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How To Eat Healthy?

How To eat healthy!

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy!

We are all sure we know how to eat healthy!

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy!

But how to eat healthy does not seem to translate to how we actually live.  Each day we seem to get a little further away from being lean and healthy.  A healthy lifestyle seems ever more elusive.  We no longer know how to eat healthy because we have been fooled into eating the wrong types of food.

Imagine asking someone with a foods addiction to avoid sweets, or pasta or any other addictive substance.  It would be pointless.  You wouldn’t ask that of an a drug addict or an alcoholic.  You would already know better.  But food addiction is not a REAL addiction, Right?  In fact, they symptoms of food addiction are almost identical to drug, tobacco and alcohol addiction.

By now we should know that addictions can’t be managed, they must be cured.  In a world where a healthy lifestyle is marketable and has a price,  we are often deceived.  Too many unqualified people are willing to offer glib “professional” advice to anyone with a sugar addiction, or some other carb foods addiction.  Yet these are addicts in desperate need of genuine solutions to their addiction.  Not a pretend solution, like yet another diet.

The cereal and diet food industries, and that include several, multi-national corporations, have no hesitation including words like ‘healthy’, ‘invigorating’ ‘nutritious’ and ‘essential energy food for growing children’.  Especially when they promote their processed food products, like breakfast cereal.  Processed foods do not give us energy.  They can only provide the fuel.  To get the energy to use the fuel.  We must eat protein foods.  Proteins are the building blocks of like.  We cannot exist without them.

Protein foods promotes the growth of our brains, bones, muscles, tissue skin and organs.  It gives us health and energy.  So what do carbohydrates do?  Our body converts all carb foods to glucose.  That’s liquid sugar.  It the fuel our body uses to burn energy.  Any fuel left over, because our body does not have enough energy, is store as body fat.  What the What does that mean?  It means eating excess carbohydrates make us fat.

Learning how to eat healthy is crucial to our future!

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy!

Sugar addiction is real. – It’s toxic and dangerous.  Yet you’ll have a hard time finding anyone ready with a cure.  Too many big corporations, as well as an army of diet experts, depend on this addiction for their survival and a profitable future.  It’s like the tobacco industry, not so long ago.  It too profited from an addiction.  It still does.  But that industry, was finally publicly unmasked as cynical purveyors of a product they knew to be addictive and dangerous.

not how to eat healthy

The fact that the tobacco industry is still thriving should teach us something.  Our health and welfare must be in our own hands.  Because when business and money are concerned, no help can be expected.  These industries got us addicted.  There is no evidence that anyone feels compelled to apologize and help us overcome our addiction.  In fact, the words food addiction, are never spoken by the industry.  How can they admit it?  They already depend on our kids to be the next round of fresh new food addicts.

It’s up to us to break the circuit of this seemingly unstoppable epidemic.  To see where we are heading, look into any school yard.  You’ll see how children already show signs of obesity.

We can’t expect them to understand how to eat healthy if we don’t!

The only benefit carbohydrates can provide to our children is fuel for their little furnaces when they have the energy to spend.  Sending them off to school on a bowl of cereal is worse than no food at all.  If kids don’t get lots of protein foods, they won’t have much energy to spend.  How can they grow up healthy like that?

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy!

There are no ‘special’ carbohydrates that can infuse us with extra energy. That was never a job for carbohydrates. There are only two kinds of carb foods.   Those that are natural, which means they are provided by nature.  Our body has had ample time to evolve and learn how to process them. The other kind of carbs are manufactured, processed carbohydrates.  They are an alien food to our body.  The have been added to our diet, gradually, since the 1950’s.  They now represent the greater part of our daily food.  They are not compatible to our digestive system.  They are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

We are getting the food story back to front and this suits the food industry very nicely.  They say we need processed foods for our health. There is no legitimate science to suggest that.  It would be a ridicules  to claim it given that we are talking about ‘foods’ that did not exist till the 20th century.  If we needed them, how di we get by during the previous 70,000 years?   The fat is, we need protein foods for our health.  Carbohydrates are needed only to replace the fuel we spend once we become healthy and use some energy.

not how to eat healthy

Not how to eat healthy!

You may think we have been able to adapt to these strange new foods.  But the fact is, the human body does not adapt, it evolves.  Evolution works in eons, not decades.  Our bodies may never adapt to breakfast cereal, refined sugar and other packaged foods and do we really want it to?   They are making us fat.  Is that really where we want to go? What happens to carbohydrates when you eat them?  They are converted to glucose.  Glucose is 100% liquid sugar.   Sugar is not a healthy food.   Our body is not designed to process human made foods.  It understands a cabbage leaf and a piece of fruit. A steak and a salmon fillet.  It has had centuries to learn how to treat those types of food.

But Mother Nature did not prepare our body for the types of food we eat today.  Or for the self imposed famines that we like to call diets.  Our body has a standard response to diets. It conserves as much energy as possible and waits for the diet to end.  The moment it is over, it begins to recover every ounce of fat we have lost.  It will also add a little extra for protection against the next diet. That’s why the more often we diet the fatter we get.

how to eat healthy

How to eat healthy!

Sixty percent of the population today is overweight.  Obesity statistics expect it to reach 86% by 2030.  Does that sound like a healthy lifestyle for our future?   Frankly, it doesn’t sound like a future at all.  We are eating ourselves to extinction.  Clearly, the foods recommended by today’s experts, are not the food choices our body would make.  If a food is not good for our body, how can it be good for us?  We need to stop listening to ‘experts’ and start to listen to our body. That’s how we learn how to eat healthy and how we can lose weight for good!

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