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Food High In Protein. 4 Questions!


Food high In Protein!

food high in protein

It is crucial to know about food high in protein!

The Food high in protein is essential food.  You need to learn what is protein?  What are the right protein foods to eat? And can food high in protein cause an addiction?  The answer to that is: Proteins do not cause addiction. They are unlikely to ever make you fat.  And eating them makes your body happy.   But a lack of protein foods. Is not only very bad for your body. it is dangerous for you.  Today we eat way too much processed foods.  These are types of food our body doesn’t understand. Process foods have caused a food addiction.  Which has caused an obesity epidemic. And Diabetes type2.  Nature’s  Natural food, Like food high in protein. Has always been safe and healthy.  To link it to processed carbohydrates is a travesty.

processed foods

What are processed foods?

Packaged, processed foods are being sold as a healthy food.  It is often suggested they contain protein foods.  There are processed protein compounds.  Just as there are processed compounds of salt and sugar.  These are not food.  they are chemicals.  They are usually added to  soft  processed foods.  Like flour, wheat and cereals.  Cereals do not naturally contain genuine protein. – Ever!  The idea would be laughable. If not for the fact; that cereal and other processed foods. Are damaging our kids.  Affecting their ability to learn. And shortening their lives. So what happens to the food we eat?  The foods high in protein. Are used by our body.  And carbohydrates are used for fuel.

food high in protein

Food high in protein!

What does food high in protein do?

They grow and mend our body. They keep us healthy and strong. They provide us with energy.  The heal our bones when they break. And they keep our brain smart and active.  They help our children learn.  They grow muscles for body builders. And they build strength for those who exercise.  Food high in protein are the building blocks of life.  The miracle that keeps us lean and healthy. And enables us to live a long healthy life.  To deprive anyone, particularly a child. From any opportunity to eat food high in protein. Ought to be criminal.

So how do carbohydrates work?

Our body converts natural carbohydrates. Along with the processed foods we eat. To glucose.  Glucose is liquid sugar.  We use it for fuel when we have some energy to spend.  If we don’t have much energy. We won’t spend much fuel.  Our body is not able to store glucose.  It is forced to convert all excess fuel to body fat.  That’s the fat that sticks to our hips and thighs. Clogs our arteries. And nestles around our vital organs.   It is the fat our body manufactures. it has nothing to do with the fat we eat.

How does energy in our body work ?

All our energy comes from food high in protein.   The big fact about protein foods. Is that our body is built on them. Not only do foods high in protein.  Provide us with our energy.  For example:  The fuel we use to fill our cars does not drive the car.  It just provides the fuel.  The car is not going anywhere. Till we  get behind the wheel and drive it.  When someone tells you. That carb foods are an energy food.  Remind them that carb foods merely provide the fuel.  If you do not eat enough food high in protein.  You won’t have the energy to burn your carb foods.  Your body can’t store glucose.  What you don’t use. Is converted to body fat.  Therefore, the more excess carb foods you eat. And don’t burn in energy.  The fatter you get

food high in protein

Food high in protein!

Knowing the facts about food high in protein are crucial to a long healthy life!

But since we don’t eat enough food high in protein.  It may help to explain carb foods in more detail.  Healthy carb foods are the fresh produce provided by nature.  Like fruit and vegetables and greens.  The unhealthy, dangerous carb foods.  Are all those fake, processed foods. They are produced artificially. In factories and processing mills.  They have existed for less than a hundred years.  With the exception of cereals. We have been eating them for no more than forty years. Our body is not designed to adapt to new food.  That’s because we don’t adapt – we evolve.  Evolution takes eons not a few decades. We are an advanced society.  We accept it as normal. To adapt to new things all the time. We adapt to new ideas, new fashions and gadgets. But our internal body does not adapt.  It has not changed since we migrated from Africa 70,000 years ago.  It is unlikely to change in our foreseeable future – if ever.

Eating “food” that comes boxed, wrapped, packaged. And has a shelf life.  Is not eating real food.  Not as far as our body is concerned.   And when something is not good for our body. It’s simply not good for us.  If you think about that logically. You can’t fail but agree.  aprocessed foods are dangerous to our health. And our life.  Our body has developed an addiction. Because it is unable to deal with process foods.  An addiction creates cravings.  It makes us eat more food than we need. And that makes us fat.  That’s when we begin to diet.  By now you will have realized. That diets don’t work. They can’t our body won’t let them.  When we lower our food intake. Our body prepares for famine.  When we return to normal eating. Our body is pre- programmed.  It must recover every pound of fat we have lost. It then adds an extra layer of fat. That’s to protect us against the next famine.  The more often we diet. The fatter we get.  This is not how we develop a healthy lifestyle.

More facts about food high in protein!

healthy food

Food high in protein is essential to our survival.  It provide us with energy.   It builds and mends our bones, skin, muscles, tissue and organs.  Without foods high in protein we are dead.  Limiting the supply of protein foods. Especially to our children.  Limits both mental and physical growth.   There is no telling the damage done over the past forty years. With the growing emphasis on manufactured, processed carb foods. Not to mention a food industry whisper campaign. That suggests too much protein is bad for us.  That’s not only a lie.  People who believe it should remember. The food industry depends on food addiction.  it’s a greedy industry. It’ll always need more food addicts.

So we come to the question of food addiction.  It did not exist till forty years ago.  It began after we changed our traditional diet. That diet had around 60% protein foods.  The new food pyramid has around 60% processed carbohydrates.  We have  a variety of differently named food addictions.  Sugar addiction is the most common.  Pasta and bread are also common. Any food addiction is as dangerous  as a tobacco. Or an alcohol or drug addiction.  The symptoms are very similar. The are cravings. Binge eating. Hunger pains. Withdrawals. Fatigue. High blood pressure. Depression. Anxiety. Headaches and other pains.  There are more people with sugar addiction.  Than people addicted to all the other substances combined.  It already affects more than 60% of the population.

the food industry

The food industry!

There are big differences. When we view each of these addictions socially.   We show disapproval towards tobacco and alcohol abuse. We show horror at hard drug abuse.  But to those who suffer sugar addiction. We show understanding and encouragement.  We express reassurance. We remind them. That everybody loves sugar. And it’s perfectly natural to be a bit overweight.  Eventually, someone. With the appropriate qualifications. Will suddenly realize. We have a major, dangerous food addiction.  It is caused by the food industry. Just as an addiction to smoking. Is caused by the tobacco industry.  Neither industry has any qualms profiting from our addiction.

There is no right or wrong healthy diet.  Our body was not designed for diets.   We once had the instincts to know the right foods. We simply have to nurture back those instincts.  But we have a powerful enemy. The food industry.  Not only is food addiction sanctioned by governments.  The addictive foods are actively promoted.  Much of that promotion. Is directed at our kids. They don’t stand a chance. They are given cereal for breakfast.  For lunch they are given government sanctioned food. Based on the food pyramid.  They call it the new improved food plate.  It’s a little different. It contains slightly more processed food. 

Food addiction thrives on misinformation. So nobody is going to give you the facts about food high in protein!

It’s bad for business!  Why are we so tolerant to food addiction?   It’s too close to home. We know how easily we could be addicted ourselves. We probably already are.  But if we acknowledge that, don’t we then have to take action?   These thoughts are unpleasant. It’s uncomfortable to realize. That the food we eat is a threat to our lives. And the future of our kids.

carb foods

carb foods

The hardest thing is to decide to act.  It is so much easier to go with the flow. To shift the blame. To assure ourselves.  That ‘diet experts’ would not give us false information.  Really?  Till forty years ago, diets were for sick people. Most people were lean and healthy.  People instinctly knew foods high in protein.  They were our daily food choices.    Only a doctor would recommend a diet.  And only if you were diagnosed with diabetes type A, a thyroid condition. Or other serious illness that demanded dieting.

They probably don’t know the facts about proteins.  They get their “science” from the food industry.  Today’s food addiction and weight problems are not about you, your children or your health.  They are about business and profits.  There is no money in protein foods and apermanent cure for weight problems. But there is a lot of money in catering to a food addiction.  Compare thousands of carb food products to protein food products.  There is only Beef Jerkey and Pork Rinds.

Why we need facts about food high in protein!

Nobody but you can help yourself and your children cure you food addiction and lose the weight for good.  It would be a suicide mission for a company that makes its income and builds its future on food addiction.  To come up with a cure.  So if you are ready to learn more. And maybe even to take action. To learn the facts about food high in protein, click the link below.

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