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Junk Food, Does It Cause Addiction?

Junk Food!

junk food

Junk food!


junk food

Junk food!

http://newscenter.berkeley.eduTue, 06 Aug 2013 15:00:21 GMT

A sleepless night makes us more likely to reach for junk food like doughnuts or pizza than for whole grains and leafy green vegetables, suggests a new study from UC Berkeley that examines the brain regions that control food choices.


When it comes to junk food, sweets and other addictive foods, We don’t see the Big Picture!

With junk food, the fact is, we are all missing the point.  For example;  When the weight sneaks up on us.  We tend to focus on the a specific food culprit and then look for the right diet to lose weight. Instead we should be focused on our food addiction.  And look for ways to cure it.  When smokers want to cure their addiction. Nobody suggests they switch to a  low tar cigarette.  –  But they used to.  It was once a standard ‘solution’.  We now consider that laughable.

Yet we don’t hesitate to suggest a low carb diet,  a detox, or a food plan.  To someone who is clearly addicted to food.  Your addiction may be to sweets, pasta, breads or chocolate.  But by any name, it is still a food addiction.  It is an addiction as damaging as a drug, alcohol or tobacco addiction.  It has very similar symptoms.  And it is just as difficult to cure.

By not recognizing that this is a serious addiction.  We fall right into the hands of those who profit from that addiction.  Till forty years ago, the food industry was a small to medium sized business mostly producing a few brands of breakfast cereals.  But then we had a fake medical emergency about cholesterol.  This led to one of the biggest media scare campaigns ever witnessed.  People in their millions were sent off to get tested.

junk food v cholesterol

Inexplicably, just about everybody had high cholesterol.  But some people quickly came forward with a modern, new diet.  It was said to cure cholesterol problems.  When something is said to cure something.  We naturally assume science is somehow involved. This was a very professional product launch. It had a large glossy poster, depicting a food pyramid. What nobody seemed to notice, was that the food on the poster, was an exact reversal of our normal diet of protein rich foods.The real significance of this is that it opened the flood gates to the mass production of carbohydrate based processed foods.  A fledgling food industry blossomed into the mega, multi-national industry it is today.  All based on the profits of food addiction.  Why did they no used protein foods for manufacture?  Protein foods are not suited for manufacture.  Therefore, there is no money in protein foods. Certainly not the big money that are made on an addiction.

junk food leads to food addiction

Junk food leads to food addiction!

So what about the cholesterol scare campaign?  There never really was a problem.  Just an incompetent way of producing the test results.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL Ratio, they simply added the numbers together.  This guaranteed a high reading for everyone.  But this was quickly rectified,- right?  Wrong, it took around thirty years for the error to be revealed.  By then we already had an obesity epidemic. And a near epidemic of diabetes type 2.

It is projected that 86% of us will be obese by 2030.  And it won’t stop there.  If we don’t tackle this problem now.  We will eat ourselves to extinction within this century.  So how did we get to a place where that is even a possibility?   It’s not rocket science.  There is a very simple, logical explanation.  But of course, there is no money in simple explanations.

As “Big Business” goes, The food industry is one of the biggest.  I’m not talking about natural foods, that come fresh off the farm.  I’m talking about mass produced products, labeled ‘food’ and ‘snacks’ etc.  They come straight out of a factory or processing mill.  To fully grasp the problem with this.  Let me remind you that the human body does not adapt. – It evolves. Evolution is a very slow process.  Our body was simply not designed to process any foods.  Except the natural foods that evolved with us over time.  That means food produced by nature.

So where and when does junk food come into the picture?

That depends on what we call junk food.  The biggest horde of junk food can usually be found in our own pantry.  To learn more about that just visit my website here:


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