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How To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good!

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A no sugar diet is hard to face for even the bravest and most determined dieter.  That’s why it’s tough to have to point out that it has all been in vain. The truth is diets don’t work and it’s time you learn the reason why.

Although sugars are certainly foods to avoid, when you cut down on foods, even sugars, in a noticeable way, you are sending a signal to your body that you are approaching famine. That triggers a serious response.

Your metabolism slows down and prepares to conserve fat.  When the famine is over it goes to work to restore every ounce of fat you have lost. It then adds an extra layer of fat to protect against the nest famine.

You can’t fight nature. The proof is all around you.  Everybody diets and everybody is getting fat.  This is proof that diets don’t work.  Our body has not evolved to understand dieting. It’s time to learn how to stop overeating.

Overeating is driven by your food addiction which includes your sugar addiction. It’s a sad fact that almost two thirds of the population is addicted to food. Most are comfort eating and seeking answers.

People want to know how to stop food cravings, what foods to avoid and what are the right foods for weight loss. People often blame their weight problem on a specific food like sweets such as sugar example.

When we make a decision to diet.  We usually decide to cut out sweets. But the problem as a whole is not eating sweets it is having a sugar addiction.  You can’t eliminate a food addiction. Not even sugar addiction, by dieting.

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The real problem is not how to stop sugar craving. It is how to stop overeating and cure your food addiction.  No matter what kind of diet you choose, or how well you stick to it, at the end of it, the weight will always return.

You will get on the scales one day and realize that you carry more weight than when you started. That’s what happens when a weight loss is achieved by dieting.  Diets were never considered  normal till 40 years ago.

That’s when we changed our traditional, natural diet and began to get fat.  Our body was simply not designed for diets. We have a metabolism which is meant to control and maintain our weight, but it’s damaged.

If you want to know who is responsible for a food addiction that already affects more than 60% of the population. You can lay the blame fairly on the manufactured food industry. They have gone to great lengths to copy the tobacco industry.

By giving your body the right foods for weight loss, it will begin to heal. You will cure your sugar addiction and gradually, your natural instincts for what are the right weight loss foods, will begin to return.

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