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Healthy Eating. How Hard Can it Be?


Healthy Eating! 

healthy eating

Healthy eating!

healthy eating for healthy lifestyle

Healthy eating for healthy lifestyle!

Healthy eating can be hard nail down?  A lean healthy body, can seem like an unattainable goal.  A diet of natural food is the best healthy food we can choose.  It is our best chance for a long, uncomplicated life with healthy children and a healthy lifestyle.   Those who commit to healthy eating will never regret it.

healthy eating crucial for children

Healthy eating crucial for children!

Eating healthy is crucial to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy eating means eating the traditional food our body understands.  You may have been led to believe, that your body adapts to the food you eat.  That is completely false.  The human body never adapts.  It evolves.  Evolution is a very slow process.

Our ancestors evolved with a natural, healthy diet of high protein foods.  This was our traditional diet that evolved with us over a period of at least 70,000 years.  But then along came the 20th century.  The 70’s was a time when everybody claimed to be an expert on something.  It was decided that a healthy lifestyle had to be carefully determined.  This was best done self nominated experts.  People who’d decided they were smarter and wiser than nature.  They felt it was time to change our old fashioned, traditional diet.

Healthy eating choices

Healthy eating choices!

Healthy eating would be replaced by a new, modern diet.

What better, more efficient way to achieve a modern diet. Than to reverse the foods that made up the old one.  This was a great way to guarantee that we would have a completely different, new diet.  Nobody thought to ask how our metabolism and digestive system might feel about it. Was it a good thing to virtually give up our protein foods.  And replace them with a diet of 60% manufactured, processed foods?  It was a question the ‘experts’ were not qualified to answer anyway.

Healthy eating means eating lots of protein foods

Healthy eating means eating lots of protein foods!

 The diet was new and modern.  That already qualified it as being better.  It was agreed that if it was good for our taste buds, it was also good for our body. The people who made these decisions, were not qualified to understand or pass comment on our body.  But they seemed to know a lot about the right food choices.  They went on to call themselves nutritionists. Meaning experts on food.

Diet experts like to infer that they have the qualifications to take charge of our health.  That is a ridicules notion.  Because that means they would have had to for a science or medical degree.  That’s what doctors have to do.  Our new experts knew nothing about our internal body.  In fact, they no no more about our body than we do.  They have no medical qualifications.  That’s probably why we are encourage by them. To disassociate ourselves from our internal body.

So how do we know our body is unhappy?  Look around. We have an obesity epidemic. Diabetes type 2 is an epidemic waiting to happen.  Despite huge medical advances. Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer are at their highest levels ever.  Everybody is getting fat.  In almost every bathroom, in every home, is at least one preparation for heart burn, indigestion or reflux etc..

For healthy eating we listen to our body, not our taste buds

For healthy eating we listen to our body, not our taste buds!

These are not the signs of healthy eating.

But they are clear signs of a very unhappy body. We are eating ourselves to death, because we are addicted to our food.  We are eating the wrong food.  And we listen to people who are in business to profit from our sugar addiction, pasta addiction and other addictions to carbohydrates.  According to statistics; 86% of us will be obese by 2030.   That includes our children.  We are more than half way there already.

a healthy lifestyle demands healthy living!

A healthy lifestyle demands healthy living!!

Like everything worthwhile, a healthy lifestyle is not a given.  It does not just happen. And no diet in the world can give it to you.  The only place you will get the right advice about the right food choices and healthy eating to achieve a healthy lifestyle is from your own body.  Unlike the advice you get from ‘experts’.  the only benefit your body expects in return, is that you help it get your metabolism back to work to control and balance you weight.  That was never meant to be your job.  Your body also expects you to start eating the types of food it  understands and can process with ease.  Not much to ask really! – Is it?

Yes!  It takes a bit of effort.  But what if I was to tell you that there is a membership, solely devoted to help you cure your food addiction and lose your weight for good.  It entails a step by step process, backed by continued advice and support.    It’s an easy to follow program with 24/7 expert support.  You will have immediate, direct access to me and to other members.  Eating healthy will become second nature to you – just as it should be!  All the details can be found on this page:

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