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Learn To Be An Expert On Protein Foods!

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Why Is Protein foods Our Most Important Food?

protein foods

Protein Foods!

Without protein foods, we don’t exist.   Why should you believe me?   If you read the information about protein foods and other natural foods, freely available on this website.  You will realize that everything is based on personal experience and simple common sense.  I hope you conclude that I’m a genuine person and know what I’m talking about.  But if you still have a lingering doubt about protein get a second opinion.  Not from a ‘diet expert’ or a Guru.  Or a nutritionist or dietitian.  I mean an opinion by a medically qualified doctor.

Here is why, what I know about protein foods is so important.  According to the the latest obesity statistics. 66% of the population is obese.  It’s expected to reach 86 % by 2030.   To sum it up: We are eating the wrong types of food and it is beginning to cost lives.  But if it’s that important, why isn’t it news all over the internet? Why isn’t everybody talking about it?  If you watch the video and read the rest of this page. You’ll know exactly why. And it will make total sense.

kirsten plotkin, author

Kirsten Plotkin Author

We live in a free, open society, where anything is possible.  We use technology that was once science fiction.  At our fingertips, we have access to information about everything there is, and has ever existed.  The downside is that all this great, useful information is mixed up with every bit of nonsense and misinformation ever written.  We can get a million instant replies to any question.  But it’s up to us to sort out the truth.  So in reality; nothing has really changed.

My name is Kirsten Plotkin.  I grew up in Denmark, where my grandmother, like any other grandmother,  taught me about our natural carbohydrates and protein foods.  I learned how my body works and how it interacts with the food I eat.  I learned to do what everyone else did:  Eat by instinct.

When my family migrated to Australia, I took up a profession that today we call Physical Trainer.  I helped people keep fit and healthy. Both with exercise and the right healthy food.  During my 70+ years, I have seen and learned a lot.  I watched when forty years ago, millions of people began to abandon our traditional, protein foods.  They were coerced and scared into switching to manufactured, processed foods.  Soon it became clear that people were getting fat.  The size of our food plates became larger and obesity became common – even normal.

But what should have alarmed the medical profession was our new modern diet, that required at least 60% of processed foods.   Natural, healthy food was rapidly replaced by fake manufactured carbohydrates. We call them processed foods. They are made in factories and processing mills around the world.  To validate these products as ‘healthy’, a mountain of misinformation has gradually developed.  We see it promoted in advertising and editorials.

The cereal and snack food manufacturers have create an accepted, self-serving story about what is healthy food and what is not.  The aim is to over-complicate our body and force us to seek “expert” diet advice.  The entire economy now depends on us giving up protein foods for processed foods.  Today, misinformation overshadows any genuine information still out there.  To watch this unfold has been like watching brain washing in slow motion.

food industry

Yet despite all that I knew, about the need for protein foods.  I became just another victim of food addiction.  It happened when I was age 43,  I almost lost my life to a botched surgical procedure.  Among other things, it damaged my thyroid.  The doctor sent me to a Dietitian, insisting that to avoid getting fat, I would need a strict diet for the rest of my life.   What followed was twenty years of diets, weight losses, weight gains and more diets.  I became the queen of yoyo diets.

I finally came to my senses and asked myself a very simple question: Why, till the age of 43,  did I never need to diet and  my weight was always stable?  And why, when I began to diet, did I begin to get fat?   Instead of searching the internet for answers and more diet talk.  I began to draw on my past knowledge and experience about the carbohydrate and protein foods, I’d been taught were crucial to a healthy body and an active mind.

I remembered what my grandma taught me.  I set up a food regime based on her advice and put it into action.  I had to fight my food addiction.  It was tough and it took a lot of willpower.  But within a surprisingly short time my food cravings disappeared.  Gradually, so did my weight problems.  My health improved and I could finally claim to have returned to a healthy lifestyle. That was more than a decade ago.  I have remained lean and healthy to this day – without ever dieting again.  This was simply too important to keep to myself.

This is knowledge that has been missing in our lives for a long time.  My membership explains how and why we began to get fat.  What triggered it.  Who caused it.  Who reaps the benefit.  And, what we can do to fix it for good, for ourselves and our family.

You’ll learn about the types of carbohydrate and protein foods that are essential to your body’s welfare. You will learn what is a healthy diet.  What happens to your food when you eat it, and what your body does with it.  And most important of all, you will learn what is protein? what are carbohydrates?  What is body fat?  You’ll learn what it takes to get a genuine healthy lifestyle that will keep you lean and healthy for good.   You’ll get the quickest, best weight loss you can imagine.  Not temporarily, as you do with diets.   But permanently.

Protein Foods – Or Carbohydrates?

  our taste buds will learn to love againThe secret to a healthy lifestyle was once a given.  Even a school child could give an answer.  Today the needs of our internal body is a mystery to most of us.  We are being trained to focus on our external persona.  Like how we look, how we feel, how we dress and how we interact with others.  The closest we get to our digestive system, is our taste buds.

We have been trained to distance ourselves from our internal body.  The less we know, the more credibility can be earned by diet experts and the food industry.  They want to tell us what to eat.  These are self-elected experts who have no medical training.  They don’t know how the body works.  They are experts on food, not on our body.   We no longer have a connection with our own internal system.  We have lost our ability to recognize essential carbohydrate and protein foods by instinct.

How did unqualified people invent a replacement for our traditional diet?   They did what was most convenient and logical. They looked at our food categories and flipped them upside down.  That’s how we went from an age old traditional diet, based on protein foods.  To a modern new food pyramid,  based on processed foods.    Today we have an  obesity epidemic.  A looming epidemic of diabetes type 2.  We have a big increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  It is becoming clear that the cause is a growing food addiction.  An addiction that already affects at least 60% of the population. 

Don’t imagine for a moment that excluding protein foods from our diet is harmless.

At the bottom of this page I list the most common symptoms for food addiction. It was triggered when we abandoned protein foods for processed foods.  I also list the most serious consequences.

I have been through it myself, so I know how hard it is to change.  It’s even harder when it involves a cure for food addiction.  But I also have the advantage of knowing that it is So Worth It!   So to make it really easy for you, I have developed a membership.  It will take you step by step through the whole process.  I’ll be there when you have questions and when you need some moral support.  I’ll help you with recipes and I’ll share my experience and how I overcame the obstacles. I will do all in my power to make sure you lose your weight for good.

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   So who profits from our addiction?

It began with a food industry that discovered they could grow their business on the back of a food addiction.  An addiction that could be stimulated by the mass production of cereals and other processed foods.  Other industries soon joined in.  They lined up with their own products.  Today we have  countless varieties of cereals,  snack foods,  diet foods and confectionary.  We gave up nature’s energy food – protein foods.  And replaced it for fake, processed carbohydrates.  These are addictive foods our body does not understand.

kids need protein for breakfast -not carbs

I hope you take this opportunity to act.  You can stop your sugar cravings, your binges and your constant feelings of hunger.  You can cure your food addiction and lose all the weight.  You can save your kids from having to experience weight problems and all that goes with it.  I did it!  You can too.  All you have to do is follow what I did:  Our body can’t adapt to different types of food – just to suit our whim.  In fact, it doesn’t adapt at all.  It’s locked into evolution. It controls all living things.  Including human beings.  It  works in eons, not a few decades.

So Why don’t we all just change our diet from mostly carbohydrates to mostly protein foods?

That’s a good question.  But would you suggest a sterile water cure for a drug addict.  Or a switch to lemonade for an alcoholic?  Remember: This is not about a diet, it’s about curing an addiction.  Addictions can be hard to cure.

If you go cold turkey, eg. Eat only high protein foods.  You’ll endure withdrawal symptoms.  You see, It is not just you that needs a cure.  it’s your internal body.  That’s where most of the damage has been done.   Before you can cure your addiction.  And lose your weight for good.  You must first understand what it involves.  Like what to expect when you deprive yourself of your normal food.  The same food you have been unable to give up – probably for years.  Above all:  You need help and support while you go though the process.

Why were people so quick to switch from high protein foods to carbohydrates?  We were coerced and scared into it by a world-wide cholesterol scare campaign.  Most people proved to have high cholesterol.   Food addiction became the price we paid for abandoning our protein foods.  It took thirty years to reveal that there was no cholesterol emergency.  All the tests had been wrong.   By then we had an obesity epidemic. Diabetes type 2 following the same path.

The Manufactured food industry has a powerful, influential lobby.  No government dares to offend them.  Not even at the cost of a food addiction that affects more than 60% of the population.  These corporations rely on our food addiction to grow and prosper. They expect us to pass it along to our children.  That’s how they chart their future success. – And we do pass it on, because we are hopelessly addicted!

never diet again

never diet again

Latest obesity statistics claim 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  Nobody believes it will stop there.  We are eating the wrong food and it’s killing us. We are driving ourselves to extinction. – And our food addiction is behind the wheel!  How big is the problem?  Check your local pharmacy.  Shelves are stocked to the rafters with digestive and intestinal remedies.   Every home has at least one of them on hand.  We assume that’s normal.  But is that not the point?  Few, if any of these remedies were needed or even existed till we changed our diet.

In the sixties and seventies, we were proud that heart disease was in decline.  This is the 21st century and heart disease has never been more common and diet related cancers are on the increase too.  The only change we have forced on the human body, aside from cosmetic surgery, is our food choices.  From the day we changed them.  We gradually changed from a majority of slim healthy people.  To a majority of fat unhealthy people.

So Does dieting ever work?

No! But there is a fast, easy way to lose weight for good.  And it does not require a diet.   But it does require that you first cure your sugar addiction, or bread addiction, or pasta addiction, or whatever other carbohydrate addiction you suffer.  The trick is not to lose weight. That has always been easy. All you have to do is starve yourself.  But your body will make sure every bit of fat you lose will be recovered.  That’s its job.  The real trick is to let your body help you cure your addiction.  It wants the fat gone as much as you do.  Only when it’s gone can your digestive system recover.  Your metabolism can then get back to doing the job it is supposed to do.  Control and maintain your weight.


This is your opportunity to take part in a step by step program.  It will cure your addiction and in the process, you will lose all the weight.  And this time, the weight will be gone for good.

The Power Of Habit

The symptoms of food addiction are; cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, headaches and other pains.  Until you conquer your addiction, you’ll never be free to lose the weight for good.

Before you think: ‘Maybe I’ll wait for the right time’, consider this: There never is a right time.   If you are addicted now, so are your children.  Your diet and lifestyle is also theirs.  An addiction can only get worse. Think what awaits them in the future when they too have children.  You have nothing to lose but your weight. If you don’t break this cycle of addiction – Who will?

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