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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For a Healthy Life!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas!

healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas!

Healthy breakfast ideas seemed so easy even 10 years ago.  Mothers could innocently debate the health value of the variety of breakfast cereals their children enjoyed.  Today, most mothers are aware of the dangers cereals present, particularly for kids. There used to be so much more certainty about the lives we lived and the food we ate.    Healthy foods were recognized by the fact that diet experts recommended them.  Healthy products were easy to identify because they were clearly marked as healthy right on the packaging.  We still believed in experts who ‘knew better’ and manufacturers who never lied.

But the ground has shifted.  We have seen too many miracle diets come and go.  The food pyramid, the food plate, the low carb diet, the vegetarian diet, the low fat diet, the Mediterranean  diet, the balanced diet and all the hundreds of diets in between.  Yet forty years ago, most people were lean and healthy and most people thought diets were for sick people and silly people.  Clearly diets are not suitable for our body.  That’s why they never work.  And they are not necessary if we eat the right types of food our body understands and is able to process.

the evolution of healthy breakfast ideas

The evolution of healthy breakfast ideas!

What are healthy breakfast ideas?

A traditional breakfast was always based on eggs.  Healthy breakfast ideas would be to add bacon, tomato sausages or anything else suitable.  To get lean and healthy we fist have to understand our body.  We have to realize that human beings do not adapt. We evolve.  Our metabolism and digestive system is identical to our ancestor’s who emerged from the last ice age.  Throughout history, we evolved with a diet.  Or the diet evolved with us.  Either way, our body and our food were interlinked and compatible.  Forty years ago we abandoned our traditional foods for a modern new diet that was to cure a health emergency that never actually existed.

healthy breakfast ideas

healthy breakfast ideas

Till forty years ago, we never had to diet to get slim, or to get healthy and to stay that way.  In fact, we never had to diet at all. Being lean and healthy was considered normal.  It was part of the wisdom we passed from one generation to the next.  We chose our food by instinct and we relied on our body to tell us when something was wrong.  Today we barely acknowledge our internal body.  It’s boring and uninteresting.  We are way too busy fuzzing and caring for our external body.   We lurch from one trend to another.  Our opinions are sanitized by focus groups. And we need affirmation from others to value ourselves.  Trends create experts and experts create pseudo science to validate their expertise.

 That’s why one decade’s genius can become another decade’s idiot!

Just a decade ago, we took a lot of things for granted that have since disappeared.  We assumed our favorite bookshop, with the cute little coffee shop, would be there forever.  A daily newspaper would be delivered each morning.  The music store would always be a place populated with music enthusiasts who would play their album selections in sound booths.  Most people still got their post in the mail.  Now they get their mail posted.  Our fresh food was un-packaged and un-processed.  Now, every effort is made to find a way to process our fresh foods.  Meat still tasted like meat, because it wasn’t emaciated, colored and trimmed of all fat.  People still sniggered at people who ate a traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs. 

healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas!

Healthy breakfast ideas that suit our body first and our taste buds second!

What people have forgotten, or perhaps never knew, is that till forty years ago most of our foods were protein foods and nature’s natural carbohydrates.  Except for a couple of brands of cereal, packaged foods were not accepted by the general public.  They did not fit into our every day diet at the time.  That’s why a way had to be found to make us change our traditional diet.  Today we find more variety of fresh healthy food in a small local corner shop than in the biggest super market in the state.  Today we the fresh food is at the end of the store, near the door, ready to be eased out for good.

Healthy breakfast ideas do not include cereals

Healthy breakfast ideas do not include cereals!


Processed foods, like sugar or pasta,  are not natural.  Our body has not evolved to eat them.  They have no healthy value to offer our body.  They didn’t exist for the first 70,000 years of our existence.  So we know we don’t need them  They are highly addictive.  Yet they are called healthy food.  It is the tobacco industry all over again.  Cigarettes were always guaranteed to be safe.  Then we had doubt and the low tar cigarette was launched.  Then we had the big expose’ that showed the industry for what it really is: An industry prepared to thrive and profit on peoples addiction.

The food industry follows the same path.  First we were assured that packaged, processed foods are healthy and safe.  Then we had doubt and the low carb diet was quickly introduced. Next, hopefully we’ll have the expose’ that proves processed foods exist because the food industry depends on them to profit from our addiction.  If we are too addicted to care about ourselves.  We must at least care for our kids

Today’s healthy breakfast ideas make us fat and unhealthy!

healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas!

We know our present everyday diet is making us fat.  That means it will also make our children obese.  They will be exposed to diabetes type 2 and morbid obesity.  They will be the first generation with a shorter life span than their parents.  The food industry along with grain growers are protected by government policy.  There is a dogma of almost religious fervour, that keeps food addiction from being widely talked about.  There are too many power brokers and too much money riding on it.  It has caused a hyper active sugar addiction and an obesity epidemic.  Food addiction already affects 60% of the population.

The food industry relies on you to pass on your addiction to your kids.  They need it to continue to grow well into the next generation and beyond.  There is nothing quite like an addiction, to keep the money rolling.   If you have any doubt, just give a thought to the tobacco industry.  The manufactured food industries have long term business plans and little if any morality.   Their greatest fear is protein foods.   Nobody gets addicted to that.

Our only hope is our own common sense.  Forty years ago, when we changed our diet from protein foods to carb foods.  The vast majority of people were slim and healthy.  Today we are all getting fat and unhealthy.  Nobody will come to our rescue.  If you want to save yourself and your kids, only you can make it happen.  Teach them healthy breakfast ideas and give them the foods their body understands.You can learn more if you click here.


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