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Overweight? What To Do!



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Overweight http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overweight Excess weight has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more … It is important to note that such problems themselves could induce …

Overweight and addicted to food?

If you are overweight and addicted to food, exercising self-control is like a drug addict going cold turkey.  But because we are treated as overweight people who should just use some will power to lose  weight, we get a false picture.  Nobody tells us, so we never find out, that unless we cure our addiction, through whatever means we can, the weight is always going to come back.  Why?  It’s all about nature. You see, our body does not adapt. It evolves.  Evolution has taught our body that when we starve, we are in a famine.  Our body comes to our rescue, by slowing our metabolism and beginning to store body fat.  As soon as it perceives that the famine is over. Our body immediately begins to restore the weight we have lost.  If you have ever dieted and experienced a weight loss, this will be something you know to be true.

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So why are we not all out there, learning to cure our food addiction, instead of focusing on losing weight?   Because too many people profit from us NOT KNOWING the facts.  In fact, they virtually drown us in misinformation, to keep it from us.  They encourage us to focus on losing weight by starving ourselves and cutting out fat.  They know this is a guarantee that our weight problems will continue.  They rely on our addiction to keep them in business. Starvation has always worked to lose weight.  But it has one huge drawback.  The weight loss will never last.  Your own body won’t let it.  The only way to permanently lose weight and never again suffer weight problems – is to cure your food addiction.  How? You can get the details here: I selected the above video because it illustrates everything that’s wrong with diets and weight loss.  In this case, innocent young teens are used as guinea pigs.  What I have written so far explains exactly what I mean.

How To Stop Being Overweight For Good!

If you are overweight you are not alone.  You are one in a group of 60+ % of all people.  These are the people who are overweight or obese. Many are either type 2 diabetics or classified  pre-diabetic.  In this group, you are already in danger of morbid obesity, heart disease and cancer.  So the question is obvious: How do you get out of that group and find a normal healthy life?  How can you live like people used to live? Without weight problems, dieting, or constantly having to watch the scales and adjust their diet. You are right. You should be able to do that.  It was normal life till just 4 decades ago when we changed our diet.  We did more than change it, we agreed to reverse it.  We were scared because of a false media fear campaign about cholesterol.  Changing our diet sealed our fate. Instead of a very small role in our normal diet.  Manufactured, processed carbohydrate suddenly had an open door.  This gave the green light to fledgling cereal, and other food industry manufacturers to crank up production.  They didn’t waste any time.

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If you are overweight, you probably have a persistent weight problem.  That means you have a food addiction!

Today the food industry has become one of the biggest most profitable industries in the world.  They are constantly expanding and adding ever more products to fill the supermarket shelves.  The last thing they want you to know, is that their products are highly addictive.  The human body has not evolved to learn to process fake food.   The food industry expects you to pass your addiction along to your children.  That’s how they grow their business. You were not born to be addicted or overweight, but you have to take action, nobody else can.


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