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How To Lose Body Fat Fast!


How To Lose body Fat Fast!

 how to lose body fat fast


Information about how to lose body fat fast is false.

How to lose body fat fast  is founded in misinformation.  Remember the old adage: If you want to hide something where nobody will find it.  Hide it in plain sight, under a mountain of boring statistics and misinformation.   Bureaucrats have been doing it for centuries.  It works!

how to lose body fat fast

Finding the right information about normal food such as protein foods, carbohydrates, and the facts about body fat, takes a lot of time and dedication.  Our chances of getting to the truth by looking where we’re supposed to look is next to impossible. There is simply too much misinformation about how to lose fat.   That’s because nobody really wants you to get the answers.

A body fat loss is easy once you know How to lose body fat fast!

People who are informed know what to look for.   They don’t get bedazzled, or sidetracked by pseudo science, fake statistics and complicated graphs.  They are not fooled by the food corporation’s, in house ‘research facilities’,  or by self-elected ‘diet experts’.

Multi-national corporations have built empires on misinformation – for decades.  It began with the tobacco industry.  We now have an even more powerful food industry.  In both cases, these huge conglomerates depend on a legal addiction to prosper and grow.  The food industry spend a fortune, to create misinformation.  This is to provide ‘diet experts’ with credible fake facts and to muddy the waters.  They really don’t want you to find the truth


You need the truth about how to lose body fat fast!

Just below is a link to a video that is a perfect example of what goes on.  This is a guy who was quick to send a post to his followers about stuff he believed to be true.  He then discovered he was wrong.  But unlike others, He admitted his mistake.  He took the trouble to listen and learn the facts.  He presented the new, correct information to his followers. You can watch that video below:

I can think of no better way to spend the next few minutes, than to learn the facts that this guy spent many hours to uncover.

 How to lose body fat fast!

Logic suggests that how to lose body fat fast, is about the fat we eat-That’s wrong!

how to lose body fat fast

How to lose body fat fast!

It’s what we want to believe.  It makes sense so it must be true.  But it’s not true.  In fact, the less fat we eat the fatter we are likely to get.  We eat light, or low fat products substitutes, because we assume they’ll help us lose weight. Or at least not make us fatter.  But when fat distribution is our only avenue we will not succeed.  Remember, when fat is removed from our diet, so is the flavor. They are one and the same.  So to make  low fat, or light food edible, we have to put something back in.  That something will be fructose, glucose, trans fats and chemicals that can only be described by a number, or they would scare us to death.  All of these substances not only make you fat, they do really bad things to your body.


Fat! (Photo credit: LexnGer)

Your body will process and digest edible fat, just as it will any other food.  The fat that makes you fat is called Body fat.  This can only be produced by your own body.  It is made from the excess carbohydrates you eat – but do not use for energy.  Your body distributes it to your tummy, hips and thighs, inside your arteries and around your vital organs.

Unless you are an athlete, or a gym junkie, you will use only a small fraction of the carbohydrates you eat.  Your body has nowhere to store it and is therefore forced to convert it to body fat.  In really simple terms: The less energy you use and the more carbohydrates you eat, the fatter you get.

Synthetic chemicals have become common place in the food processing industry. Many of these chemicals are designed to simulate a natural product or ingredient through taste and smell. For example, when the body craves something sweet we head for some sort of confectionery or sweet drink.  Our taste buds cannot tell the difference between a genuine food and a chemical food.  The products are designed that way.

how lo lose body fat

Once you understand body fat, you’ll begin to realize how your body works.  That’s a good start!

In an effort to cut back on calories or to reduce the amount of sugar in our diet we look for substitutes.  Clever marketing programs make us believe we lose weight by avoiding excess calories.  But our body doesn’t work that way.  It’s not how many calories we eat that matter, but what kind of calories they are.

The Fat Facts About Greed!

The Fat Facts About Greed!

 “Weight problems results from an over consumption of the wrong food.  This leads to addiction and that makes us eat even more.  Once we are addicted, our cravings always seem to remain unsatisfied.  So we eat more, and more.”  Part extract from Article written by Eric J. Smith

You can learn more about how to lose body fat fast, by reading the information and viewing the videos you’ll find below:


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