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How To Stop Emotional Eating To Lose Weight!


How To Stop Emotional Eating!

how to stop emotional eating!

How To Stop Emotional Eating!


It’s time to learn how to stop emotional eating.  Forty years ago the majority of people were slim. Those who were not usually had a thyroid condition or diabetes type 2. Today the majority of people are overweight, or obese. Chances are they are either on a diet, about to go on a diet or they have just finishes a diet. In a period of forty years, dieting have gone from being something for sick people – or silly people. To be part of our normal a way of life.

The Question is How to stop emotional eating?

how to stop emotional eating

But back then, when Nutritionist first arrived on the scene they had some serious news about cholesterol. Tests had shown that this was a health problem that concerned everybody.  That’s why they had designed a diet specifically to cure it and to prevent it.  It was the only known cure for what was developing into a major health problem.  We soon learned that just about everybody had high cholesterol.

Till then, nobody ever thought much about diets and even less about how to stop emotional eating.  But what they were told by self nominated nutritionists was a little scary. So a large number of the population, who, although not overweight, feared cholesterol and began to diet.  Over time, they went on to develop obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease colon and bowel cancer and many less serious conditions.

Most believed that if we’re overweight, And Addicted To Food, diets and exercise is The Answer!

how to stop emotional eating

How to stop emotional eating!

People didn’t know how to stop emotional eating. Neither did nutritionist. And nobody knew how to correctly measure cholesterol. There are two separate readings. One is for the healthy cholesterol hdl. The other for the bad ldl cholesterol. The correct reading is when you gauge the ratio between the two.The labs did not do that. They added the two counts together.

how to stop emotional eating

How to stop emotional eating!

This meant that almost everyone on the planet had high cholesterol. There was only one way to learn how to stop emotional eating. And there was only one diet.  It became known as the Food Pyramid. Because nutritionists were first to use any kind of reference to cholesterol, they became identified as having discovered it. That gave their self-proclaimed, fledgling profession a lot of undue credibility.

The food pyramid became the first major diet.  Most people were slim and followed a healthy lifestyle. They had no need for dieting.  But they were scared.  So they had a test, and quickly got started on the diet. It has only recently become general knowledge that tests for cholesterol were carried out incorrectly for almost thirty years. Even today you will find a few labs and institutions that continue to cling to the old way of testing.

How to stop emotional eating, and lose the weight for good!

The food pyramid diet was launched with a poster depicting – a Pyramid. The base of the pyramid was filled with grains, cereals pasta and pulses. This was followed by a thick layer of fruit and vegetables.  There was barely room for dairy, fat and the most important food types of all – protein foods.  These are the building blocks of life, essential for everyone.  In particular for growing children.   Carbohydrates filled most of the pyramid.

how to stop emotional eating

How to stop emotional eating!

This diet, we were told, was a direct response to our serious cholesterol problem.  Apparently it was cause by having eaten the wrong food, possibly for as long as 70,000 years.  Someone should have inquired why a diet people had followed for eons had suddenly become the wrong food?  But nobody asked, not even the medical profession.

Forty years ago the vast majority of people had a normal weight and they ate natural, healthy food. Think of the hundreds of diets people have used since then. Yet today, the average person diets and is grossly overweight. If just one of those diets had proved to work, we would all know about it, we would all have used it, and there would be no obesity statistics to worry about today.

What has changed between the average person forty years ago and the average person today? The average weight has changed enormously. But what is just as amazing is that today’s diet is virtually opposite to the natural food we followed for around 70,000 years. In fact, if you turn the content of the food pyramid upside down you will have something fairly close to the traditional food people ate for centuries.

The common food, like fast food we like to eat today is not the food choices that have made us who we are today. Our metabolism cannot adjust to the new reality of manufactured, processed foods.  Before you think it, let me point out that forty years ago people had just as many available food options as they do now, including fast food. We had McDonalds, Pizza and KFC. The shops had plenty of produce and nobody went hungry.

how to stop emotional eating

That’s just not true and the reality around us proves it. Obesity is now at epidemic levels. Food Addiction is a huge part of that problem.  People with obesity seem to lapse into diabetes type 2. This is a life threatening condition.

Food addiction is proving to be as overlooked and ignored as tobacco addiction used to be. It is every bit as dangerous, possibly more so. That is because despite the efforts of cigarette makers, they were never going to turn everybody into a smoker.  The food industry seems confident they can turn everyone into a food addict.

Food addiction, as opposed to other addictions, has a distinct advantage. We all eat food, every day. Most of us are addicted to it. We eat too much, we eat too often and we eat the wrong food. We need to stop dieting and get back to the natural foods our body understands. Most people eat food the body was never designed to process.

If we continue on our present path, we will all end up addicted and obese, we will see our children grow up obese and soon our children’s children may be born obese. We have already seen this happen.  Our long term survival may no longer be all that certain, and not because of climate change.  Until we take action. At least to save our own family.  We will continue to wonder how to stop emotional eating!

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