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How To Stop Eating Too Much!

images (15)Why are we eating too much?  Till the early seventies, the only known and accepted plan for weight-loss was the natural foods provided to us by nature. It was a diet made of up of natural diet foods that our digestive system could readily understand.

It was the very best food for weight loss. Particularly since these were the foods that had evolved with us from the very beginning. They didn’t require any dieting or food strategies.  There was no need to count calories or to monitor our fat intake.

We just relied on our natural impulse to know and identify the right foods for our body. When you reduce your calories for a dramatic weight loss, you scare your body into survival mode. It does not understand dieting.  It knows only Starvation.

The human body has accumulated knowledge of countless famines.  It is a memory stored in our genes.  An extreme weight loss, or our obvious pursuit of one. Is a signal to our body to prepare for famine.  What does a famine mean? For most it’s A DIET and that’s an insult to the victims..

Today famine is of remote concern to us.  But to our body it is terrifying. It is a threat to our very survival.  We have become very modern, advanced people.  But our body has not. It hasn’t changed.  The idea that we’re prepared to purposely starve ourselves is beyond belief.

These days, a famine is something that belongs in the third world.  Not to modern savvy people like us.  We have lost a vital connection to our body.  Most of us don’t even want to be reminded of it.  We have Doctors and diet experts to take care of what we eat – don’t we?

It’s time we learn that our health and appearance depends 100% on what we put into our body. For the past 40 years we have been giving it a diet of at least 60% fake, processed food.  This has caused an addiction, which means, we can’t stop eating.

To us it means food cravings. But to our body it is an abrupt deprivation of food.  A change in our routine and a reduction in food consumption.  We call this A Diet and we believe it  gives us weight loss motivation.   Our body calls it a famine.

How does our body handle famine? The first priority is to protect your body at all cost.  So first your metabolic rate will slow down. That means you’ll spend less energy.  This prepares your body for the coming weight loss challenge.

To better understand: The processed food you consume is transformed into glucose. Glucose is liquid sugar. It’s the fuel that produces your body’s energy. But when you diet and your body is under threat. Your body converts that glucose into body fat instead.


This is the fat that is stored on your belly, hips and thighs. It finds its way into your arteries and around your vital organs.  Your body treats it as reserves.  Something it can draw on at times of need – like when you diet.  Not just for this diet, but for future ones to come.

When your body is threatened and wants to hang on to your body fat, you’ll have a very hard time dislodging it.  It will require a major change in your approach to food.  You’ll need to make friends with your body by eating the natural foods it understands.

But the body will adapt right?  Never. It evolves and evolution is a very slow process.  When you diet is over and you return to your regular pre weight loss foods.  Your body starts restoring every pound you lost. It then adds an extra layer of fat for future famines.

The fact is the more often you diet the fatter you get. Each time your body gets better at restoring the weight.  This should make it clear, that you and your body are not on the same wavelength.  With every diet your body has to fights, you’ll end up fatter.

The reality is we were never meant to diet.  Our body is not suited for foods we insist on putting into it.  We cannot continue to fight our own body and not expect consequences.  It becomes a war against our selves.  Surely we realize that this is a war nature will always win.

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The root of our problem is that we are eating the wrong food. Our body is not meant to accept unnatural processed food.  It was designed only for the natural foods we evolved with, the weight-loss foods that our body understands.

Anyone who knows the fundamental facts about our body, will know that it can never adapt to processed food.  We are all creatures of nature. We do not get our weight problems from our parents. We get them because we eat the same food.

We consume mountains of fake, manufactured food that our body does not understand. We’re eating too much. We cannot stop because we are addicted to processed food.  So we need to learn: How to stop overeating and cure our food addiction for good.

Like all of life’s big choices, it starts with getting all the facts, such as why we are eating too much. How to stop overeating and how we can get lean and healthy for good without ever dieting again.  We are doomed, unless we begin to make the right choice and take action.

Find out how by clicking the link below.

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