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We once had a traditional diet, based on the foods provided by nature. But that all changed around forty years ago, when we were coerced and pushed into reversing our natural diet.

Why did we do that? We had a bogus media scare campaign about the dangers of cholesterol. Apparently everybody had high cholesterol, the food industry got the green light to begin to produce unlimited, addictive, processed food products.

Today they fill every supermarket shelf. This is not food. Nor is it what our digestive system was created for. Watch the video and get the PDF download: bit.ly/1qQijFX and visit my website for more information: https://healthylifestyle-news.orgHi By now you probably wonder why you should buy a book about the Food Industry.

All you hope to do is get some weight loss tips.  Find some food addiction help. Stop binge eating and get a weight loss result that will last for good.

But it all changed when the food industry got the green light to begin to produce unlimited, addictive, processed food products.  Today they fill every supermarket shelf.  This is not food. Nor is it what our digestive system was created for.

The Human body was not created to adapt.  It was created to evolve.  And it has not evolved to process fake, processed food.  Artificial food has no connection to the natural foods that our body was made for.  Evolution takes eons, not decades.

This is where the food industry comes in.  They don’t mind if you diet. They don’t care if you exercise.  They know as long as you are addicted to their processed food, you won’t learn how to stop overeating and neither will your kids. The only thing that can save you and teach you how to stop overeating, is to cure your food addiction. It will eliminate your weight problems for good.

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But the food industry spends millions of dollars every month making sure you won’t do that. If you don’t recognize your enemy, you can’t protect yourself?  This enemy appears in the press and on TV. You’ll find their products in every food store. It is beautifully packaged to appeal to your kids and remind you of your childhood.  It draws you in.

This is truly evil!  How can I say that?   It is the riches most powerful industry in the world and yet, they prey on kids.   All their products have one single purpose, to give them the best chance get you and your children addicted to their food. You find this hard to believe?  Think of the tobacco industry and it will all make perfect sense.

That’s why this is so important.  Nobody else will tell you. You need my book and membership to get the only knowledge that’ll protect you.  It’s your Insurance. This monster industry expects  to feed off not only your addiction, but your kid’s a well.

What’s worse – it expects you to groom them and deliver them.  And without knowing the facts, – you probably will.  Your only protection is to know the facts. As with all things, knowledge is protection.  It’s how you protect yourself against a multi-national industry.

Don’t leave your kids vulnerable to cute cartoon figures and pretty packaging.  Cereal  saves time in the morning, but it also shortens lives.  To get the latest information just click the link below:

The Diet Terminator!

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