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Healthy Diet Plans That Work!


Healthy Diet Plans? 

healthy diet plans

Healthy diet plans!

What are healthy diet plans?  A healthy diet is made of natural foods.   Healthy diet plans represent the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.  They are the healthy diet plans that nature created to suit our internal body. The problem is the un-natural foods we all tend to eat today.  they are processed foods, created by food manufacturers.  Eating healthy diet plans, means making the right food choices.  It also requires that we know how the body works.  How else can we protect it from the wrong types of food.

healthy diet plans

Healthy diet plans!

There is a good reason why natural, healthy diet plans have been forgotten.  An culture has developed around the idea that the right food choices are only known to food experts and the food industry.  You are expected to forget about the needs of your internal body and the healthy diet plans it requires.  Leave decisions to the ‘experts’ and focus on your taste buds.  They will steer you in the direction of you food addiction.

They want you to get busy with your hair, your face, your body shape and personality.  What happens inside your body is not your concern.  That’s for the experts to handle.  Yet not that long ago, we were friends with our body. We had the natural instincts to recognize the right types of food for healthy diet plans.

What are healthy diet plans! 

good carbs v bad carbs

Good carbs v bad carbs!


Four decades ago, even a child understood healthy diet plans.  They could point out the right, natural healthy foods. They recognized healthy diet plans. And knew how to get a healthy lifestyle.

There used to be a popular adage; If you want to successfully hide some important information.  Hide it in plain sight, under a mountain of misinformation.  Bureaucrats have been doing it for many decades.

You are not supposed to learn what types of healthy diet plans your body wants.  Or to ‘to tune in to your body’ to learn what it needs to maintain a healthy weight.  You are not supposed to worry about that.  It conflicts with the interests of cereal, snack food and diet food corporations.  Not to mention an entire industry of self-appointed diet experts.  Nobody needed these people till we began to diet.

healthy body

Healthy body!

You find that hard to believe?  It has already been done.  The tobacco industry has lived off nicotine addiction for close to a hundred years.  They are still in business today.   Don’t look for principles or morality where big business is making big money.

Today, information about the right healthy diet plans, is buried under a mountain of misinformation.  So let’s rock the boat,  and talk about some of the things the diet and food industry don’t want us to know.

We have three MAIN food groups:  Protein foods, carb foods and fat.   Over the past forty years, a fourth food group has emerged.  We call it processed food.  That means it has been developed in a factory. As opposed to natural foods that are harvested in the field.  There is a process that turns a carb food into a packaged product that has enough chemicals to create a taste and a shelf life.

It is called ‘food’ but it is not related to real food.  At least not what our body considers real food.  It is highly addictive.  That makes it unfit for human consumption.   Incredibly, today it accounts for more than two thirds of the average  person’s daily diet.

healthy foods

Healthy foods!

Following is a short explanation of the 3 food groups you need to understand, to follow healthy diet plans.

1. Protein foods!

Protein foods are essential to life.  For several decades we have been encouraged to replace protein foods for processed carbohydrates.   Our children pay dearly for this and so do we.  Protein foods grow and mend our skin, bones. muscles tissue and organs.  For children to grow smart and healthy  there are no foods  more important than protein foods. Yet Children are becoming obese.  They fall victim to Diabetes type 2.  They grow up with an addiction, often sugar addiction.  They can expect a shorter life than their parents.

healthy diet plans

2. Carbohydrates! This does not include the manufactured foods we also refer to as carbs.  Genuine carbohydrates are made by nature.  They are a natural food.  At least for now.  There are currently great efforts being made to manipulate natural food.  Genetically modified foods are already on our shelves.  Unmarked, without warnings.  Natural carbohydrates have been a supplement to our traditional protein diet for centuries.

What do carb foods do?   Our body converts them to glucose.  That is the liquid sugar our body uses for fuel.  Glucose cannot be stored.  If we don’t use it it’s converted to body fat.  Think about that:  The more excess carbohydrates you eat, and don’t burn for energy, the fatter you get.

The diet and food industry likes to call carbohydrates our energy food.  That’s not true.  It’s like saying your car is driven by the fuel you put in it.  But the fact is,  your car isn’t going anywhere till you get behind the wheel and drive it. The same with your body.  The carbohydrates will not be burned till you get some energy from eating protein foods.  Only then can you begin to burn your carbohydrates.

the wrong healthy diet plans

 3. Fat, There are two types of fat.  A. The fat you eat, which is digested with you food.  That’s not the fat that makes you fat. In fact, it is essential to your health.  B. The dangerous, bad fat is made by your body.  We call that body fat.  It is made from all the excess carbohydrates you eat and don’t use. Your body has no option but to convert it to body fat.  That’s the bad fat that causes obesity.

It used to be normal to follow natural Healthy Diet Plans!

Today we live in a dangerous world.  Around 60% of us have a sugar addiction. Where is all the sugar coming from?   Consider this; protein foods, and a small number of foods like nuts and avocado, are the only foods that do not contain sugar in some measure.  Give it time. And the food industry will find a way to change that.  Soon healthy diet plans will contain no legitimate food at all.

We have a massive, world-wide industry of manufactured cereal, diet and snack foods.  We call these products ‘food’.  The industry calls it an essential part of healthy diet plans.  But these fake foods neither animal or vegetable.  They are predominantly chemical.  Worst of all, they are highly addictive.  They cause morbid obesity and diabetes type 2.  These diseases did not exist till processed food became part of our everyday diet.

The wrong healthy diet plans

The wrong healthy diet plans!

The most popular of these products are breakfast cereals and sugars.   We have allowed breakfast cereal to become a standard in our homes.  The Manufacturers want us to believe that these are a healthy food that provides energy for our kids.  That is false.  Only protein can provide us with energy. Carb foods merely provide the fuel.

If we don’t spend much energy we won’t use much fuel.  Breakfast cereal can provide the fuel. But your kids won’t learn much till they get the necessary protein foods to give them the energy burn the fuel.

Sending kids to school on a full stomach of bulk, fake food. Borders on child abuse.   Parents are not to blame.  They too grew up, subject to corporate brain washing.  Their parents too were probably addicted to processed foods.  This is a food addiction that already affects a third generation.  We are eating the wrong food and is is killing us.

Do most kids suffer from sugar addiction?  You tell me.  Look into any school yard.  You’ll see the evidence.  Obesity and lethargy from lack of protein foods.  But this is not about healthy kids.  This is about business, balance sheets and the bottom line.  To sell their goods, food manufacturers need a market that grows. They are in a key position to get that.

There is a saying:  The best product in the world is one that feeds a starving crowd.  But that’s not quite true.  The best product is one that creates an addicted crowd, that is forced to keep coming back for more.

Food manufacturers rely on parents to pass their addiction to their kids. To that end, they have set up their own in-house research facilities.  This has helped create a mountain of misinformation to prove their case.

We are assured that carbohydrates are essential and sugar is really not that bad. This is reminiscent of the once powerful Tobacco Industry.  They too did their own research. They proved that tobacco is neither harmful, or addictive.  They are still in business today.

healthy diet plans

“Diets experts” claim that human beings adapt to new types of food.  That’s a lie.  We do not adapt at all. We evolve.  Evolution is a very slow process.  Sure, we can adapt our hairstyles, our skin color our facial appearance, our physique and our body’s fitness.  But our internal body, is not designed for human intervention.  If we want a healthy lifestyle we must return to Healthy Diet Plans that work!  Learn what you can do, just click here:

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