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How To Stop Overeating!

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The question; how to stop overeating, is very simple. The obvious answer is ; eat less food.  But the right answer, that can take you to a genuine, permanent weight loss, is far more complicated  than you might think.

Eating the right weight loss foods is not so easy to learn.  But it is essential if you want to lose weight that will not sneak back later.  To get food addiction help, you need to address your real problem. That’ll need some assistance.

First you need to deal with the reason you can’t stop eating.  The fact is; you have become addicted to the food you eat every day. Food you can’t stop eating it.  This is a classic symptom of an addiction, whether it is drugs, or fake food.

We are talking about the most abundant food available today.  Food most of us eat daily in abundance.  Till you learn how to stop overeating you will never understand how to lose your weight for good. But let me explain the reason:

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Till 40 years ago, processed food was confined to cereal, basic bread choices and and a few other packaged foods. Many people didn’t eat it at all and others used just a very small percentage of average daily intake.

Processed food was not considered part of our diet.  We were still happy to follow grandma’s diet. It had been handed down to her by her grandma.  In other words: It was our natural traditional diet. It was abandoned due to fear.

I have already gone into details about the basis for that fear elsewhere on this site.  But to give you a brief outline. We were up against the biggest medical, media scare campaign since Polio. It was a world-wide campaign about cholesterol.

Today, 40 years later, we know and understand cholesterol.  What we don’t understand is why it took thirty years to discover and inform us, that every cholesterol test ever performed till that time, had been completely and totally wrong.

This ‘oversight’, gave the food industry an open slather. They could produce an endless supply of hundreds of varieties of addictive foods. Knowing full well that their products are addictive.  In fact, they rely on addicts to pass it on to their kids.

Today, this industry has become so powerful few people dare to discuss the mere existence of food addiction. To hide it,  terms like food obsession have been used instead.

As long as the word addiction is left out, it becomes a mental condition that is treated with medication and analysis.  In other words: The food industry cannot be held responsible. Food addiction, is a physical condition and blamed on the supplier.

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So what can we do to help more than 60% of the population, learn how to overcome food addiction. Something they don’t even know exists. You need the right tips for weight loss. You don’t need a diet. you need the right weight loss foods.

How many people are being treated, long term for overeating, without knowing their condition can easily be cured in a relatively short time.  It’s hard to believe but if you want a natural weight loss that last. You need to stop dieting for good.

You may think this is strange. but it is really not unusual. The tobacco industry have promoted a deadly addiction for a hundred years.  Till they were finally exposed as profiteers of an industry  that promotes and profits from a highly addictive product.

I know it is hard to believe. But if you want to save the next generation, maybe your own children, then you must read the full details before you make a judgment.  Just click this link:

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