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Healthy Life Begins With Healthy Food!

Healthy Life!

healthy life

Healthy life!

A healthy life: Lessons Learnt From The …

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Public health is one of the major issue we need to concentrate on, here’s what we can learn from the 3 healthiest countries in the world.

 A healthy life is obviously something we all want.


The trouble is we are no longer quite sure what a healthy life is, or how to get it!  The 3 healthiest countries, although culturally, completely different. Share one common denominator. Their diet consists primarily of natural foods.  This tells us something very important.  Processed foods have not yet had the opportunity to make an impact in those countries.  This will no doubt change as the multi-national food industry continue to seek new fertile ground for their products.

this is not food for a healthy life

This is not food for a healthy life!

An addiction makes food irresistible to those who are addicted.  That we know!  But it is equally irresistible to those who merely profit from it.  They seem ever compelled to want to widen their reach for new addicts.  This should be confirmation to anyone who has any doubt that processed foods are not human food.

We all enjoy changing our looks with make up skin care hair colors etc. We sculpt our body and tan our skin.  it is only natural to assume that as we change, so does our body.  But that’s just not the case.  Our all important internal body never changes. It hasn’t changed since our ancestors walked out of Africa 70,000 years.   The human body does not adapt.  It is locked into the process of evolution.   As we evolved, our natural foods evolved with us.   It is what we now refer to as our once traditional food.

natural food healthy life

Natural food healthy life!

When we gave up our natural foods, we expected our body to accept a completely reversed diet, simply because we did.  But although we make the food choices, we do not have to do the actual work of processing it.  That we leave for our body to do.  It’s its job – right?

We have come a long way in just forty years.  We have gone from viewing our body as an intrinsic part of ourselves.  To having completely lost the connection that used to guide our instincts. That showed us the right foods to eat.  Natural food is the only food our body understands. To turn to processed foods that include chemicals like salts, sugars, colorants, trans fat and a variety of substances that are best shielded by a code.  Is not just irresponsible, it is deadly to our health and a healthy life.


a healthy life

If we want to get back to a slim, healthy life

We need to make friends with our own body.  To eat the types of food it understands.  To let it help us cure our food addiction so we can once again have a slim healthy life without dieting.  Without counting calories.  or putting up with cravings.   Look at it this way; If a food is not good for our body, how can it possibly be considered good for us? You can read more about how to get a healthy life by clicking here:


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