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Compulsive eating! Research warns of Serious Effects.


Compulsive Eating!

compulsive eating

Compulsive eating!


There is a lot of current research into compulsive eating, or food addiction.  The manufactured food industry is gearing up, in anticipation of a battle. Like the tobacco industry that preceded it, the food industry has enjoyed a free ride to grow and profit from an addiction they themselves have created.

Compulsive eating is a clear symptom of Food Addiction!

Till the 1970’s there was no food addiction. There was little if any obesity. And diabetes type 2 did not exist. Diets were only for sick people. Manufactured foods were few and they were very basic. They made up only a small percentage of the food used by an average household.

The spread of food addiction, has kept pace with the manufacture of processed food products. We are eating the wrong food. And we eat way too much food. We can’t stop it because we are addicted to it. In less than half a century, we have changed our everyday diet from mostly protein foods, to mostly carbohydrates. Not to the healthy types of carbohydrates produced by nature.

We have changed our diet to include an average of 60% artificial, processed food. These are products manufactured in factories across the world. These are alien foods to our body. We expect our body to adapt. But the facts is: The human body never adapts – It evolves.

Can We Stop Compulsive Eating?

Human beings are part of evolution. It is unable to adapt to new food. We are forcing it to accept manufactured, process foods it cannot understand. Our body’s internal system has not changed since our ancestors migrated out of Africa 70,000 years ago.

processed foods

Processed foods!

According to an article in Huffington Post, Food addiction works like Drug Addiction In The Brain. Compulsive eating follows the same path. Those who suffer from either compulsive eating or food addiction have increasing weight problems. This is not news. Anyone familiar with constant hunger pains and food cravings, will know the sense of having lost control, that accompanies an addiction.

What we urgently need to discuss is not the existence and the behavior of compulsive eating and the dangers of food addiction. That is already self-evident. What we really need is a way to cure it. And therein lays the real problem. It’s called the manufactured food industry. This is a mega, giant industry built entirely on a food addiction. it’s not going to pack up and leave. It’ll fight to keep its territory.

In the past, we have seen a precedence with the tobacco industry. Both industries will stop at nothing to continue to produce products that will grow their industry and multiply their addicts. That’s despite the fact that they are both creating and promoting a dangerous addiction. They depend on the next generation for a continued flow of new addicts. They rely on existing addicts to pass it on.

Parents unknowingly pass their addiction to their kids. Their kids eat what they eat. It’s what we do without even thinking. But the result is the same.  Compulsive eating and or food addiction!

Compulsive Eating, or Food Addiction?  It’s the same thing. Both do the same damage.

food addiction

Food addiction!

Following is a quote about food addiction!

“The difference between “food addiction” and “food and addiction” will gain public policy significance as the prepared food industry gears up to fight a growing body of data indicating processed foods contribute to negative public health outcomes. ” The remarks were made by the outgoing director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University.” (Junk Science.com)


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