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Sweet Addiction! The Dangers!

Sweet Addiction 

sweet addiction

Sweet addiction, including High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Is Causing Addiction Similar To Cocaine … http://intellihub.comSun, 26 May 2013 07:00:01 GMT These results, presented by addiction expert, Francesco Leri, Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science at the University of Guelph, suggest food addiction could explain, at least partly, the current …

Yes, it is clear that we have a sweet addiction, sugar even looks addictive.

sweet addiction

Sweet addiction!

Sweet addiction is very real. But the food industry won’t admit. That they are causing and promoting an addiction.  They know they can safely promote addictive product.  The tobacco industry have done it for a hundred years.  Why would they ever admit. Their products cause addiction.

All they have to do is copy the tobacco industry.  That’s a successful business model. It has withstood government inquiries.  Court cases and massive negative publicity. They have survived. Still in business. Knowing that their addicted smokers. Will keep them there!

Debating the lesser evil between fructose and sucrose is like arguing between cocaine and heroin.  The debate is futile. Because both are extremely bad for you.  But debates can be very useful.  They tend to confuse and muddle the facts. This defers any need for action.  When big money is at stake, our health. Our sweet addiction. And our future lifestyle. Is of little importance.  Against the interests of big business.  The current debate is a storm in a teacup.  It has one purpose.  To refocus. Or to suppress. Any actions that can put the food industry at risk.

sweet addiction

The issue is not what causes sweet addiction, or any food addiction. The only issue that really matters. Is how we can eliminate food addictions for good.  Preferably before it destroys our health. And that of the next generation – our children.    The food industry is founded on an addiction.  Without it, there is no food industry.

But the food industry also promotes products that do not cause sweet addiction – Right?

Wrong!  Processed foods. Whether sugar, pasta bread, snack foods. Or anything else. That emanates from a factory or processing mill. – Is not real food.  Our body is a product of evolution.  it doesn’t adapt to 20th century processed foods.   Manufactured food is not palatable. Until additives like sugar, salt, colorants preservatives and trans fats are added.  These are the substances that provide the flavor.  They are chemical substances that cause food addiction.

Once we become addicted. The food industry knows we are customers for life. We will even unknowingly. Pass our addiction to our children.  The food industry counts on it!   As an analogy; You might say:  We have been kidnapped. We are on a very fast, non-stop  train.  We didn’t buy a ticket.  We don’t know where we are going. And we can’t stop the train to get off.  The conductor serves an endless supply of dessert.  All we know for sure. Is that the food on board makes us very fat. But we can’t stop eating it.  It never occurs to us that we have an addiction.

sweet addiction

Sweet addiction!

What can you do to get off the train? You can cure your sweet addiction. Or past addiction. Or just a simple addiction to bread.  Whatever your addiction. All you have to do is cure it.  Once the addiction is gone. So are the food cravings. The binge eating. And best of all, so is the weight.  And it will be gone for good.  You find that hard to believe?  That’s only because you are not aware. That till forty years ago. It was normal to be lean and healthy.  What changed?. Our diet changed. It did more than change. It was completely reversed.

Curing an addiction, whether it is from smoking, alcohol,  drugs, or food.  Is not easy. That’s why I have created a No-Fail membership. To help ensure that you succeed. Not only to cure your sweet addiction.  But that you will lose all the weight -for good!  To learn the details, just click here.


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