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Food Science v Addiction, The Facts!

Food Science!

food science

Food science!

Food Science and Food Addictions | Fit to the Finish

food science

food science

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Is science partly to blame for food addictions that seem so common today? The manipulation of food flavors by corporations and food scientists may cause cravings for unhealthy foods.

Most food science turns out to be fake, or pseudo-science.

food science

Food science!

Fake food science is created and distributed by the truckload, via the food industry.  The purpose is to cover up.  Or drown out any genuine information.   That’s why it is so refreshing to find an article. That actually has a legitimate sources.   It relates to our relationship to food.  And connects it to what is now a widespread food addiction. It is reassuring because we are so used to get our information.  From dubious research by cereal and snack food corporations.

Today there is more than enough evidence.  To confirm that food addiction is very real.  The issue is not so much proving it.  As getting out from under the heavy handed misinformation. It is produced by the food industry.  To protect their market.  This is an industry that survives and thrives on an addiction.  Ironically,  they created it.  I know that’s hard to believe.  But not when you look at the tobacco industry.  they have promoted an addiction for a hundred years.  They created it and they are still in business.

the food industry

The food industry!

As much as we want to believe otherwise. The truth is, the public does not come first.  We are being used and turned into addicts.  By two industries. It is done solely for the benefit and profits of those industries.  Our health does not rate.  Not in comparison to the interests of giant corporations. And, grain and tobacco growers.  We matter only as addicts.  The fact that our food addiction has created a huge industry. As well as countless diet and food businesses. – Speaks volumes.

More food science may come to the fore.

But this is an addiction nobody important wants to cure.  The mere thought of a cure.  Will strike fear in the heart of every business that makes up our food industry.  This is one of the biggest, most powerful industries in the world.  Their customers are addicted to their products.  That means they can depend on them.  The can be sure that their addicts will do what’s expected.  They will pass their addiction to the next generation – their children.  This has been happening for close to forty years..

food science

Food science!

You can cure your addiction. You can stop being a victim to greedy, uncaring corporations.  You can prevent your children from suffering the same fate.  Or you can do what the food industry is counting on you to do, – keep you and your family eating their addictive foods.  I urge you to learn more about  food science and food addiction. Simply by clicking this link:
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