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What Is Healthy Eating Today?


What Is Healthy Eating?

what is healthy eating

What is healthy eating!

What is healthy eating should always be about what’s best for our body, – not what’s best for industry!

what is healthy eating

What is healthy eating?

What is healthy eating?  That’s the trillion$$ question today.   If we ask the food industry, who dominates the entire food market. They will say that products emanating from their factories and processing plants, represent what is healthy eating today.  They are busy creating substitute products for the ever shrinking range of natural foods that still remain on sale in our supermarkets. They are fast succeeding.   Nobody is suggesting a debate.  This is already a foregone conclusion.

So what about diet experts.  They are basically the front line soldiers for the food industry.  Processed foods are good not only for the food industry, but for the people who use their products to create a never ending flow of new diets.  This is all backed by the kind of quasi, homemade science that diet ‘experts’ and cereal companies rely on to promote food addiction.

So here is the real story about what is healthy eating.  What are the right types of food to get a healthy body.  How do we learn what our body wants to keep us lean and healthy without diets.  And most important: How do we cure our food addiction and eliminate our weight for good!

what is healthy eatingYour body doesn’t run on any particular kind of carbs food you choose to eat.  It runs on glucose.  That’s a liquid sugar manufactured by your body.  It is produced inside the body.  It’s made from carbohydrates.  Primarily processed carbohydrates. But if that’s not available, your body will run equally well, by converting protein foods and fats to glucose.  I am sure you realize all sugars are carbohydrates.

For the biggest part of human history, sugar as a food, was not part of our diet. It was introduced just a few hundred years ago.  It was used mainly by the elite.  Over the centuries, human beings were frequently forced to exist without carbohydrates at all.  Often for very long periods. Like harsh winters, dry famines.  Even an ice age.  Our ancestors have proved, without a doubt that we can survive and thrive without carbohydrates.  If in doubt, ask the Eskimos.

what is healthy eating

What is healthy eating?


Discover what is healthy eating!

There is no difference between our internal body today, and the internal body of the people who endured the last ice age.  We may look different on the outside.  But inside, where our health and well being is decided.  Nothing has changed.  Except the damage we have caused over the past forty years. Through eating unnatural, processed foods.

But we have adapted to what is healthy eating today – right? – Wrong!

what is healthy eating

What is healthy eating?

Human beings do not adapt they evolve.  Forty years ago we changed the types of food that made up our diet. But we neglected to change the digestive system that had to process that food. To get an idea of what that means and what it has cost us, look around.  We are all getting fat.  Obesity statistics are out of control.  Diabetes type 2 is nearing an epidemic.

Our body doesn’t understand what we call healthy eating today!

We eat the wrong food.  We are misinformed and misled about the right food.  By the very people who profit from our sugar and food addiction.  They over complicate our body’s internal system.  That’s to distance us from it and keep them in control. It helps them validate their home-made theories.  If the human digestive system is as technical as these people suggest, we could not have survived as a species.  Look at the world around you.  Nature loves simplicity and we are creatures of nature.  We will do well to remember that our body does not understand what is healthy eating today.

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