof that any diet,  apart from our traditional diet,  is safe for human consumption.  There was also no proof offered that the new food pyramid would cure cholesterol problems.   Evidence has proved otherwise!

What is a healthy diet for those addicted to food?

Today most people are overweight and most have a sugar addiction or some other carb foods addiction. This hasn’t happened because they chose the wrong food, it has happened because they trusted unqualified people who claimed they knew the right types of food that would cure cholesterol problems.

what is a healthy diet

What is a healthy diet?

Right now, millions of people, along with their families, are trustingly following a diet and a lifestyle that is making them fat and turning them into carb foods addicts. How can we hope to change this?   There is only one way:  We cut through the muddied waters of misinformation.  We stop listening to diet talk and we focus on curing our sugar addiction.  This will automatically eliminate the weight problems.  When that happens, there is nothing left to ‘diet talk’ about!  Because what is a healthy diet has turned into a secret addiction.


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