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Binge Eating Caused by Food addiction!


Binge Eating!

binge eating

Binge eating!

Binge EatingMay Signal Anxiety, Depression & Suicide Risk | Psych

http://psychcentral.comTue, 23 Jul 2013 13:55:28 GMT

A new study of African-American girls.  Finds that body dissatisfaction. Leads to symptoms of anxiety and depression.  And an increased risk for suicide. Dr..

We hear a lot about the symptoms of binge eating.

We know binge eating is common.  But we never really get to the heart of the matter – The Cause.  Why does it affect so many people?   We ask the same question about weight problems. Eg: Why is everybody getting fat?   In many cases, they are the same people.  Binge eating is about a compulsion.  Something over which we have no control.  It is a natural response to cravings for food.  Usually a particular food, like sugar.  There is another description for this: – Food Addiction!

what drives food addiction

What drives food addiction!

Whether binge eating came about by chance, or by design…

We are being led down a path to food addiction.  We may call it sugar addiction.  Or binge eating.  Or sugar cravings .  Or just plain food cravings.  It is simply food Addiction.  So why do we skirt around that?  Food addiction was triggered forty years ago.  It can be  traced back to another event that coincided.  It was when we were coerced to abandon our traditional diet. And switch to the so called Food Pyramid.  It became our new modern Diet.  In the same period, we have observed the food industry.  It started out as a modest breakfast cereal industry.  In just forty years.  It has developed into a massive, multi-national food industry.

Since we were tricked into reversing our everyday diet.  And changed from natural food, based on proteins.  To unnatural processed foods, based on carbohydrates.  We have changed from a majority of slim, healthy people. To a majority of overweight, unhealthy people.  We live a pretend healthy lifestyle.  We tell each other that we select the food recommended by experts – And we do.  We exercise, and we serve only the healthiest food to our families.  We are not lying to each other. We are simply exchanging misinformation.

Essentially, the food industry is an industry of fake food.  Human beings are not designed to adapt.  least of all to manufacture, unnatural foods.  The fact is, we do not adapt, we evolve.  Evolution is a very slow process .  It works in eons, not decades.  The products produced by the food industry.  Are then promoted by a legion of diet experts.  In just forty years, we have gone from people who ate by instinct.  To people who need experts to tell us what to eat. And need diets to try to control the weight that follows.

binge eating leads to food addiction

Binge eating leads to food addiction!

Fake food products are promoted by a legion of of diet experts.  Both the food industry.  And the diet industry.  Survive and thrive on our addiction to fake processed food products.    If you want a visual demonstration of this.  You need only visit your local supermarket.  At least 60% of the floor space is taken up with endless rows of fake foods.  In the past we saw a very different looking supermarket.  As each day goes by. More natural food is being squeezed out the door.  If this trend persists, even our fruits and vegetables will be processed.  It is already happening with genetic engineering.

86% of us will be obese by 2030.  But that’s just the beginning.  A very large number of those people will suffer diabetes type 2.  Many will die from heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  We are eating the wrong food for our body.  And it is killing us.  We are giving permission to food and diet industry.  To grow their business on the back of our food addiction.  Our cravings and binge eating is driving us to extinction.  You can read more here:


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