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Protein Food. Do We Need It?

Protein Food!

protein food



For 70,000 years, the human diet was based on protein food.  Supported by whatever natural carbohydrates were available.  It was a traditional diet. And it was guided by our natural instincts.  This never changed till around forty years ago.  That’s when we were faced with the biggest media scare campaign ever. It was about cholesterol.  The outcome was a radical change from our traditional diet.  To a new diet.  Founded on completely new types of food.   Foods that did not come from nature.  But were created in factories and processing mills.  We had entered a new age.  An age where our regular, daily diet.  Suddenly required a precise diet and a food plan.  The new food meant. Our own instincts were now useless. We had to consult, or listen to “diet experts’.  Who were they? They were people keen to get a niche close to medicine.  But not so close that they would need a university degree.  Their arrival coincided with  the media scare campaign.  We were blasted daily. With warnings about the dangers of cholesterol.  As people were tested.  It soon became clear.  Almost everybody had dangerously high cholesterol.

obesity v protein food

Obesity v protein food!

But did we really need the Protein food we had abandoned?


The ‘food experts praised the new human made, processed food.  We were assured it was healthier. But more important.  It was food that cured high cholesterol.  It was a modern new way to eat.  This was the age when we thought we knew better than nature.  Everything old had to go.  To be replaced by modern, superior things.  Our change of diet opened the flood gates. It was time for a fledgling food industry to expand.  Our natural foods had held them back.  They had tried hard to expand. But our natural diet limited their potential.  The only products, that were widely accepted. Were breakfast cereals. The new diet. That recommended 60% of processed foods.  Allowed the food industry an open slather.  They could now manufacture an unlimited number of ‘food’ products.  And people were ready to buy them. Simply because they had high cholesterol. It was a new industrial boom.  So getting back to the question: Do we need protein food?  The answer is; we can’t live without it.  Protein foods are our building blocks of life.  They build and mend our muscles, skin and bones.  They repair and maintain our vital organs.  And they supply all our energy.  They are crucial to human life.  But can we eat too many protein foods?  It is not possible to eat too many proteins.  Just ask the Eskimos.  If we have proteins our body does not need.  Our body will welcome the extra energy.  If we still don’t use it.   Our body converts it to glucose.  In other words; protein can be used for fuel just as well as carbohydrates.  How else did we survive an ice age. The popular line that too much protein food is dangerous.  Is a dangerous assertion.  It is one of the many ways. A powerful food industry muddies the waters. And keeps us from getting to the truth.  They concerns are simple.  To stay in business.  Keep their shareholders happy. Grow their legion of food addicts.  Replace, and if possible. Eliminate all natural food.  If you think that’s a tall order.  Any large supermarket will prove. They are almost there.  The food industry and diet industry have had forty years.  They have positioned themselves as indispensable.  And they are.  To a diet industry and millions of food addicts.  We have seen it all before.  Just look at the tobacco industry.  It has survived for a hundred year.  It has killed millions. And it preys on our kids today.

Why is protein food still not fully understood?

protein foods Today we are drowning in misinformation.  Most of it emanates from in-house research facilities.  These have been set up by breakfast cereal, snack food and diet food conglomerates.  They are designed to validate their products.  They also provide diet experts with pseudo science. Designed to promote credibility and authority.  This is synergy at work.  The food industry  has cynically copied the tobacco industry. Both have built their industries on an addiction.  In this case, cigarettes and sugar addiction.  Both cite their ‘research ‘ as proof. They claim their products are healthy and safe.  Both claim, (at least tobacco used to) that their products are not addictive.  They use their ‘research’ to prove their point.  They know this keeps away inconvenient laws and regulations.  It also pacifies the addicts. They fear they’ll have to give up their sugar addiction.  Deep down they know they’re addicted.  The industry depends on today’s addicts.  They know they’ll pass their addiction on to their children.  So far, that’s been going on for 3 generations.

What are the facts about protein food?

protein food

Protein food!

For the past forty years, an awful lot of misinformation has been circulated. The waters have been muddied.   This is always useful to those who seek to avoid close scrutiny.  Today most people, more than 60%,  have a sugar addiction.  Very few people know the facts.   Protein foods were always our natural food.  As were natural fruits and vegetables.  Here are 2 very common fallacies. You need to know why they are false. It’s for your own safety:

 1 When we eat fat – We get fat!

2. Carbohydrates give us energy!

1. The fat we eat is not  the fat that ends up on our hips, belly and thighs.  That fat is processed and digested along with the rest of our meals.  So what makes us fat?  Processed carbohydrates.   They are alien to our body and highly addictive. They did not exist till the 20th century.   They are difficult, if not impossible to process and we eat a tonne of them every day.   The carb foods we eat are converted to glucose.  That’s pure liquid sugar.  It’s the fuel that runs our body.  If we don’t burn it for energy, it will be converted to  normal body fat.  That’s the type of fat that makes us fat.  The less energy we use the more excess carbohydrates will end up as fat on our body. 2. Carb foods do not give us energy.  They merely provide the fuel.  If we don’t have much energy, we won’t burn much fuel.  Our energy comes from protein foods.  if you don’t eat enough protein foods, you won’t have enough energy to burn all the carb foods you eat.  It is in the interests of food manufacturers, like cereal makers, to make us believe their products have a genuine purpose.  They like to claim that only their products can give us energy  But the fact is, if we run out of glucose, produced by carbohydrates.  Our body will draw on our fat reserves.  That would make most of us extremely happy.  Because we would finally eliminate some of our stored fat.  If we don’t have any fat reserves, our body will convert some protein food and burn that.   That’s the way protein food works for the Eskimoes. For information about the membership, click here:

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Why you need protein rich food!

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