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What Is Food Obsession? Research Cautions!


Food Obsession!

food obsession

Food obsession!

What is Food Obsession?

Some quotes about food obsession!

“Food obsession and eating conditions that range from compulsive overindulging to problems like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are problems that will intensify gradually.  Those with food addiction will certainly require help as their lives and bodies begin to break down.”

“I am talking about you. Somebody really smart said: “The power to rule lies within you”; “You have limitless power to think”. You can repel your harmful ideas and your fears. Why not construct as an alternative belief that you will be successful. A Daily method can certainly eradicate the food obsession or/and the uncontrolled consuming.”

By: datahome| – “Check out additional information regarding attributes of food obsession. We all understand that food should be eaten when we are hungry.  However  many will utilize food for various other purposes. Like to comfort us if we are lonesome, unhappy or upset. It is addictive in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes. Food addiction may be more common than it appears.  If you are suffering and seek to burn fat you will certainly have a lot more troubles compared to those who do not experience a food addiction.”

 How to respond to food obsession?

food addiction

Food obsession is also known as the more intimidating term; food addiction.  Your  first step to beat the food obsession is to acknowledge that you are in fact addicted to food.  Consider food addiction an advantage. An addiction can be cured physically, over a specified period of time. It merely requires a new attitude towards your own body. An understanding of what it does with the food you eat.  And a change to the types of food your body understands.

On the other hand, a food obsession once classified, requires years of expensive, futile psychoanalysis.  You can’t cure a physical condition by talking about it. That’s why people who profit from food addiction, much prefer to call it a mental condition, like food obsession.

As soon as you make the painful admission, that you are in fact addicted to sugar or pasta or bread or whatever your food choice may be.  The fact is, you have a food addiction.  Like a drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction, the first thing to do is to cure the addiction.  As long as you are addicted, you will never lose weight for long.  Over time, you will continue to get fatter.  Because your children eat what you eat. They too will become addicted and fat.  There is not a diet in the world that can help you lose weight when you are addicted to food.

When you cure your addiction you eliminate the weight. Life becomes much easier to regulate because the food cravings and binges will be gone.  So will many other addiction symptoms  like hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains.  You will experience some of these symptoms when you begin to cure the addiction.  That’s why you need experienced support along the way.

Food Obsession Is A food addiction!

Food Obsession

Food Obsession

Food addiction affects many people today.  It is estimated as many as 60% of the population is addicted to food.  This is expected to reach 86% by 2030.  That makes food addiction the biggest most dangerous addiction ever experienced by human beings.  Its reach is greater than all the other addictions combined.

Some people believe claim that professional intervention is required.  But that’s because there really isn’t any.   I believe a big part of the problem is a mountain of well designed and executed misinformation.  Getting the right information among a mass of misinformation. Specifically designed to confuse.  Is near impossible.   I think people, once they understand a problem, and believe in the solution.  Are willing to endure some measure of discomfort to eliminate it.  The fact is, there is currently no specific medical treatment for food addiction.  Why?  It is not in anybody’s interest to cure food addiction.  It may be a good thing for people.  But it will hugely unsettle the entire food industry.   At the end of the day; it is always about the money!

The face Of Foodaddiction

The face Of Food Addiction!

The truth is, many individuals dealing with excessive weight.  Who are confused about choosing the right foods. Who struggle with food cravings and binges.  But have no knowledge about either food obsession or food addiction.  They are sitting ducks to a food industry and a diet servicing industry that both have founded their business on an addiction.  That in itself is not unique.  The tobacco industry have done it, and gotten away with it for a hundred years.  What is unique, is we are talking about an addictive substance, called manufactured processed foods, that is recognized as the correct, healthy breakfast for children and adults.  That is forced on kids in schools by way of school lunches.  That is incorrectly called energy food and under that banner of  essential health food.

All Carb foods are converted to glucose.  That’s liquid sugar.  It is the fuel our body uses if and when it has some energy to spend.  To get the energy requires protein foods.  If we don’t eat enough protein foods we won’t be going very far.  That leaves a lot of carb foods stuck in our body with nowhere to go.  Our body does not have the capacity to store it.  it’s forced to convert it to body fat.  Think about that for a moment:  The more processed carb foods we eat, the fatter we get.  Why only processed carb foods?  Because whatever fuel requirement our body has, it is well provided with a wholesome salad for lunch  and a few chosen vegetables with dinner.

How To Treat Food Obsession/Food addiction!

How to treat A Food Obsession

How to treat A Food Obsession!

I urge you to visit my membership page.  it will explain all about the membership.  I have designed it to suit any food addict.  No matter how much weight you have to lose, I can help you and I won’t rest till your weight has disappeared along with you addiction.  I am an expert on this.  I spent 20 years in the depth of despair about my weight problems.  Not till I realized I had become addicted, did I find a solution.  I cured my addiction and lost the weight.  That was nine years ago.  The weight has never returned.  Yet I never diet.  I don’t count calories.  I eat as often and as much as I want.  That’s not such a big deal when you consider that till 40 years ago, everybody could say the same. To eliminate your food obsession check out the membership link below:

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