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From: Kirsten Plotkin, creator of The 3 World Events That Made Us Fat!


Welcome To Membership Central, And congratulations on Joining The 3 World Events Membership!

I am so glad you’re here. I promise you will never have reason to regret it.

I hope you take full advantage of what it has to offer.  As you’ll have noticed, the membership has it’s own Website.  From here you can access more than 200 articles, written by me, over several years. I hope you enjoy them and use them to motivate and inform you in ways that help you understand your weight problems and finally accomplish that Lifetime Weight Loss you deserve.

The articles are categorized and can be easily accessed directly from the green top Menu Bar under Members Articles.  When you click “Members Articles”, you will get a drop-down list of the various categories of articles you can choose access. Each category takes you to a series of articles that are relevant to that category. You should pay particular attention to the category: In-Depth articles.

This page, Membership Central, can also be accessed from the top menu bar.

To join the 3 World Events Membership Skype Group click the link below:


Skype is where members can communicate in real time and you will have direct access to me every day.  If you are not already a member of Skype, you can join free on the link below:

If you need help, you can send me an email at kirstenplotkin@gmail.

It will also help you to know my time zone. It is Brisbane, Australia.  Shelby Carr, my partner, is in Knoxville, Tennessee, and her time zone is the Eastern United States.  That means you’ll have 24/7 access to at least one of us at any time, should you need help.

Your membership is charged every 30 days. Regardless of any future increase in the membership fee, the amount will stay the same for as long as you choose to remain a member.  You will receive confirmation from PayPal, after each payment.  You can login to PayPal at any time to view your transactions or to cancel your membership.

So let’s get you started!


1. 6 unique modules that will eliminate your weight problems, cure your addiction and guarantee you’ll never need to diet again!

2. A Free Membership to our exclusive Membership Private Skype Group.

3. Direct access to me in the Skype room

4. A library of more than 200+ articles that focus on all aspects of weight problems, including the value of carbohydrates, protein, fat and the right food to eat for a lean healthy body. You have access to these articles as long as you are a member.

5. A copy of my first, most important book; My Own Plan. This is where I explain how I came to realize I had an addiction to processed food. How I worked it out. Exactly what I did to cure my addiction and lose all the weight for good. It was 10 years ago and I am still lean and healthy today.  Not bad considering I’m 76.

If you have already wisely purchased my book:  The Food Industry Exposed, you will understand the reason for your weight problems and why you’ll finally eliminate them forever. If you have not purchased it, you can get it here.

Right now, ‘The 3 world events that Made Us Fat’ offers the only chance available anywhere in the world today, to permanently cure your weight problems. This is a life-changing product that you will cherish and maintain for the rest of your life.  It is your first and only opportunity to get a permanent weight loss for yourself and your family.

Nobody in the Diet and weight loss industry, or the food industry,  will want you to learn what you’ll learn here. That’s Because once your Food cravings are gone, so is your weight. You will no longer crave the foods your body doesn’t accept and you will know more about your own body than any self-nominated diet expert. The fact is, there will be no more reason for diets or ‘experts’.


I Welcome You With My Best Regards

Kirsten Plotkin




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