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Protein Diet Plan No Dieting!

Diet Protein Plan



Dieting is not a natural thing for human beings to do.  In our body’s collective memory, the only thing a diet can be compared to is Famine.  So when we diet, our body goes into famine mode. As soon as we stop dieting our body is programmed to return every pound of fat re have lost.

It even adds an extra layer of fat.  It does this to protect us against the next famine.  The more we diet the fatter we get. But it wasn’t always like that. Till forty years ago, it was normal to be lean and healthy.  It was NOT normal to diet. So what changed?  Our diet changed.


The reason for that, along with all the consequences that followed is what you will learn on this website. Below is a link to the main page.  You’ll find some free articles and a book.  You will also find a link to the Diet Terminator Membership. Just check it out.  You really can’t afford not to know this stuff! Read the PDF:  Protein Diet Plan No Dieting

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