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The Trap Of Passive Overeating!

From Passive Overeating to “Food Addiction”

Overeating: A Spectrum of …
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 Overeating is not something you choose to do!

You are overeating because your body tells you to.  You don’t have a choice.  Not if you and your body have a food addiction.  You no longer control how much food you eat. Your addiction makes you hungry around the clock.  It tells yous when to eat, how much to eat and what to eat.  When it comes to food, your addiction knows exactly what you want.  It stimulates cravings to make sure you get the message.

Diet experts are right there to lend a hand.  They’ll always have a new diet ready and it will always contain the types of food that satisfy your cravings.  The trouble is, you don’t need a diet. You need a cure for your addiction.  Once your addiction is gone, so are your weight problems.

But nobody tells you that.  So maybe you try a Detox treatment.  To your body, that means starvation.  It scrambles to make sure that every ounce of fat you have lost is duly returned. plus a little extra in case you decide to starve yourself again.

Your overeating becomes worse than ever!

overeating with food addiction
Overeating with food addiction!

You begin to despair.  You decide it’s time to reduce your calories.  A prolonged reduction of food can mean only one thing to your body: Famine.  As soon as the famine is over, your body wont waste a minute recovering every bit of fat you have lost.  That’s its job!

Are you beginning to see a picture?

You are not just you, the person that looks back at you in the mirror.  You live in a home called ‘your body’.  If you treat your home like a garbage bin, it will not be a happy or healthy place to live.  If you don’t learn to connect with your body and find out what it needs from you.  Your body will become your enemy.

To make friends with your body you first must learn the types of food it needs to do the job it was designed to do.  that is, to keep you strong and healthy and balance and control your weight.  Let’s face it. isn’t that what you’d like it to do?

food that stops overeating
Food that stops overeating!

There is not a diet in the world that will cure a food addiction. And as long as you have a food addiction you’ll continue to harm your body.  You will keep getting fatter.  You’ll be open to diseases like morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  At the core of our weight problems.  It’s about the types of food we eat.  Our body hasn’t changed since our ancestors emerged from the last ice age. It’s not designed for change. It does not adapt. It’s locked into evolution.

The only thing we have changed that concerns our body.  Is the types of food we eat.  In fact, we don’t even chose them. They are chosen for us by self elected diet experts.  Forty years ago we virtually gave up protein foods.  They were our building blocks of life.  They still are. But we were coerced, even tricked into reversing our diet.  This opened a window for the food industry. They could finally mass produce and sell unlimited processed foods.  That’s when our troubles began You can read more about overeating by clicking the link below:

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