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Cravings, How To Stop Them?



cravings of a food addict
Cravings Of A Food Addict!



Cravings!  Food Addicts Anonymous? | Neurobites http://neurobites.wordpress.comSun, 28 Apr 2013 18:34:23 GMT The media has been all over food addiction, from discussing chemicals “inserted” in the food to promote addiction, to questioning the “hardwiring” behind food addiction , to the social response to the term “food addict” …


Cravings are the prime symptom of all addictions.



Without cravings, we wouldn’t have an addiction to worry about.   Food addiction is no different to any other addiction.  If we are familiar with cravings for food of any kind. Chances are that we are addicted.  A food addiction makes us crave more and and more food.  That makes us eat more.  The inevitable outcome is that we keep getting fatter.  Eventually we become obese, even morbidly obese.  There is a good chance we end up with diabetes type 2.  None of this will stop till we cure our addiction. So the question is:

 How do we stop the cravings and cure our food addiction!

Unfortunately, most of us tackle this problem the wrong way round.  We go on a diet. or we use a detox treatment.  We do whatever it takes to lose weight.   And that’s a big problem because our body is not designed to diet.  It is also not designed to adapt to new food.  When we diet it responds to starvation.  It slows our metabolism and prepares to store fat.  The moment we return to a normal amount of food, our body quickly goes to work to recover every ounce of fat we have lost.  it then adds an extra layer of fat to protect us against the next “famine”.  That’s nature!



There is only one way to lose weight that has been gained from a food addiction and that is to cure the addiction.  When the addiction disappears, so does the cravings, the binges and yes – the weight.  This is not the message you will be used to.  That’s because once you know this, you never have to suffer weight problems again.  And that’s really bad news for the diet and food industry.  They exist and thrive solely on our food addiction.  They depend on us to pass our addiction, along with our cravings – to our own children.  That’s how they grow their business.

Forty years ago, most people were slim and healthy. If you put on a few pounds, you would cut down on snacks or go to a gym for a couple of weeks.  There was no food addiction.  So there were no cravings when we reduced our snacks.  Why is this not common knowledge?  It’s because this is not what the food and diet industries want us to hear. Their businesses, their professions and their corporations depend on our addiction for their profits and success. If we all cure our cravings and addiction. – What happens to them?  Learn more here:


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