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Healthy Habits To Lose Weight!

Healthy Habits!

healthy habits

Healthy habits!


Healthy habits are part of living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle. They can Lower Kidney Failure Risk
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New research from the UAB School of Public Health. Shows that patients with chronic kidney disease. May improve their health. By making lifestyle behavior changes.

What are Healthy habits?

healthy habits

Healthy habits!

healthy habits

Healthy habits!

Healthy habits require a healthy lifestyle.  Our body draws on eons of genetic experience. About the particular type of foods it needs. The foods that suit it and therefore suits your health. Isn’t it time you discover. Exactly what those foods are. Remember, your body cannot adapt. It evolves. It’s subject to the laws of nature. Not the whims of diet experts’. The only food that’s right for your body. Is the food your body understands. Discover the reasons here:

A healthy life requires healthy habits!

We need to take responsibility for our own body.  We live in it. It’s time we get to know it and understand it.  Not knowing it sets us apart from our ancestors. They not only knew their body. They knew by instinct what it needed from us.  Instead, we spend hours every day. Grooming our hair, our face, our clothes. And our physic. And not for one moment. Do we wonder what goes on inside.  Yet that’s where our looks, our health. And our longevity is determined.  We should be ashamed!

cholesterol v healthy habits

Cholesterol v healthy habits!

Around 40 years ago. We had a huge media scare campaign. it was about cholesterol.  We were told: The only way to cure high cholesterol. Was to abandon our traditional diet.   Instead we got a new diet. Specifically designed to control cholesterol.  It became known as the Food Pyramid.  It was easy to believe. Science stood behind the new diet.  That is why millions of people. Abandoned the traditional diet. For the food pyramid.  Did it cure cholesterol problems? Of course not.  The new diet. Was just a reversal of our old diet.  No science was involved in creating it.  It was a ruse to help establish processed foods. As a cure for cholesterol problems. It was turned into a legitimate source of food. For the human body.

The new diet, was based on 60% manufactured, processed foods.  Here finally, was the opportunity. The food industry had hoped for. For such a long time. They could now begin to manufacture. Unlimited varieties of fake, processed foods . And they could call it healthy food.  Best of of all: People would actually eat it.  they were forced to. it wasn’t long before their customers became their food addicts.  To this day. The food industry has denied. Any knowledge of food addiction..  If this all sounds a bit coincidental. You won’t get an argument from me. There is no question. Food addiction triggered our obesity epidemic.  The new diet forced people to eat processed foods. This led to addiction.  It began with our change of diet.  The diet and food industry assure s our body adapts.

But that’s just it. The human body never adapts. It evolves.  Food products made in a factory. And marketed by ‘diet experts’.  Are highly addictive.  The industry knows it.  They have had forty years to profit from it.  Their actions speak louder than words.  It is estimated. The addiction currently affects. Around 60% of the population. In the western world. The statistics are expected to rise. To 86% by 2030. Countries like India. Are beginning to catch up.  As they adopt the western focus on sugar.

healthy habits

Healthy Habits!

The cholesterol scare campaign was a beat up.  But it took thirty years. To reveal that fact to an unknowing public.  When it came. The revelation was very low key. So most people still don’t know.  Why is it important to know?  The original media scare campaign.  Drove millions to get tested for cholesterol.  Almost everyone proved to have high cholesterol.  The reason?.  All the tests were incorrect. Instead of calculating the HDL LDL Ratio. They simply added the numbers together.  This virtually guaranteed a high number.

The reason this is so important. is that:  It caused the food addiction. And it led to an obesity epidemic.   Most important of all. It is causing us to eat the wrong food.  Perhaps not for our taste buds. But certainly for our metabolism and digestive system.  If you have had enough being manipulated.  By a cold calculating food industry. You should read about this very different membership.  It can be your first genuine chance. To learn the right healthy habits.  To cure your addiction. And lose the weight for good.  Just click here to read more:


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