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Obesity Statistics Began With A Diet!

Once Upon A Time, Dieting Was Strictly For Sick people!

Obesity Statistics Were Irrelevant!

food addiction creates obesity statistics

Food addiction creates obesity statistics!

  There was no need or demand for obesity statistics.  The vast majority of people were lean and healthy.  Diets were prescribed only by a doctor.  For diabetics, or people with a thyroid condition.  The rest of us ate the natural food we had always eaten.  it was the food taught by mothers and grandmas everywhere.

So Why Did We Suddenly Begin To Diet?

Around forty years ago, before obesity statistics mattered, some people wanted to establish a niche close to medicine, yet far enough away, not to require science or medical qualifications. There are very few areas concerning the human anatomy and biology that fall outside medical regulations.  One glaring exception is our diet.  Although the food we eat has a bearing on everything to do with our health, lifestyle, and longevity.  It has never been considered important enough for medical scrutiny.

To create a new ‘profession’, and make it a profitable business model.  The first requirement was to find a way to influence and guide people’s eating habits.  The biggest obstacle was our traditional food.  How do you influence people to give up the natural food they have always been used to?  Particularly when there is no reason for them to do so.

Till the Eighties, there were no obesity statistics.

the modern new food pyramid diet

The modern new food pyramid diet!

But that’s when it all changed.  The easiest and most efficient way to get people’s attention was to create a Modern New Diet.  But to get people interested, it had to be so different and so modern that they would not be able to resist it.  The way they achieved that was to produce an exact reversal of our traditional food.  Even then, They soon discovered there was no incentive for slim healthy people, to go on a diet.   They had to create a reason.

What did they do?  They searched and came across something ‘medical’ called cholesterol.  They develop some expertise on the subject and began to warn people of the dangers.  They claimed to have a new modern diet that would cure cholesterol problems. The media was alerted. They were quick to initiate a scare campaign about the dangers of cholesterol and the need to get tested.

People began to get scared.  They rushed to get tested.  Our experts were ready. They were now calling themselves Nutritionists.  A term that means expertise with food, eg. cooks, and chefs.  They announced they had created a diet that cured cholesterol problems.  This implied that science or medicine had been involved and stood behind the diet.  Obviously, Nutritionists/food experts, do not require any formal qualifications, but they went on to create their own anyway.

It wasn’t long before obesity statistics became important! 

Spacefill model of the Cholesterol molecule

Spacefill model of the Cholesterol molecule

 Soon doctor’s waiting rooms filled with people wanting referrals for cholesterol tests.  Labs scrambled to come up with a test.  This was a rare windfall for the entire medical profession.  Particularly when it became obvious that almost everyone who had a test, proved to have high cholesterol.  This added a lot of fuel to the scare campaign.

People feared for their families and every day, more of them would abandon the traditional food and accept a change of diet.  The modern new diet became known as the Food Pyramid.

The cholesterol crisis was very convenient to a fledgling food manufacturing industry.  They began to create new ways to present their breakfast cereal and to invent new products that could utilize carb foods.  They were ready to supply what became an emerging market of food and sugar addicts.

This was one of those rare times when everybody came out a winner.  The press sold a lot of newspapers and syndicated a lot of stories.  The medical profession discovered a new source of income.  The Nutritionists established what they had always wanted, a niche on the fringe of medicine.  And the public?  Well, that’s a whole other story.

It took thirty years, involving many millions of cholesterol tests,  for the medical industry to finally reveal that from the very beginning, all the test result were wrong.  Instead of producing the HDL LDL ratio, they had simply added the numbers together.  A simple oversight? – Perhaps.  But it sure was convenient. It caused a very high reading in almost every case.

It took a lot less than thirty years to notice that people were getting fat.  So new diets were invented.  The more fat facts became known, the more people grew fat.  But nobody ever connected the dots.  By the time the mistake was revealed to the public, it was much too late.  Obesity statistics were already sky-rocketing and diabetes type 2 was beginning to alarm the medical profession.

Dieting became an intrinsic part of growing obesity statistics!

obesity statistics v dieting

Obesity statistics v dieting!

What has made all this even worse, has been the medical profession’s reluctance to accept that they made a mistake.  That it then took thirty years to uncover and rectify it.  Perhaps that’s why they choose to believe no great harm was ever done. But the mistake allowed The Food Pyramid to be enshrined as the template for a healthy balanced diet.  it rules to this day.  It has become more political than a presidential address.

An entire mythology has developed around dieting.  Attempts are constantly made to imbue the language of quasi-science into what has become known as diet talk.  This is how pure nonsense can be perceived as pure science.   It is also how an obesity epidemic can thrive on the back of a flourishing food addiction.  And diabetes type 2 can go on killing people without alarming anyone!

But before we move on, there are things that need clarification.

1. We were never meant to eat manufactured ‘carb foods’, that roll off an assembly line in a processing plant.  This could not have been foreseen when our body was created.   That’s why it doesn’t understand our food choices.  It is clearly not able to process those types of ‘food’.

2. To prove that, take a look inside your local pharmacy.  The most common medications on the shelves are those dealing with gastric and intestinal problems.  In hospitals today, one of the most common procedures is a Colonoscopy.  A very rare event just twenty years ago.

3.  You need to accept that your addiction to carb foods is real and dangerous.  You need to cure it, fast.  It is killing the quality of your life and it is destroying your family.

4.  The more we diet, the fatter we get.  The more often we diet the more efficient your body gets at restoring the weight.  We can’t change that – it’s nature at work!

The cholesterol scare campaign became the vehicle that launched The Food Pyramid Diet.  The claim that it cured cholesterol problems inferred that the diet had been researched and tested.   In fact, to this day, NO diet, including the Pyramid diet, has ever been researched or tested.  There is no evidence that any diet is safe for the human body.

obesity statistics v evolution

Obesity statistics v evolution!

There is plenty of evidence that diets are not only; not safe, they don’t work.  Our body won’t let them.   But despite that, a myth has developed that says: “A diet is necessary for a healthy life. That our body will always adapt to such a diet because it’s more suited to our new way of life.”   This is complete nonsense.

The human body does not adapt – it evolves. 

Diets don’t work because our body has not been programmed to understand a diet.   But the evolution of life has taught it to respond to a famine.   When we cut down on food, we signal famine.  Our metabolism slows down and our body gets ready to store fat.  As soon as we return to normal food our body goes to work.  It begins to recover every ounce of fat we have lost.  It then adds an extra layer of fat to protect us against the next famine.

If we look at the success rate of the multitude of diets that have been launched over the past forty years.  A few things become obvious:  They are mostly clones of the Pyramid Diet, or of the Low Fat Diet.  They all share the same destiny. Every last one of them has utterly – failed.

obesity statistics and facts about food

Obesity statistics and facts about food!

So How Do I know All This Stuff?  I was there, on the sidelines, watching events unfold.  I knew some of the people.  I understood what was happening.  But I was young and like most young people, I figured somebody else, would come along and put things right.  It did not affect me personally, at least not at the time.  so I filed it to the back of mind and got on with my own life.

Later, when I became a victim,  I didn’t immediately link my diet problems to past events and experience.   It took a twenty-year struggle with my weight, for me to finally come to my senses.  Once I did,  I cured my addiction, I lost the weight and I wrote two books about my experience.

So what am I saying about obesity statistics that’s any different?

Quite a lot actually!  In my books I explain:

binge eating disorder leads to obesity statistics

Binge eating disorder leads to obesity statistics!

1. What has led to the addiction that is causing obesity to spread.

2. The symptoms, and consequences.

3. How to cure the addiction.

4. Why diets never work  

5. What made us begin to diet forty years ago

 6. Why today, we have an out of control food and sugar addiction

  7. And most important of all, what we can do about it!

So let me ask you a question:

obesity statistics v diets

Obesity statistics v diets!

How are diets working for you?  How many people do you know that have lost weight with diets and actually kept it off for say; at least a couple of years?   Maybe it’s time to give your body a break. Let go of these false notions and try something completely different.  Something that actually works.

Truly, what have you got to lose?  What’s the worst that can happen? Probably that you’ll  lose the weight- and never have to diet again.

Somebody has to break the circuit.  Why not you?

Discover The 3 World Events That Made Us Fat! You’ll be so happy you did!

If you have any questions not answered here, you will find my personal email address near the bottom of the page.  Just keep in mind that I am in Australia, and therefore, very likely in a different time zone.



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