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Healthy Diet Plan That Last’s A Lifetime!


healthy diet plan!

healthy diet plan

Healthy diet plan!

How to maintain a healthy diet plan?

healthy diet plan

Healthy diet plan!

What do we want from a healthy diet plan?  For me there is a simple answer.  I want a healthy diet plan that keeps me lean and healthy.  Without a lot of rules.  That I can easily live with for the rest of my life.  To me that means being in tune with my own body.  Understanding the food it needs.  And knowing how to sort the right information from all the misinformation.  Till I was 43, this  was a perfectly normal, reasonable expectation.  But that was before diet experts and dieting.  It was when when we still followed our natural, traditional diet.  The vast majority of people were lean and healthy.

Dieting was not a normal thing to do.  Diets and weight problems were for sick people.  It was before manufactured, fake foods became part of the recommended daily diet.  And it was before we began to get fat.  So why don’t we just return to that?  There are a number of reasons why that is not straight forward. We have been conditioned to be food addicts for forty years.  In the process, we have lost our natural instinct to recognize the right types of foods for our body.  Most of us are driven by a food addiction that is ruling and ruining our lives.  The ‘experts’ advise us to diet.  But diets don’t cure an addiction.  They stimulate it.

healthy diet plan

Healthy diet plan!

However, diets do stimulate a massive diet industry and a food industry that barely existed till the mid twentieth century.  Our health and welfare has become captive to vested interest’s who depends on our food addiction to be passed along from one generation to the next.  Yet, most food addicts don’t even know they are addicted. To save the next generation we need to act.  We need to cure our addiction.  Once we do that, we get our health back, we lose the weight and we save our kids.  We start by learning how the body works.  And why carbohydrates have become a major threat to our lives.

healthy diet plan with 2 types of carbohydrates

Healthy diet plan with 2 types of carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates have two faces.  They can be natural carbohydrates. These are healthy foods the human body evolved with.  They are designed for our body. But then there is manufactured, processed foods that our body does not understand.  They were introduced as part of our daily diet only forty years ago.  The excuse was a sudden health emergency about cholesterol.  The result was a modern new diet, that became known as the food pyramid.  This triggered food addiction and started us on the road to obesity, diabetes type 2 and an increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.

healthy diet plan

Healthy diet plan!

By abandoning our traditional diet for processed, fake foods we have unknowingly caused a widespread, growing food addiction. Surely it is logical to think that if our body does not understand the food we eat, it is not healthy food for our body.  If our personal food choices are not the same as our body’s requirements. Then we must listen to our body and change our food.  If certain foods disagree with our body, they are not just bad for the body, they are bad for us.  There was a time when we knew how to listen to their body.  If we want to survive as healthy human beings, we are going to have to learn how to do that again.  it is important to realize that the only thing the two two types of carbohydrate have in common. – Is the name.

Till we reversed our natural diet we had a healthy diet plan!

healthy diet plan

Healthy diet plan!

We didn’t have to think about it.  We knew by instinct how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving a thought to diets, calories and food charts.  Our natural traditional diet evolved with us over many centuries.   Diets as we know the term today, were only for sick people.  The rest of us followed grandma’s advice, or used our instincts.  Diets are not suited to our body.  Nor are they necessary if we eat the right food. Once you begin to diet, you can’t stop.  Diets fuel your addiction and after each diet, you’ll get an extra layer of fat to protect you against the next diet.  The more often you diet the fatter you get!

So how does the body work?

healthy diet plan of protein foods

Healthy diet plan of protein foods!

This is a short outline that will give you a good idea.  Protein foods are the building blocks of life.  Without protein there is no life.  But protein foods are not suited for manufacture.  So they were sidelined to make room for the interests of business and profits.   There are two types of carbohydrates.  1. The type that grows in nature.  It gets harvested, not processed.  Our body understands it and is able to process it with ease. 2. The second type of carbohydrates are manufactured, processed foods.  They are made by humans, not by nature.

They may originate from a germ of a natural carbohydrate.  But they have been put though a manufacturing process. They have been stripped of everything that makes them natural. Chemicals have been added to create color, texture and taste. They are not real food choices to our body and they are highly addictive. What do you think happens when you do not eat enough carb foods to produce the glucose you need to burn energy?  “Experts’ claim that’s the reason you can’t live without carbohydrates.  But that’s wrong.

body fat

Body fat!

Your body will simply begin to draw on the fat reserves you have stored.  If you should run out of fat and, well,..who’s smiling now?  Your body will simply convert some protein foods into glucose.  That’s how Eskimos survive.  Saying that carbohydrates provide us with energy is grossly misleading.  It’s like saying that gasoline drives your car.  Your car is not going anywhere till you get behind the wheel and drive it.  Your energy is provided by Proteins.  The carbohydrates merely provide the fuel.

Natural carbohydrates have been included in the human diet for centuries.  But they are not essential to our health and survival.  If they were, Eskimos would not exist.  We would not have survived an ice age and we would not be here today.  Carbohydrates, when and where they exist in nature, make our food choices more interesting and give us many more options.  But they are not an essential food.  That honor goes to protein foods.

protein foods for a healthy diet plan

Protein foods for a healthy diet plan!

Without protein we cannot exist.   So let’s examine exactly what carb foods do, once they are inside our body. Our internal body is a very efficient food processor.  It converts our carb foods to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar. it’s the fuel we burn when we have the energy.  We get the energy from protein foods.  If we don’t have much energy, we won’t spend much fuel.  Our body is not equipped to store excess glucose.  it is forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s the kind of fat that sticks to your belly hips and thighs. It clogs your arteries and nestles around your vital organs.  It is not the same fat you consume as food.

The inclusion to our diet, forty years ago, of processed carb foods, gave ample opportunities to muddy the facts.  Manufactured foods are not real food, they are products.  They are produced by business conglomerates, governed in corporate board rooms.  They claim to add to a healthy diet plan. But their sole purpose is to add ever more profits to the bottom line.

Maximum profits is a corporate imperative. It’s the responsibility to share holders.  They owe no loyalty to their customers.  The fact that their products are sold as part of a healthy diet plan.  Still means they are highly addictive. To the industry it  is a PR issue. Not a health issue.  The food industry deals with food addiction. Just as the tobacco industry deals with theirs.  By setting up their own in-house research facilities to provide credible product information and advice.

the food industry

The food industry!

This provides pseudo science to the diet industry and satisfies governments and various authorities. The food industry have had forty years to grow a trusting, addicted market. To create a language of pseudo science and misleading claims.   This has made it next to impossible to find the genuine information buried beneath it.  The tobacco industry got away with it for a hundred years and are still in business.  The food industry has every reason to think they can do even better.  They get a much earlier start. They are able to promote their addictive foods to infants.  They then get a captive market of school kids where they are responsible for choosing the mandatory school lunches. It’s a win win in every way!

Our internal body has not changed in eons.  It is not designed to adapt. it evolves and evolution is a very slow process.  Our body cannot process the types of food we eat today.  We are up against a food industry marketing machine that stocks the shelves in our grocery store and supermarket.  Fake processed foods are winning.  More and more natural food are disappearing, to be quickly replaced by fake substitutes.  Around 60% of us are already addicted.  According to statistics, 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  Most will be addicted to sugar or some other carb food like pasta or bread. If we want a healthy diet plan we have to act now.  Nobody is coming to our rescue.  Learn about the membership you can join here:    


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