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Mocked For A Weight Gain!

Weight Gain!

mocked for his weight gain

About a weight gain!

Poor Rob Kardashian! The 26-year-old recently gained 50 lbs and has been publicly working hard to shed the weight. In a preview for an episode of Keeping Up With The KardashiansKim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian take their sibling jokes too far by poking fun at Rob’s weight! Kardashians’ Preview: Khloe & Kim Mock Rob For His Weight Gain

A weight gain is no joke!  It’s not just about how you look.  It’s actually about how your body feels.

The human body is not designed for a weight gain.  But then, it’s also not designed for the types of processed foods we put into it – and then have the gall to call healthy.  It’s time we all learn to tune into our body and learn why we gain weight and what we can do to stop it. Even reverse it.

no more weight

No more weight!

Eliminating a weight gain is not about finding the right diet.  Or making the necessary calorie sacrifices.  Or getting the best work-out. It’s about curing our food addiction.  Look at it this way:  An addiction to food makes us want to eat more.  When we are addicted,  we are never satisfied.  it is natural to always want more and to never get enough. No addiction has ever cured itself.   Food addiction shares the same symptoms as drugs, tobacco and alcohol addiction.  They include: Food cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains.  The most important thing you need to know is that when the food addiction disappears – So does the weight.  A weight gain will be a thing of the past.

healthy and fitness

In order to eliminate an addiction we have to cure it.  That means we have to give up something.  When it comes to food addiction, that something is processed foods.  Why?  It is not real food to the human body.  Human beings do not adapt. They evolve.  Our body has simply not evolved to process manufactured products that roll off an assembly line. Till around forty years ago, most people still followed the natural foods grandma taught us.  She learned them from her grandma.  Most people were slim and healthy because their diest consisted of the foods their body understood and knew how to process. If we want to get back to a life that doesn’t include dieting.   Where you won’t need to count calories. That does not require daily workouts in the gym.  Then you need to read the content on the site below You will never have to suffer another weight gain:  Healthy Lifestyle News!


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