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Protein, How important is it?





You might say your life depends on protein.   Proteins were always called “the building blocks of life”. That’s because they build and repair our skin, bones, muscles, tissue and vital organs. Without protein we simply don’t exist. There are those who like to say: ‘Everything in moderation’ Or, ‘we need a balanced diet’.  They do not understand how the body works.  They do not have your interests at heart.  To your body. A healthy diet means a lot of protein foods.

If it’s that important, why isn’t everybody eating more protein? The simple answer is; there is no money in protein.  Forty years ago, we changed our traditional diet.  It had a high ratio of protein foods.  Instead we adopted a diet with a high ratio of processed carbohydrates. We opened the door to the mass production of fake processed foods. These are all based on carbohydrates. That’s where the money is.

The proof is all around you. In just forty years. We have seen not one, but hundreds of multi-national food corporations. Rise and blossom around the world.  These are industries that barely existed forty years ago. Like cereal, snack food, diet food, even health food manufacturers. Today, their non-food products.  Take up more than 60% of the space in our food outlets.  Clearly their aim is to cover 100%. At the present rate.  they will succeed.  Today, we find all our fresh foods, near the exit.

Protein Foods Do Not Have A Shelf Life

Protein Foods Do Not Have A Shelf Life!

 The Food industry is here to stay.  Their goal is to replace all our natural protein and carb foods.

Why is that so bad. Apart from the obvious fact that they are not real foods. Processed foods are highly addictive. From the day they began to infiltrate our food chain, we began to get addicted. That made us eat more food more often. This began to make us fat. That started the merry-go-round of dieting. So here’s a brief summary of how this all works. Lets begin at the bottom and work our way up.

Only protein foods can protect us from obesity

Only protein foods can protect us from obesity!

Dieting: Our body does not adapt. it evolves. Diets don’t work because our body is programmed by evolution. To respond to famine whenever we starve ourselves. That means it slows our metabolism and prepares to store fat. When the diet is over, it does everything possible to restore the lost weight. It then adds a little extra fat to protect us against the next famine. In reality, the more we diet the fatter we get. We can see that with our own eyes. More and more people diet and more and more people are getting obese.  Diets have had forty years to work.  If they actually worked it would be noticeable by now.  Yet every day, more people are getting fat.  And nobody is getting slim for very long.

Learn about the membership that will teach you the right protein foods to eat.  It will cure your food addiction and slim you down.  You will finally get to the size you have always wanted to be.  Most important of all: You’ll never have to diet again!

food addiction

Food addiction!


How do we know if we have a Food Addiction? The more processed food we eat the better it tastes.  The mere whiff from a bakery makes us want to eat. That’s the addiction at work. Soon we lose the will to stop eating it. The thought of doing without food. Even for a few moments. Becomes unbearable.  You need to know that those feelings are not NORMAL.

Our addiction makes us obsessed with food.  We become obese and unhealthy.  Along the way there’s a high probability that we will get diabetes type 2. Our prospects of getting heart disease, colon or bowel cancer are very high. Like any other kind of addict.  We are heading for a short, unhappy, unhealthy life.

Forty years ago. We gave up protein and natural carb foods. For a diet of fake processed foods!

Protein foods are natural foods

Protein foods are natural foods!

Till then. It was normal to be lean healthy.  Diets were for sick people and silly people. What made us change?  People did. People who didn’t understand how the body works. What it does with the food we eat. And why it doesn’t adapt to new food just because we say so! They just wanted a niche close to medicine, where they could appear professional. Where they could take charge of our diet, modernize it. And make us dependent on their advice. They wanted to substitute our protein  for their diet of processed carbohydrates.

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