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Protein Facts For The Obese!

Protein Facts!

protein facts

Protein facts!


carb food facts

Carb food facts!

Protein facts,  are elusive.  The protein foods definition was devalued and abused.  Forty years ago the majority of people enjoyed a healthy lifestyle.  Weight problems meant you were sick.  Our diet was based on  protein rich foods.  Protein had been our energy food for centuries.  Diets and obesity were for sick people.

But then we had a sudden media scare campaign about cholesterol. Protein facts were forgotten and  High protein foods were blamed.  This led us to eventually reverse our diet.  We changed from a diet  of protein rich foods, to a diet of fake, processed carb foods.   But that wasn’t our biggest mistake.  That happened when we forgot about protein facts. And accepted a new diet. With almost no protein foods. And dominated by fake, processed foods.  it became known as the food pyramid.

processed foods

Processed foods!

Unlike the protein facts we learn from nature.  processed foods do not come from nature.  They come from factories and processing plants.  They did not exist prior to the 20th century. They are incompatible with our digestive system.  Which was designed for protein foods.

The new processed foods. Have provided wealth and prosperity to the manufactured food industry.  It has created a ‘diet expert’ industry.  As to the rest of us?  It has introduced an obesity epidemic.  It has given us food addiction.  It has robbed us of a healthy lifestyle.  And we are now threatened by a new epidemic; Diabetes type 2. And the very real possibility of morbid obesity.

What are the protein facts to lose weight?

protein foods

Protein foods!

The fact is weight problems began when we abandoned protein foods.  You may not realize this; but in the past forty years. We have become a majority of fat, unhealthy people.  We no longer understand our own body or know how it works.  We have lost our natural instinct to know the right foods.  The bulk of today’s diet consists of 20th century processed foods.

Our diet and health information originates from from the food industry’s  in-house “research”. They use use it for marketing. And they distribute it to diet experts. Who promote the diets backed by the food industry.  The food industry is doing exactly what the tobacco industry has always done.  Is it any wonder. Our daily diet has changed. From healthy protein rich foods. To unhealthy, fake processed foods?

what not to eat

What not to eat!

For forty years, we have been inundated with misinformation. It is geared to make us believe. That processed foods are healthy and have benefits.  We have seen hundreds, if not thousands of diets. Skyrocket and glow for a short time. Only to crash and burn.  By any law of average. We should be able to see a measurable reduction of obesity and weight problems.  Instead, the exact opposite is the case.  What we all need is a big dose of common sense.  Diets don’t work. And we are eating the wrong food. It is slowly killing us.

The importance of protein facts!

protein facts

Protein facts!

Our body evolves. it does not adapt. The only food it understand. Are the fresh, natural foods that evolved with our ancestors. All the way to the 20th century.  Why are processed foods so bad?  First, they are not compatible to our body which is designed for  natural foods.  But even worse; manufactured carb foods are highly addictive.  They damage our body and therefore our health.

You may have been told that processed food is a necessary energy food.  That’s an outright lie!  Remember, our body does not adapt it evolves.  No food, whatever it is, can be a necessity to our body. Unless it has existed for centuries. Secondly.  Processed food is not an energy food.  We get our energy from protein foods.  Processed foods, like all carbohydrates, are converted to glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar. Glucose is our body’s fuel. That means carbohydrates may fuel us. But they do not make us go.



Unless we eats lots of protein foods, We will will not have the energy to burn the glucose we get from protein foods.  Our body cannot store glucose.  Whatever we don’t burn is converted to body fat.

what is protein and what does it do?

Glucose can present a problem to our body.  It is not equipped to store glucose.  If you eat more carb foods than you can burn. Your body is forced to convert the unused glucose to body fat.  The more excess carb foods you eat and don’t use. The more fat will end up on your belly, hips and thighs.  By the same token. The less protein foods you eat. The less energy you’ll get.  With your addiction in the driver’s seat. This becomes a race to obesity. To diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.

food choices

Food choices!

Protein facts are crucial to a healthy lifestyle!

Your metabolism and digestive system, cannot be adapted to suit you.   In fact, your internal body doesn’t adapt at all.  It evolves and evolution takes a lot longer than forty years.

Till the mid 20th century. Our body remained lean and healthy on protein foods. It did not require a self-elected diet expert. To explain or interpret the right food choices.  Our body and our instincts used to do that for us.  Unlike diet experts.  Our own body knows exactly the right types of food we need. That knowledge has been programmed for generations.

Get the protein facts and take charge of your own body!

protein facts

Protein facts!

Learn why you need protein. Find out what your body expects from you.  If it can get your attention.  You’ll be amazed what it can do for you.  Our most important food is protein rich foods.  Without it we do not exist.   Instead we rely on ‘experts’ who all have a vested interest.  They will happily take charge of your body. And tell you what to put inside it.  After all, they depend on your addiction for their profit.  Do you really want to trust them to plan your food?

Till forty years ago, grandma’s everywhere. Explained how to treat our body and what kind of food to eat. It must have worked because most people were lean and healthy.  Today, the internet is flooded with pseudo science and phony ‘research’. We are offered volumes of misinformation.  Most of it comes from self-serving food manufacturers.  Diet experts use the information. It helps them validate and build on their own ideas about energy food.’  As a result, we hear a lot of ignorant theories and nonsense. About a healthy lifestyle. And the right types of food to eat.

protein facts for a healthy body

Protein facts for a healthy body!

None of it has anything to do with a healthy body.  Yet, how our body feels about the food we eat. Is what determines if we are healthy.  It’s our body that is forced to break down and process our foods.  And it’s our body that suffers the consequences. When we make bad food choices.  Only when you give your digestive system. The food it was designed to process. Will it work the way it was designed to do.  You don’t need an expert. But you do need a basic understanding. Like how your body works. And what types of food it can understand and process.

Why are protein foods so important?  What goes on today. Is nothing less an attempt by an industry. To brainwash an entire population. To get them addicted to their products.  Why don’t they just make protein food products?  There’s no money in protein foods. They have tried. All they could come up with, was beef jerky and pork rinds.

carb foods

carb foods!

Carb foods provide industry with thousands of uses. It gets a big hand from governments, who get campaign support.  They also get to protect the grain growers.   The only losers are the public.  Inevitably we begin to doubt how our own body works.  We drown in misinformation. It gets ever more difficult to find the truth.  That is of course the whole purpose.

 Before you make a rash decision remember this; the food you choose for your body…

Becomes the food your children will take with them into adulthood.  That’s what keeps the wheels of addiction rolling. From one generation to the next.  If you have a sugar addiction. Your children will too – sooner or later.  Before you can fix the weight problems in your own family.  You need to learn the protein facts that help you cure your food addiction.

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