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Best Way to Lose Body Fat!

Best Way to Lose Body Fat!

best way to lose body weight

Best way to lose body weight!

Best Way to Lose Body Fat without dieting?

Best Way to Lose Body Fat  is about eating the right energy foods.  The right types of food are interpreted in many different ways by many different people.  But I’m going to simplify it by applying some common sense.  Human beings evolved over many eons.  Along the journey, a diet evolved with them.  It was made up of energy foods that suited our already established, internal digestive system.  In other words; it was natural foods created by nature and designed for our body.

Natural Food

You may find this hard to believe, but that same traditional diet continued to evolve with us till around forty years ago.   That’s when we were tricked, scared and conned into reversing our natural healthy diet.  The reason for that is a story in itself. It’s important you learn about it, because today, we are paying heavily for those changes.  They affect at least 60% of the population.  You can learn all about it on my website.

For now I want to keep the focus on best way to lose body fat!

First of all, body fat has nothing to do with the fat you eat.   Body fat is created internally and can only be made by our own body.  The fat we eat is processed through our digestive system and digested like any other food.   So where does all the fat on your body come from?  It comes from all those  processed carbohydrates you are addicted to and can’t stop eating.

All the carb foods we eat are converted to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  It’s the fuel that the body uses when it has some energy to burn.  Carb foods are therefore not our source of energy, they are the source of glucose – our fuel.   Our energy comes from protein foods.   If our body does not get much protein, it won’t get much energy.  Till forty years ago, most of our diet were natural foods and the largest portion of our diet was protein foods.

best way to lose body fat

Best way to lose bodyfat!

Today most of our diet is unnatural food and the largest portion of that food is manufactured, fake carbohydrates.   These are not foods our body has evolved to deal with.  This has caused a food addiction.  That addiction has led to obesity, diabetes type 2, a sharp increase in heart disease and cancer.  We can’t stop eating processed foods. So we continue to produce excess glucose, that is stored as body fat.

Think about that: The more processed foods we eat the fatter we get!

best way to lose body fat

Best way to lose body fat!


Till forty years ago, it was not normal to diet and most people were lean and healthy.  Today everybody seems to diet and it is normal to be fat and unhealthy.  The food industry is on a mission to replace all natural foods, with a processed food alternative.  You can watch this happening in your local supermarket.  Most aisles are taken up with packaged foods and the natural food is gradually being eased out the door.

I supposed you think I’m going to suggest a diet right?  Not a chance!  Diets don’t work.  Our body won’t allow them to work.  Remember: it evolves, it does not adapt.  But here is what I am going to suggest:  Cure Your Food Addiction!  Once your addiction is gone, so is the weight.  And this time it won’t come back.

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